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Bronze Watches: The Best Bronze Watches For Men & Women

We all know the best watch collections aren’t complete without silver and gold timepieces. However, did you know the same can be said about bronze watches?

With bronze timepieces, it’s all about the look– watch aficionados primarily choose this material for its charming vintage appearance, achieved through the unique aging process.

So, how do bronze watches age?

The surface of these watches becomes tarnished over time, producing a unique display of patina on each and every timepiece.

Top 8 Bronze Watches For Men & Women

If you like the idea of acquiring a watch that cannot be replicated, you will love our list of top 8 best bronze watches for men and women!

8. Balmer, FS/ Balmer DB5 Limited Edition, £273.45

 Balmer, FS/ Balmer DB5 Limited Edition

Bronze is already a unique choice of watch material, so add to that a limited-edition collection, and you’re met with an irresistible level of individuality.

This Balmer bronze watch is one of only 99 in the world. For under £300, you can access rare Swiss-made sophistication in the form of a 316L stainless steel design.

Bronze may be famed for its beauty, but Balmer has made this timepiece as robust as can be. It flaunts an extra-thick 47mm case as well as extra-thick sapphire crystal, both offering incredible protection against shock.

For fashion and function, this limited-edition powerhouse is the one.

7. Apple, Apple Watch Series 4 40mm Stainless Steel Bronze Gold, £215.21

 Apple, Apple Watch Series 4 40mm Stainless Steel Bronze Gold

When you purchase an Apple Watch, you become the proud owner of not just a watch, but a revolutionary device for all aspects of life.

The delicate bronze gold band is potentially deceiving—this product is practicality galore, equipped with countless health and fitness features.

All of our social lives are existing online currently, and the Apple Watch is here to facilitate that. It boasts a new and improved speaker that’s 50% louder, promising high sound quality for calls. No more video calls with bad connection!

All in all, the Apple Watch series 4 bronze is a product you will want to treasure for life. 

6. Hugo Boss, Mini Sport Ladies Watch 1502468, £279

Hugo Boss, Mini Sport Ladies Watch

As we said, bronze is an attractive choice thanks to its beauty, and Hugo Boss has certainly reeled us in with this luxurious design. 

At the centre of this ladies timepiece is a distinct blue dial, boasting a large stone set bezel. Providing only the best security, Hugo Boss has employed clear mineral crystal glass to cover the powerful dial.

As for the 32mm case, we don’t know where to begin. Could ‘ionic plated carnation gold steel’ sound any more luxurious?

5. Aquatico, Bronze Sea Star Black Dial, £218.13

Aquatico, Bronze Sea Star Black Dial

We know everyone craves a unique watch collection, which is why we’re spoiling you with yet another limited-edition timepiece!

Here we have the Aquatico bronze watch, a distinct creation that oozes premium quality. 

The powerful matte black dial is covered with sapphire glass—only the best materials for you bronze lovers out there. Even better, Aquatico has selected anti-reflecting coatings for the handsome dial. You couldn’t ask for a more practical product!

4. HALIOS, Seaforth Bronze Blue Dial, £943

HALIOS, Seaforth Bronze Blue Dial

Halios has mastered the art of intertwining class and comfort to produce its versatile timepieces, and the Seaforth Bronze reflects this wonderfully.

Sophistication is written all over this bronzed beauty. From the blue fume dial to the aluminium nickel bronze case, this dive watch gives off an air of pure elegance.

However, there is also a practical side to this Halios bronze watch. It boasts a black rubber strap that’s ideal for long-term use.

Overall, this Halios find would be a dream to wear.

3. Oris, Big Crown Bronze Pointer Date Automatic Green Dial Ladies Watch 01 754 7749 3167-07 5 17 66BR, £984.13

Oris, Big Crown Bronze Pointer Date Automatic Green Dial Ladies Watch

Oris has taken the vintage appeal of bronze watches to a whole new level with this green-dialed bronze automatic watch.

First, we have the classic 36mm bronze case, typical of some of our favourite vintage pieces. Then there’s the unique green dial which features luminous bronze cathedral-style hands, the ultimate homage to tradition. Finally, the brown calfskin leather strap would charm any watch aficionado with its rugged aesthetic.

It’s like the past has been magically preserved and placed into this timepiece. If you find yourself feeling nostalgic about the good old days, perhaps this Oris bronze watch is just what you need.

2. Tudor, Black Bay Bronze M79250BA-0002, £3,110

Tudor, Black Bay Bronze M79250BA-0002

Tudor knows we can’t resist the magnetism of a vintage bronze watch, so the successful brand has reproduced its classic timepieces with the added bonus of modern technology.

This bronze dive watch has replicated all the best retro features from time gone by, including a grey domed dial and sapphire crystal. Perhaps our favourite recreated feature is the white-and-rose-gold angular hands, which are so typically Tudor.

As you can see, it’s undeniable that this Tudor bronze watch is deserving of second place in our list; its classic yet contemporary style is simply tantalising. 

1. Omega, Seamaster 300 Co-Axial Master Chronometer 41mm

Omega, Seamaster 300 Co-Axial Master Chronometer 41mm

For our all-time favourite bronze watch, we’ve selected none other than the Omega Seamaster 300 in bronze gold! Incredibly, the brand has invented its own bronze alloy to produce this enchanting bronze gold watch. 

This diver’s creation is as bronze as can be, with the gorgeous dark tone pouring over each segment like fine honey. It extends from the 41mm case to the petite hands on the dial; not one part of this watch lacks elegance.

Many bronze dial watches are elegant, so what else does this bronze watch (mens) possess?

High precision. Thanks to the chronometer and rotating brown ceramic bezel, this automatic beauty was made to convey the time as accurately as possible. No more joining zoom calls five minutes too late!

With the promise of overwhelming beauty and astounding accuracy, how could you possibly say no?

Our Final Thoughts On Bronze Watches

man with bronze watch

All in all, it’s evident that bronze watches are not a mere substitute for their gold and silver counterparts. 

They possess a certain air of sophistication that would enhance the aesthetics of any outfit in your wardrobe.

However, some people simply cannot part from silver and gold. To those people, we say that you deserve to find your tried-and-true timepiece just as much as bronze fanatics. 

The best place to start is right here on the Uniform Wares website. We offer silver, gold, and rose gold timepieces for men and women; the options are endless.

Variety isn’t our only perk, however—all of our products are Swiss-made minimalist designs, promising only the best quality. 

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