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Silver Watches For Women: 10 Styles That We Adore

From puff sleeves to cropped cardigans, it’s clear that boldness is ruling women’s fashion these days. With that being said, we all know that less is more, so how better to style a brave ensemble than with silver watches for women?

Silver is a true classic that stands firm as waves of trends come and go. It’s consistently sleek, stylish and sophisticated.

So, whether you’re still sporting autumnal neutrals or you’ve ventured into summer pastel season, check out our list of top 10 silver watches for women to rejuvenate your wardrobe!

10. Sekonda, Ladies Sekonda Watch 2097, £44.99

Sekonda, Ladies Sekonda Watch

Plenty of womens watches come in solid silver, but it can be a serious struggle to find black and silver watches for women. 

That’s where Sekonda steps in.

This quartz watch expertly combines a powerful black dial with a modest stainless steel metal bracelet. The result is impressive. Here we have a timepiece that is at once masculine and feminine, classic and creative.

What’s not to love?

9. Guess, Ladies’ Silver Logo Dial Watch, £54

guess silver watches for women

Stainless steel is a safe bet for any silver watch. It ensures your timepiece will remain in excellent condition for many years to come. 

As a result, this entirely stainless-steel creation left us awestruck. The reliable material extends from the polished case to the fancy metal link bracelet.

In terms of style, Guess watches for women (silver) are in a league of their own. Featuring a sunray silver logo dial, this particular watch proudly showcases its beloved maker in an innovative way.

8. Olivia Burton, Wonderland Two Tone Bracelet Watch, £65

olivia burton watch

Where would the fashion watch industry be without the legend that is Olivia Burton?

The beloved brand consistently produces unique, nature-inspired timepieces that we can’t get enough of. Today we’re featuring a beautiful silver design.

Part of the Wonderland collection, this watch couldn’t be more feminine. The pure white dial is a tiny 23mm and features gorgeous rose gold tone roman numerals that would make any woman weak at the knees.

As for the two-tone rose gold and silver bracelet, we couldn’t imagine a more fitting complement to this classically silver product. When it comes to ladies silver tone watches, this Olivia Burton creation can do no wrong.

7. Bering, Classic | Brushed Silver | 11930-001, £129

bering watch

If you’re a true silver fanatic, you’ll appreciate this solid colour design from Bering.

Real silver watches for women are famed for their high quality, and this quartz watch is a true reflection of that.

Made of 316L stainless steel, the 30mm brushed silver case was made to last. If that wasn’t enough protection, the minimalist dial is covered in scratch-resistant crystal. 

This Bering timepiece is worth every penny.

6. Fossil, Karli Three-Hand Stainless Steel Watch, £64

fossil watch

As silver is a popular watch colour, we’re spoilt for choice regarding silver watches for her.

 One amazing consequence of this is that brands get creative with their use of silver, and here is a prime example.

Fossil has paired the 34mm silver stainless steel case with a breathtaking pink mother of pearl dial. If you like your watches fancy and feminine, Fossil has got you covered with this quartz masterpiece.

5. Vivienne Westwood, Portobello Grey Dial Ladies Watch VV158GYTT, £225

vivienne westwood silver watches for women

As you can see, rose gold and silver is a colour combination that we see quite often in the watch industry—and for good reason.

This Vivienne Westwood timepiece is the quintessence of sophistication, and that’s partly down to the incorporation of rose gold and silver into the stainless steel case and the matching watch bracelet.

Another reason for this sophistication is the unique grey dial that showcases the brand name and a charming planet display, setting this quartz timepiece apart from typical rose gold and silver watches for women.

4. Hugo Boss, BOSS 1502590 Women’s Chain Bracelet Strap Watch, £179

hugo boss silver watches for women

Silver chain watches for women make luxurious additions to ladies watch collections everywhere, so we couldn’t resist introducing you to this enchanting chain watch by Hugo Boss.

Luxury abounds in the unique chain bracelet, the 28mm stainless steel case and the chic fixed bezel.

However, Hugo Boss has also managed to maintain its minimalist morals in the understated silver sunray dial—this timepiece is the perfect balance between modesty and magnificence.

3. Burberry, BU9233 Ladies The City Engraved Silver Watch, £245

Burberry silver watches for women

Burberry’s reputation for high-quality fashion is only growing by the day, and when we laid our eyes on this womens silver watch, we saw exactly why.

Typical of ladies silver watches, this product flaunts a stainless steel case and matching metal bracelet. However, there’s no mistaking this is a unique Burberry design; we would recognise the tartan anywhere!

The subtle tartan pattern engraves the white dial beautifully, and even extends to the metal bracelet. If you’re a fan of Burberry, this watch is a must-have; it’s Burberry to the core.

2. Swarovski, Eternal Watch, Metal Bracelet, White, Stainless Steel, £280

Swarovski silver watches for women

Swarovski doesn’t mess around when it comes to designing luxurious watches for women, which has earnt it second place on our list of best silver watches for women.

High-quality fashion watches can be hard to come by, but thankfully Swarovski shares Uniform Wares’ passion for Swiss-made luxury.

The Eternal watch epitomises luxury, with its 112 clear crystals dancing along the pretty metal bracelet and across the chic 30mm case. To top it off, we have a white silver-tone sunray dial that adds a sense of purity to this beautiful design.

You deserve a watch (silver ladies) that makes you feel like royalty, and this Swarovski find will do exactly that.

1. Uniform Wares, C36 Women’s Date Watch In Polished Steel, £375.00 – £525.00

Uniform Wares, C36 Women’s Date Watch In Polished Steel

Finally, allow us to present our all-time favourite silver watch for women: the C36 Women’s Date Watch in Polished Steel by us at Uniform Wares.

This mesmerising timepiece combines some of our favourite features in ladies silver watches that have been threaded throughout this article.

First, we have the bold black dial that immediately engenders a sense of power and provides the perfect backdrop for gentler features such as traditional pad printed dial indexing.

Then we have high-quality materials including 316L stainless steel, Italian caoutchouc and Milanese nappa. What’s more, the aforementioned stunning dial is encased in Swiss-made scratch-resistant sapphire.

All in all, we’ve demonstrated that the best silver watches for women are both attractive and durable, which is the perfect description for this Uniform Wares design.

Our Final Thoughts On Silver Watches For Women

silver watches for women

It goes without saying that we adore silver here at Uniform Wares.

The classic material levels up outfits in the most subtle way, by bringing elegance to casual attire or matching the formality of a black tie outfit.

After unearthing all the benefits of silver, we’re convinced you’ll be as obsessed as we are. If that’s the case, why not explore our website to discover even more timepieces made of this excellent material?

You won’t regret it! Browse our watches for sale today.

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