• From 100 Series to M37,
    more than just a change of name

    If you’re looking for some of our archive watch series such as the 100 Series or 150 Series, you’ll notice that we’ve changed a few things, and new names for each watch are just one of many improvements we’ve made.

  • Archive Series - Uniform Wares

    Now Swiss made, but so much more than that

    Our new Swiss made watches are the result of two years of rigorous scrutiny and development with one goal: improvement. Our new Swiss assembly has been chosen not because they’re Swiss, but because they understand the level of care and detail required to make exceptional watches.

  • Archive Series - Uniform Wares

    Familiar, yet better

    Our new case designs are familiar, but their construction is more robust, the machining sharper, more precise and their forms have been improved for a more comfortable fit.

    Our new product names are deliberately straightforward. An M37 is a watch in our M-Line collection, sized at 37mm diameter. It’s as simple as that.

  • Archive Series - Uniform Wares

    Better parts, built to last.

    We still use the highest quality, Swiss made quartz movements, but now every part of a Uniform Wares watch matches this premium specification, with details such as sapphire lenses, anti-reflective coatings and diamond-cut hands.

  • Archive Series - Uniform Wares

    We’re all different

    We’ve always understood just how personal a watch purchase is and we believe that every timepiece is defined by its strap. This is why we’ve introduced a range of strap and bracelet options to complement each watch in our new Swiss made collection; this curated selection is available exclusively at Uniform Wares.