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Best Apple Watch Apps: 10 Of Our Absolute Favourite Apps

Are you wondering what the best Apple watch apps are? Then you have come to the right place!

Whether you love fitness and health or entertainment and travel, the Apple Watch has an app for you. 

When you first set up your Apple Watch and you are faced with hundreds of popular apps, it can be difficult to decide which ones to download first.

If you’re in that situation, don’t worry – we have compiled a list of 10 of the best Apple watch apps just for you. Enjoy!

10. iTranslate

itranslate logo

Whether you are a businessman, student, or eternal tourist, iTranslate is the perfect travel companion for you. With this popular app, you can translate written and spoken information in over 100 languages right from your wrist.

Simply enter the information or use the camera and voice recording functions. It also has handy phrasebooks – never again will you have to carry a clunky book around with you on holiday.

9. Hole19

hole19 apple watch app

This free app is heaven for golf fanatics. With over 43,000 courses available, you can discover the best one in your area. The GPS rangefinder takes your rounds to a new level, allowing you to accurately measure distances from your wrist.

This app also displays a live scoreboard that keeps you motivated to improve your skills. Without a doubt, this is the best golf app for apple watch.

8. City Mapper

city mapper logo

Another app for travel enthusiasts, City Mapper provides you with all you need for your next trip abroad, or even your Monday to Friday commute. It works by compiling the information from all local transport providers and presenting you with your options.

From there, you can choose which journey to take based on the length of time, the distance, and the cost. We appreciate the safety measures taken by City Mapper; you can share your location with friends as well as requesting their locations. 

7. Night Sky

night sky logo

A self-described ‘personal planetarium’, Night Sky is a free app that allows you to research stars, constellations and satellites. With the aurora mapping feature, you can find out where the northern lights are the most visible.

The best free apple watch apps include fun quizzes, and Night Sky is no exception; you can test your knowledge of astronomy with its engaging tests.

6. Deliveries

deliveries logo

There’s nothing worse than missing a delivery and having to return to the post office, and the developers of Deliveries know this.

To ensure it doesn’t happen, their app allows you to track your parcels on a world map. You can even request notifications so that you get reminders without even opening the app.

5. Productive

productive app logo

Productive is the perfect app for people who struggle with organisation. It allows you to set reminders, personal goals, and habits so that you can keep on top of your responsibilities. It is proof that good apps for apple watch do not have to cost money.

However, if you do want to invest in this app, an upgrade will provide you with reports on your habits and a password-protected to-do list. 

4. Sleep ++

sleep ++

Sleep ++ is the best sleep app for apple watch. When you upgrade your apple watch, this app will immediately begin to track your sleep at night; it does all the work for you.

In the morning, you are presented with a chart showing your total sleep time so that you can see your habits over time.

3. Heart Analyzer

heart analyzer

When you think of the best health apps for apple watch, you may think of fitness apps. However, heart analyzer combines exercise data and heart tracking data to provide you with vital information about your health.

After a workout, it will reveal your heart rate, energy levels, and even your blood O2 saturation. At the end of the week, you are provided with a weekly report of your heart rate.

2. Strava

strava app

If you haven’t heard of Strava, you’re living under a rock. Strava is one of the best fitness apps for apple watch, and more specifically the best running app for apple watch.

With this popular app, you can track a range of workouts including running, walking, cycling, swimming, and yoga. Strava features an interactive leaderboard that allows you to compete with your friends.

1. Watchsmith

watchsmith logo

When we researched the best iphone watch apps, it was difficult to recommend just one. However, Watchsmith came out on top as it truly allows you to make your mark on your apple watch. You can customise your watch with complications, weather features, and date features.

Get creative with Watchsmith – you can change the watch face to suit your daily routine. For example, you could select a chronograph for when you are exercising and a moonphase for nighttime.

Our Final Thoughts On The Best Apple Watch Apps

Best Apple Watch Apps

As you can see, there really is an apple watch app for everyone, from the travel-focused iTranslate to the app of every watch aficionado’s dreams, Watchsmith.

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