British Watchmaker & Designer, Uniform Wares Launches Brand New Online Store

We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of our new website

Since 2009, we’ve built a reputation for sleek modern watch design combined with the precision of Swiss engineering. Clean and clear designs mean our watches are understated but unforgettable.

Now, we hope our website reflects this too.

To better showcase our watches for sale, we’ve been working hard under the hood so that our new website showcases our latest watch designs while making it easier for you to view, add accessories and, of course, order the watch of your desires. And, even if we do say so ourselves, we’re extremely pleased with the results. We sincerely hope you enjoy the new website and everything we’ve done to improve.

”We’ve been working hard recently to breathe new life into our website, collection and customer experience. We really hope that shines through and that you enjoy the changes we’ve made.” – Uniform Wares

In Case We Haven’t Met Before…

Uniform Wares was founded on the principle that good watches should embody character and distinction through intelligent design rather than being led by branding. 

By keeping the entire creative and development process in house, we’ve produced a new and much sought after collection of premium timepieces that have turned heads in the notoriously conservative watch industry.

Uniform Wares’ watches reflect today’s globalised manufacturing climate tapping into the best talent from across the world. Designed and developed by our creative team in London, parts are manufactured by select international partners who share our devotion to detail before finally being assembled in the cradle of luxury watchmaking, Switzerland. 

Curious as to what we’ve done and want to take a look for yourself? Visit our homepage.

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