Servicing & Repair

All Uniform Wares timepieces are designed to be fully serviceable and repairable. Our authorised service centre based in Leicester, England provide a professional, comprehensive, post-sale service for the maintenance and repair of all Uniform Wares watches.

UW Maintenance Service - Timepieces are precision instruments which are subjected to a wide variety of daily stresses and strains. When your battery needs replacing, this is a timely opportunity to ensure that any progressive wear and tear from external elements is addressed. By carefully assessing each watch, checking its battery, addressing any worn parts or gaskets, cleaning the watch and testing for accuracy and ATM control ensures that your watch is in perfect working order and that it always functions efficiently.

UW Repair Service - In addition to this, if your watch has been accidentally damaged, suffered a fault in or out of warranty, you can book your timepiece in with our engineers who will carefully assess and repair your watch. When any repair is carried out we automatically perform the maintenance service items free of charge to ensure that the watch is returned to you in perfect condition.

If your Uniform Wares watch requires attention, please complete our service centre enquiry form below.