How To Wear A Watch With Different Styles: Our Guide

When you’re fresh on the watch-wearing scene, the last thing you want to do is make an embarrassing faux pas. You may assume that everyone knows how to wear a watch. Granted, the basics are well-known, however, there may be certain rules that you haven’t yet considered.

How you wear a watch depends entirely on the type of watch you are sporting. Evidently, you wouldn’t handle a diver watch in the same way as a dress watch. Another thing to take into account is that most people wear their watch differently depending on their outfit.

Ultimately, we have written this article to help you feel comfortable in any watch. Whether it’s a Tag Heuer Carrera or a Uniform Wares C36 Women’s Date watch.

The following article is brimming with advice on how to wear your watch. If you follow it, you’ll be faux pas-free forever. Let’s dive in!

Strap Or Bracelet?

how to wear a watch

It’s the age-old question: watch straps or metal bracelets?

Both attachments have their unique selling points, as well as their downfalls. Luckily for us, it isn’t necessary to choose one and stick with it. Watch aficionados everywhere enjoy a diverse collection of straps and bracelets. 

For a comfortable, low-maintenance option, watch straps may be for you. They are easily adjustable, allowing you to swap them out when the mood strikes.

On the other hand, bracelets are incredibly versatile, suiting formalwear as well as casual outfits. They will also serve their purpose for many years as they are more robust than watch straps.

Ultimately, this choice should be made based on your individual needs. 

Ask yourself the important questions. Including whether you will be swapping the band often and whether you prefer comfort or style.

Wearing A Watch With Different Outfits

how to wear a watch

Now, you may know all there is to know about wearing a watch. But it’s clear that watches do not match every outfit perfectly. Don’t worry- no one expects you to be a fashion expert, but there are a few easy guidelines that may be useful.

Men, you’re in luck; the large timepieces on offer to you are often an excellent addition to both formal and informal outfits.

If you’re wondering how to wear a watch with a shirt or how to wear a watch with long sleeves in general, remember that when your hands are by your side, the watch should be mostly covered up. It should sit comfortably under the cuff, neither too tight nor too loose. Overall, the thinner the watch, the more compatible with a dress shirt as it won’t appear bulky through the sleeve.

For women who love jewellery, things get slightly more complicated. It can be hard to know how to wear a wrist watch for ladies, especially when bracelets are involved. 

There is something to be said for a luxury timepiece paired with delicate bracelets. It can create an incredibly sophisticated look. However, if you prefer the minimalist aesthetic, you may want to avoid wearing bracelets with your watch. 

The only concrete piece of advice we can give is to match your jewellery with the colour of the watch, as this prevents any clashing!

Thankfully, women are lucky in other ways when it comes to matching watches with outfits. You would wear a watch the same way with a t-shirt, dress or blouse, making women’s watches fantastically versatile. 

The only thing you need to consider is the formality of the outfit, as this can determine which type of watch you wear.

How To Wear Different Types Of Watches


So, which watches are suitable for formal dress, and which should be worn day-to-day? There is no rulebook. However, here is some useful guidance.

You may be dreaming of life beyond lockdown and wondering how to wear a dress watch. Dress watches carry prestige, and therefore they tend to look best with formal clothing. 

The Uniform Wares C41 Men’s Chronograph Watch in PVD Gold would be perfect for a dressy occasion. We recommend pairing it with a leather strap. As this makes for comfortable long-term wear whilst preserving a sophisticated look.

Wrap Watches

Wrap watches are getting trendier by the day. With that comes the concern of how to wear a wrap watch. They may appear intimidating, but the general rules of watch wearing apply in the same way. 

We would advise that you don’t wear this type of watch with any other jewellery. It already makes a bold statement and covers a lot of skin. Meaning adding bracelets can create a crowded look. For anyone wondering how to wear big watches, we would give this same advice.

Diver Watches

Some of the best luxury brands offer a wide range of diver watches, so you’ve most likely questioned how to wear a diver watch at some point.

These timepieces tend to look out of place when paired with a suit. So we would suggest that you wear a dive watch with activewear or casual wear.

The Colour

The colour of a watch can affect how you choose to wear it. For instance, many watch lovers worry about how to wear a gold watch casually or how to wear a leather watch formally.

Fortunately, both watches have a reputation for being versatile, as they are suitable in formal and informal situations. It’s important to do your research on watch colours, as this will help you to learn which colours are better suited to which environments.

Pocket Watches

Finally, perhaps the most complicated type of watch to wear: the pocket watch (or chain watch).

Generally, pocket watches sit in the opposite pocket to the dominant hand. For detailed advice on how to wear a chain watch, check out our recent blog post here on Uniform Wares.

Our Final Thoughts

how to wear a watch

All in all, everyone chooses to wear their watch differently. It’s entirely down to you to choose the fit, colour, and style. However, we hope the information we have provided will help you discover how you like to wear your watch.

To browse high-quality watches of many styles and colours, don’t forget to explore the rest of the Uniform Wares website and find your perfect match.

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