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90s Watches: How Do 1990s Watches Differ From Today?

90s watches boast bold aesthetics and complicated functions. They fit right in with the main symbol of the 1990s: pop culture mania.

At a time when everyone was looking to celebrities for fashion inspiration, expensive watches became a staple in the average watch connoisseur’s collection.

Overall, the 90s introduced us to an abundance of high-end collectible watches that remain desirable to this day.

Read on to learn all about 90s watches and to see 5 fabulous examples!

Watch Movements

inner workings of a watch

A decade after the infamous Quartz Crisis in Switzerland, quartz watches were still dominating the market in the 1990s.

The success of quartz was down to its high accuracy and affordability.

However, watch aficionados were not wholly loyal to quartz in this era. Many popular watches in the 90s were mechanical, owing to the general affinity for vintage-looking timepieces.


a 90s watch with a light blue strap beside a 90s watch with a light pink strap

In terms of colours, the bold, bright hues of the 80s continued well into the 90s, meaning popular watches in the 90 s came in pinks, blues and yellow

Yet, metallics were also a popular choice as they brought the level of elegance needed for a high-end, collectible product.

The 90s saw a surge in popularity of dark watch dials, from dark blue to ebony, which brought a sense of power to fashionable, robust watches.

Interestingly, 90s watches were often much smaller than the watches we see today. The average men’s sports watch was around 37-39mm, which is tiny compared to today’s average of 40-44mm.

Stylistically, watches of the 90s championed the vintage aesthetic. We saw a return to past trends — particularly the chronograph feature which dates back to 1816. Watch enthusiasts adored the traditional look of the chronograph, as well as its practical benefits.

Finally, regarding watch straps, the 90s was metal bracelets galore. What better material to go with a luxurious Omega or Audemars Piguet?

How Do 90s Watches Compare To Modern Watches?

modern digital watch shown on a wrist

In 1998, we began to see the emergence of the first ever smartwatches. Notably, the Seiko Ruputer appeared in 1998 and was referred to as a wrist watch computer. Unfortunately, it did not garner much success due to its impractical features including a tiny screen.

Nowadays, smartwatches are everywhere. In contrast with the redundant features of the Seiko Ruputer, we are spoilt for choice with advanced technology including voice activation, heart rate tracking and workout monitoring.

Another difference between 90s watches and modern watches is the way in which watch designers regarded minimalism. In the 90s, the more complications that could fit onto a timepiece, the better. Watches were fitted with chronographs, moon phases, perpetual calendars and more.

Conversely, the current trend is minimalism. We appreciate high-quality dials with a few key features as opposed to busy dials.

One thing that has stayed the same from the 90s to 2021 is the desire for Swiss-made products.

Watches are awarded the ‘Swiss-made’ label when parts have been made or assembled in Switzerland, where the regulations are strict and therefore quality is high.

There is a link between high-end watches and the Swiss-made label, so Swiss-made has come to be a prestigious label in the watch industry.

Many of the best watches of the 90s are Swiss-made, including designs by Breitling and Jaeger-LeCoultre.

5 Watches From The 90s

5. Casio, F91W Pink Watch On Black Nylon Nato Strap

Casio, F91W Pink Watch On Black Nylon Nato Strap

This Casio 90s watch encompasses the trends of this era in an impressive way.

Evidently, the unique pink case reflects the fun-loving nature of the watch industry in the 90s.

Despite this appearance of youthfulness, Casio is clearly serious about practicality. This quartz digital watch (90s) flaunts a night light, a daily alarm, a stopwatch, and even 30m water resistance.

4. Gucci, Women’s 11/12.2 Quartz Watch

Gucci, Women’s 11/12.2 Quartz Watch

In line with 90s trends, this Gucci 90s watch boasts a stunning gold metal link bracelet, a true symbol of luxury.

Furthering this premium appearance, the high-end brand has incorporated a 26mm gold-plated stainless-steel case into this quartz beauty.

As for the pure white dial, it’s deceivingly minimalist. Despite the overall dismissal of minimalism at this time, Gucci is successfully demonstrating that less is more.

3. Bulgari, Yellow Gold Bracelet Watch

Bulgari, Yellow Gold Bracelet Watch

Here’s another high-end collectible find from the 90s that any watch aficionado would be lucky to get their hands on.Luxury abounds in this mid 90s watch, from the 18k yellow gold embossed case to the matching integrated bracelet.

We can see a typical 90s dark dial on this timepiece which establishes a sense of power and dominance.

2. Audemars Piguet, Classic Yellow Gold Watch

Audemars Piguet, Classic Yellow Gold Watch

For our penultimate example of a classic 90s watch, we have selected a design from none other than the beloved Swiss brand, Audemars Piguet.

For a 90s watch, this design is quite understated, which is what makes it so elegant.

The modest black leather strap sets this timepiece apart from the typical metal bracelet designs of the 90s. What’s more, the white dial possesses a minimalist air.

1. Omega, Seamaster Diver 300m

Omega, Seamaster Diver 300m

When we think of the best 90s watches, our minds immediately go to the Omega Seamaster Diver.

The success of the Seamaster Diver mens watch is down to its incredible quality.

It’s made from mostly steel, extending from the 36mm case to the matching bracelet, making it one of the most durable watches of the 90s.

Sapphire crystal also features on the enchanting dark dial, ensuring this automatic wonder is well-protected against shock.

Our Final Thoughts On Watches From The 90s

90s pink swatch watch

Overall, 90s watches were marked by high quality and luxury brands.

Though the features weren’t quite as advanced as those we enjoy today, we can still appreciate the appeal of 90s watches, from the vintage aesthetics to the many watch complications.

If you find yourself captivated by the Swiss-made luxury in this article, you’ll be pleased to know there’s plenty more of it right here on this website.

Our luxurious watches boast modern features such as minimalism and advanced technology, while also holding on to some 90s trends including chronographs and stunning metal bracelets.

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