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Chronograph Watches For Men: 8 Styles That We Adore

The year was 1821. Wristwatch and pocket watch sales had been booming for many years. However, something was missing. Frenchman Nicolas Matthieu Rieussec knew exactly what to do about it, and so he invented chronograph watches for men.

The question is, why should you – a product of the 21st century, buy into this ongoing trend?

By definition, chronographs feature multiple displays, making for accurate timekeeping. Some chronographs even offer several other features on the complex dial. Including tachymeters and heart rate monitors.

Furthermore, mens chronograph watches are well-loved for their appearance. They often have a vintage feel- owing to their long history. Yet they can also look at home on a contemporary design.

Now that you’re clued up on all things chronograph, allow us to present our top 8 chronograph watches for men. We hope this article gives you some inspiration for selecting your next men’s chronograph watch.

8. Sekonda, Gents Chronograph Bracelet Watch, £25

chronograph watches for men

It can be a challenge to find mens chronograph watches cheap. Which is why we’re kicking off our list with an incredibly affordable product by Sekonda.

This quartz timepiece is effortlessly classy. It has everything you could possibly want in a men’s watch. A complex chronograph feature, a simplistic black dial, and of course a stainless-steel bracelet to tie it all together.

The best bit: unlike some chronograph watches for sale, this product won’t break the bank. It’s currently on sale for just £25! Act fast to get your hands on this excellent deal.

7. Diesel, Gents Large Dual Timepiece Leather Strap Watch, £140

diesel watch

If you’re a creative type, number 7 is certainly for you! Diesel never fails to impress with their unique designs, often incorporated beside classic chronographs.

The complexity of this grey dial is perhaps the highlight of the watch. Not only does it boast a chronograph, but there’s the lovely addition of a date window.

What’s more, the leather strap introduces an air of sophistication to this affordable find. What a way to showcase a chronograph!

6. Spinnaker, Hull Chronograph Black Brown, £166.60


Here we have another budget-friendly brand, the reliable Spinnaker. 

We adore the intricate detail on this timepiece, including the dainty tachymeter and date display.

With a large diameter of 42mm, this bold watch is typical of men’s watches.

As for the quality, you’re bound to be impressed. The dial is protected with AR coating, while the brown watch strap is made of genuine leather. Only the best for our chronograph connoisseurs. 

5. Police, P14699JS02M Mens Quartz Watch, £165.84

police watch

If you’re after the perfect men’s fashion watch, look no further. Police chronograph watches for men are consistently impressive.

Finding an ultra-masculine watch that still appears trendy can be a challenge. However, we stopped everything when we discovered this quartz beauty, courtesy of Police.

The oversized 50mm dial is, both literally and figuratively, the core of the watch. Its blue tone appears professional and combined with the stainless-steel bracelet, makes for a classy, masculine timepiece.

4. Vincero, The Chrono S, £116.96

vincero watch

If anyone does chronographs well, it’s top trend-setter Vincero. Luckily for you, number 4 on our list is a lovely Vincero piece.

The all-black tone of this stunning dial is captivating; it’s the ultimate masculine accessory. However, looks alone are not enough, and Vincero knows that too.

This black chronograph men’s watch is of excellent quality, boasting sapphire coated crystal with scratch-resistant properties, Italian marble showcase, and top-grain Italian leather. It truly is fit for a King!

3. Invicta Speedway 200M Chronograph White Dial 9211 Men’s Watch, £64

invicta watch

To kick off the reveal of our top 3 favourite chronograph watches for men, we’ve selected a watch from none other than Invicta. This successful brand aims to provide affordable luxury, and they certainly do it well.

Invicta chronograph watches for men subvert the norms of the masculine watch world. The Speedway’s colour palette is white and silver, tones usually seen in feminine watches.

This makes the Speedway stand out against traditionally masculine watches, which is ideal for watch aficionados who like to dive into watch-wearing with both feet.

Speaking of diving, this chronograph watch is water-resistant to 200M. Pretty and practical – what more could we ask for?

2. Citizen, Eco-Drive Chronograph Sapphire Japan Black Dial 100m Gent’s Watch, £136.44

citizen watch

If you’re familiar with chronograph watches, we expect you know Citizen well. Their reputation for providing aesthetically pleasing, practical timepieces is only improving over time.

This Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph watch for men was made to last, with its high-quality stainless-steel case and watch strap, as well as its durable sapphire crystal glass.

Eco-Drive watches are powered by natural and artificial light, removing the need to self-wind. Order this watch for a refreshing taste of modern technology.

1. Uniform Wares, M42 PreciDrive Chronograph Watch In Polished Steel, £585-£720

uniform wares watch

Finally, it’s time for our ultimate favourite men’s chronograph watch. Of all the chronograph watches for sale, we believe our Uniform Wares M42 is the best by far.

Like all our timepieces, this chronograph is a Swiss-made masterpiece. It’s made up of only the best materials, including Italian Caoutchouc rubber and Milanese Nappa leather.

This superior level of care extends to aesthetics, too. With diamond-cut hands and traditional pad printed dial indexing, our heavenly minimalist chronograph will have you walking on air.

Chronograph Watches For Men: Our Final Thoughts

chronograph watches for men

Evidently, the chronograph possesses the ability to transform a men’s watch into a classy, complex design. They bring beauty and functionality to watch collections everywhere.

After reading our list, we hope that you have found the perfect chronograph for you. However, if the chronograph isn’t your favourite watch feature, browse our website to find countless mens watches with alternative styles.

Here at Uniform Wares, the possibilities are endless. Check out our watches for sale today.

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