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How To Change A Watch Strap: Everything You Need To Know

Wondering how to change a watch strap? You have come to the right place!

They say a clean room is a clean mind. Here at Uniform Wares, we say a new watch strap is a new start. 

If you purchase a watch with interchangeable straps, you’re setting yourself up for success. Who wants to splurge on an expensive timepiece only to grow bored of it in a few months or years? 

However, it’s easier said than done. Needless to say, you can consult a jeweller’s to change the watch strap. But it can quickly become expensive. 

Luckily for you, a new Uniform Wares product has just graced our website: The Uniform Wares + Smile Line Strap Changing Tool

It’s an absolute lifesaver when it comes to swapping watch straps. It will allow you to freshen up your look at a low cost. 

However, you may not know how to change the strap on a watch. That’s what we’re here for. 

The following article will teach you how metal bracelets and leather straps are generally removed, as well as how to deal with changing straps from specific brands. 

You’ll be an expert in no time! 

Uniform Wares + Smile Line Strap Changing Tool

uniform wares + smile strap changing tool

We can’t wait to talk about our new holy grail. The Uniform Wares + Smile Line Strap Changing Tool. 

Previously, you may have spent hours trawling the web to find the best, cheapest strap changing tool. When it comes to lesser-known brands, it can be nerve-wracking to buy from them for the first time as we don’t know what to expect.

Worry no more. We have released our very own Swiss-made strap changing tool for only £115, saving you money at the jeweller’s. 

This handy product is made from stainless steel and carbon fibre, blessing you with only the best quality. What’s more, the pins and fork tool tips are entirely replaceable for your benefit!

General Rules

how to change a watch strap

Before we get into the specifics, there are a few basic rules you need to know. 

Before you start trying to remove a watch strap, it’s essential that you put all of your tools and items on a flat surface to avoid damage. This includes your current watch, new watch strap, and strap changing tool.

At the end of the process, make sure you gently tug at the watch strap to check it’s secure enough. Again, this prevents damage. You don’t want the band to loosen when you put it on your wrist!

How To Change A Metal Watch Strap

how to change a watch strap

Whilst different watches may require different strap-changing methods, there are general rules that apply to most metal watch bracelets.

First, you will always need a tool, preferably the new Uniform Wares strap-changing tool. 

The important part of the tool is the pronged fork end. Take this end and place it between one of the lugs and the side of the strap. Apply pressure to push the spring bar out of the lug hole. Once the spring bar is out, repeat this process on the other side.

To insert the new strap, place it between the lugs and ensure it’s correctly lined up. Then, insert one pin of the spring bar into the lug hole, and the second pin into the opposite lug hole. You will need to do this again with the second part of the strap.

It’s important to note that some watch manufacturers do not follow this method. Whilst the rules for how to change a Breitling watch strap are the same as above, this isn’t the case for every brand. 

Ensure you research your particular brand before attempting to change the watch strap. A simple google of ‘how to change the strap on a pebble watch’, for example, will do wonders.

One brand that does things differently is Fitbit. When it comes to how to change a Fitbit watch strap, band latches are key. You will find two of these between the band and the frame. To release the band, apply pressure on the metal button and slide the band up. As always, repeat this process on the other side.

How To Change A Leather Watch Strap

how to change a watch strap

The process for changing leather watch straps is slightly different, but with our help you’ll be doing it in no time.

First, you need to locate the spring bar, then place the pronged fork end of your trusty strap-changing tool between the watch shoulders and the strap. 

Push the spring bar down to release the strap, then take it out of the loop in the strap. Follow these same steps for the other half of the band.

To secure the new strap, thread the spring bars through the loop and put the bottom half of the spring bar into the case. The top half should then be pushed through, before repeating the process on the other side.

Again, this is the general guidance for leather strap watches, but brands can differ. If you need to know how to change a Fossil watch strap, we have some separate guidance for you. 

You will need to push in both pin tabs to detach the strap. Get the new strap and align it with the watch whilst pushing in the pin tab. Finally, simply release the pin tab and lightly tug on the band to confirm it’s attached.

Now You Know How To Change A Watch Strap


We hope our advice on how to change a watch strap has been useful to you!

Ultimately, it all depends on the brand of your watch, so make sure you do your research before you attempt to swap your strap. 

If you haven’t yet bought a strap-changing tool, why not check out the new Uniform Wares tool on the ‘Watch Straps’ section of our website? You won’t regret it!

Whilst you’re there, browse our website for some more stunning pieces and find your perfect match.

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