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Field Watches: What Is A Field Watch & What Are The Best Styles?

The watch industry is constantly evolving. Watches made for a specific purpose often transform into trends we can all enjoy. A prime example of this is field watches.

You may have heard people rave about an amazing Casio field watch or Bulova field watch and wondered what on earth they were talking about.

Wonder no more. We’re here to tell you exactly what a field watch is. Additionally, we have compiled a list of 7 excellent field watches, with an exciting build-up to Uniform Wares’ best field watch.

Expertise awaits you!

What Is A Field Watch?

field watches

Put simply, field watches are durable, accurate timepieces invented for military purposes.

Furthermore, historically, soldiers have enjoyed the large dial, stainless steel case, and glare-proof crystal that often comes with a great military field watch. Today, you can enjoy these benefits too!

The Best Field Watches For Men & Women

We couldn’t resist sharing some of the best field watches to inspire you in your search. Prepare to be spoilt for choice!

7. Timex, Women’s Expedition Field Mini 26 mm Leather Strap Watch, £32.99

timex field watches

It’s not easy to find a good ladies field watch. However, you can always rely on Timex!

This retro-looking military watch is a time machine to World War II. Furthermore, an enchanting vintage aesthetic has been created by the classic colour palette.

Firstly, we have the subtle white dial with large numerals, allowing for easy viewing. To set this charming look in stone, Timex has employed a multicolour 22mm nylon watch strap.

There’s no end to the nostalgia that this Timex field watch provokes. 

6. Citizen, Men’s Eco-Drive Analogue Green Canvas Strap Watch, £79.99

citizen watch

If you thought field watches weren’t practical enough, allow us to introduce you to the Eco-drive field watch. It couldn’t be more low maintenance!

Furthermore, Eco-Drive products don’t require batteries. Meaning the days of tediously winding your watch are over.

As for the military aspects of this timepiece, they exist in abundance. From the 37mm stainless steel case to the comfortable green canvas watch strap.

Overall, this citizen field watch demands nothing and yet gives everything.

5. Bertucci, Womens Stainless Steel Case Green Dial Tan Leather Band Round Watch – 18015, £86.01

Bertucci field watches

Our fifth favourite field watch is another one for the ladies!

The colour scheme of this Bertucci field watch is veritably attention-grabbing. We adore the unique choice of a green dial and brown nylon watch strap. With such earthy tones, this modest timepiece is the quintessence of a military watch.

True to the definition of a women’s field watch, this Bertucci find boasts incredible quality. Moreover, the petite case is made of brushed stainless steel.

To purchase this watch is to make a wise investment into your future as a watch aficionado. 

4. Seiko, Seiko 5 Men’s Automatic Watch With Black Dial Analogue Display And Black Fabric Strap SNK809K2, £104.44

seiko watch

Seiko has blessed us with a field watch that possesses contemporary qualities. It’s the perfect blend of modern and vintage.

We can always trust Seiko to prioritise premium quality, and this automatic field watch demonstrates exactly why.

Enclosed within a 37mm stainless steel case, we have a powerful mineral dial that assures excellent durability.

Additionally, this Seiko field watch is water resistant to 30m. Making it an ideal practical product for everyday use.

3. Hamilton, Khaki Field Mechanical, £395

hamilton watch

To kick off the top three of our list of best field watches, we needed a successful, trustworthy brand. In other words, we needed a brand like Hamilton.

High quality trickles into every aspect of this Hamilton field watch,. From the oversized stainless-steel case to the indestructible sapphire crystal dial.

Also, speaking of this durable dial, it boasts a luminous display. Making this watch perfect for night-time walks.

Finally, the classic watch strap ties the military look together wonderfully. Not only does the khaki colour match the theme so well, but the choice of a NATO strap promises ultimate comfort.

2. Filson, Mackinaw Field Watch, £365

filson watch

With this stunning Mackinaw timepiece, Filson has proven that functional field watches can indeed be beautiful.

The charming tan leather strap manages to capture one’s attention immediately. It appears at once luxurious and understated. Making this Filson field watch the epitome of balance.

Not to be overshadowed by the traditional strap, the strong black dial, surrounded by durable stainless steel, is equally impressive.

Furthermore, not only does it feature scratch-resistant sapphire to protect against shock, but it also boasts an anti-reflective coating. A welcomed bonus for lovers of practicality.

1. Luminox, Atacama Field Chronograph Alarm 45 mm Urban Adventure – 1944, £745

luminox field watches

Lastly, this Luminox field watch encompasses so many of our favourite watch features that it simply had to be our number one.

Furthermore, the distinct blue dial is home to a classic chronograph, an alarm function, and a date display, making for incredibly accurate timekeeping.

Moving onto the watch strap, Luminox has expertly selected a light brown strap, producing a chic look. This strap is made from genuine leather. Meaning its lovely look is here to stay.

Finally, the impressive Urban Adventure is water resistant to 100m. Allowing for shallow water snorkelling and swimming.

Ultimately, this Swiss-made masterpiece will keep you company day and night, in land or sea.

Our Final Thoughts On Field Watches

field watches

All that went in to producing magnificent military watches for soldiers is precisely what draws us to this watch genre as a general consumer.

Qualities such as accurate timekeeping and durability are not reserved for soldiers—you can benefit from them, too! 

However, we know that field watches aren’t for everyone. If you aren’t personally compelled by this type of watch, you can find something for you here on the Uniform Wares website, from oversized chronographs to petite pieces.

Browse our watches for sale today for a taste of Swiss-made sophistication!

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