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His And Hers Watches: 7 Of The Best His And Hers Matching Watches

Have you ever bought a present for someone while secretly wishing you were buying it for yourself? We’ve all been there, and there’s nothing worse than finding the most gorgeous timepiece, adding it to your basket, and sending it to someone else’s address. Luckily for you, we have the perfect solution: his and hers matching watches!

With his and hers sets, you can treat yourself and someone else to a luxury watch. Alternatively, it’s a great present idea for a couple.

If you like the idea of ordering two watches at once, read on to discover our favourite his and hers watch sets!

7. Fossil, Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch Gift Set, £181.30

fossil watches

We were immediately drawn to this stunning set of his and hers watches (Fossil). Both watches are classic as can be, with traditional silver cases and stainless steel watch straps.

The chronograph feature helps this set stand out against the rest; it adds a traditional feel to the large men’s watch and dainty women’s watch. This compelling feature is showcased on a powerful black dial, a great choice of colour to accommodate both men and women.

6. Invicta, Pro Diver His & Hers TwoTone StainlessSteel Blue Dial Watch 29182, 29188, £152.83

invicta watches

What’s better than being gifted a timepiece from the luxurious Invicta watches? Receiving his and hers Invicta watches, of course!

We adore the unique look to this his and hers set. First of all, there’s the deep blue dial, always a satisfying feature on a diver’s watch. With this unusual tone, you and your partner would certainly stand out in a crowd!

Yet, it’s not just the dial that makes this set distinct. The two-tone stainless steel strap is oh-so-trendy. If you’re one for silver but your partner prefers gold, this contemporary watch bracelet would be perfect for you, with its combination of the two metallic tones.

5. Michael Kors, Jaryn His And Hers Pair Watch Gift Set MK3859, £189.99

michael kors watches

Nothing says luxury more than a set of his and hers Michael Kors watches.

This gorgeous set is decidedly more feminine than the others in our list, which only adds to its charm. The lovely rose gold case creates a delicate appearance, which is balanced out by the bold black strap, producing the perfect unisex design.

Michael Kors has done a great job adapting the aesthetic of the watches to suit each gender without losing the most significant unifying features, such as the colours and the shared analogue movement. For instance, the men’s watch boasts a bold 42mm dial, while the female version is a more petite 34mm.

4. Movado, His & Hers Watch Gold And Silver Round Men’s & Ladies Dots Vintage, £1,287.34

movado watch

Do you love nothing more than to find a historical vintage watch to treasure? If the answer is yes, this Movado set of his and hers watches is calling your name.

These unique timepieces are quartz, meaning they boast incredibly accurate timekeeping! Another practical benefit of this set is that the watches are water-resistant, something that is always needed in the UK.

Finally, the innovative design of these watches cannot be overlooked. Not only do we have a distinct black dial with no hour markers to be seen, but we are also blessed with a silver link bracelet featuring chic rose gold gems!

3. Gucci, Men’s G-Timeless Two Tone Automatic Watch, £1,600 & G-Timeless Cat Two Tone Bracelet Watch, £780

gucci watch

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: his and hers Gucci watches!

Now, you may be wondering how we’ve pulled this off considering Gucci don’t offer his and hers sets. The answer is: we simply made one ourselves!

When we saw the beauty that is the men’s G-Timeless timepiece, with its magnificent two-toned bracelet, we just had to find a version for the ladies. So here you have it: the remarkable 40mm men’s automatic watch alongside the captivating 27mm women’s quartz product.

Despite their differences, these timepieces both possess a sleek silver dial and dual-toned metal bracelet. Even better, they are water resistant to 50m! It seems they were meant to be.

2. Rolex, Datejust Watches His & Hers Stainless 18k Champagne Custom Set Diamonds 90’S Models, £8,844.67

rolex watches

Our second favourite his and hers set is a blast from the Datejust past!

These his and hers Rolex watches are a product of the 90s, and their luxurious gold dials are the first giveaway!

Premium quality emanates from these automatic beauties. They are made of sapphire crystal, meaning they are well-prepared for regular wear and tear. 

As for the aesthetics, anyone would be charmed by a champagne diamond dial with custom-set diamond hour markers. Whether male or female, we are certain you would appreciate these 18k gold masterpieces.

1. Uniform Wares, C41 Men’s Chronograph Watch In PVD Gold, £625-£775 & C39 Women’s Chronograph Watch In PVD Satin Gold, £525-£675

his and hers watches

Finally, it’s time to discover our absolute favourite set of his and hers watches… it’s the Uniform Wares C41 men’s and C39 women’s gold watches!

Just like the Gucci set, this pairing was created by us for your enjoyment. Here at Uniform Wares, we can’t resist a good old fashioned chronograph feature, which is why we have selected two gorgeous chronograph timepieces for our number one his and hers set.

Both of these timepieces were made with you in mind, and the quality certainly reflects that. If you’ve been dreaming of a Swiss-made premium piece, dream no more, as the men’s C41 and the women’s C39 were made in Switzerland, assembled with only the finest materials.

When it comes to his and hers gold watches, it can be tricky to find a durable option. We understand that you want to hold onto the gorgeous gold-tone for as long as possible. Consequently, our two gold watches are made of PVD gold, a coating that provides excellent longevity.

Ultimately, with this enchanting his and hers set, you can own not just one but two enviable timepieces, with the assurance of high quality.

Our Final Thoughts On His And Hers Watches


Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with his and hers watches

It’s a wonderful way of treating both yourself and your partner to a lovely new watch without searching for two different options. It couldn’t be simpler!

We hope you’ve been inspired by our list of his and hers luxury watches, particularly our own set of the sought-after men’s C41 and women’s C39 at Uniform Wares

On that note, if these two watches don’t suit your style, don’t forget you can create your own his and hers set here on our website. Simply select a men’s watch with a characteristic you find desirable, and search for its perfect match over in the women’s section (or vice versa!)

There are countless timepieces just waiting to be paired up, so why not have a go today? Browse our watches for sale.

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