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Skeleton Watches For Men: 10 Of Our Favourite Styles

The skeleton watch is the perfect example of a unique trend that has helped the watch industry to progress.

With skeleton watches, each and every part of the dial is on display for all to see. This offers a view into the timepiece and admire its inner workings.

As a result, the watchmaking industry is booming with skeleton watches for men. From Rotary to Piaget, many of your favourite brands are on board with this unique trend.

Read on to discover the 10 best skeleton watches from some excellent skeleton watch brands and to find the answer to the question: how does the skeleton watch work?

Top 10 Skeleton Watches For Men

10. Rotary, GB02941-03 Greenwich Gold Tone Automatic Wristwatch, £218.99

Rotary, GB02941-03 Greenwich Gold Tone Automatic Wristwatch

It’s no secret that gold watches scream luxury, so for our first item in the list, we’ve gone for a gold-toned men’s skeleton automatic watch by Rotary.

This product is satisfiyingly uniform thanks to the matching gold skeleton dial and metal bracelet. The silver sunray dial features traditional roman numerals, while the gold plated 7 link bracelet is made of stainless steel. This is a classic material used in gold skeleton watches for men.

Overall, this Rotary creation is a welcome reminder of the rich history of watchmaking.

9. Roamer, Men’s Two Tone Competence Skeleton III Mechanical Watch 101663 47 45 10N, £599

Roamer, Men's Two Tone Competence Skeleton III Mechanical Watch 101663 47 45 10N

While mechanical skeleton watches for men aren’t too hard to come by, a product this unique certainly is.

At the centre of this automatic timepiece is a charming skeleton dial, with a lovely blue tone surrounding the mechanism.

As for the watch strap, we have two wonderful choices: either a crocodile-embossed genuine leather strap, or the gorgeous two-toned steel bracelet we see in the chosen image.

This blue product reminds us of the ocean, which is further reinforced by its 50m water resistance. If you’re missing exotic holidays, you can live vicariously through this aquamarine timepiece!

8. Stuhrling, Original Skeleton Dress Analog Watch For Men, £195.28

Stuhrling, Original Skeleton Dress Analog Watch For Men

Skeleton watches can be ultra-modern or total classics, and this Stuhrling mens gold skeleton watch combines the two effortlessly.

Firstly, the genuine alligator leather strap transports us back in time to a simpler era. However, the advanced features of this analogue watch give away its modernity.

Only in a contemporary timepiece could you find a 100% anti-corrosion stainless steel case surrounding a shatter-resistant Krysterna crystal dial window.

This Stuhrling product may resemble retro designs, but its high quality is straight from the 21st century!

7. Oris Artelier, Skeleton Mens Watch 01 734 7721 4051-07 8 21 79, £1,950

Oris Artelier, Skeleton Mens Watch 01 734 7721 4051-07 8 21 79

We all adore Oris Artelier for its Swiss luxury products, yet this mens skeleton wrist watch is the epitome of practicality, proving Oris is a multifaceted brand.

We were beyond impressed by the small details that have gone into producing this functional timepiece.

The lovely skeleton dial boasts silver tone hands, finished with green line Super-LumiNova; never again will you struggle to read your watch at night.

What’s more, the reliable Oris 734 movement provides a 38 hour power reserve—we’re looking at you, low-maintenance readers!

6. Raymond Weil, Maestro Skeleton Mens, £1,017

Raymond Weil, Maestro Skeleton Mens

Though this Raymond Weil design is made from classic stainless steel, the colourful dial makes up for the simple aesthetic.

The oversized 40mm dial is home to an intricate skeleton display, allowing us to fully admire the beauty of the Sellita movement.

Within this skeleton feature, there are gorgeous accents of silver and gold. Even more colour can be seen on the outskirts of the dial, with blue hands and hour markers bringing distinct style to this design.

It would appear that the skeleton feature of this timepiece has given it a unique selling point; no self-respecting watch aficionado could deny its charm.

5. Gaga Milano, Men’s White Skeleton Mechanical Watch 5311SKY, £1,540

Gaga Milano, Men's White Skeleton Mechanical Watch 5311SKY

We’ve never seen a skeleton watch like this Gaga Milano invention; it’s as individual as can be.

Arguably, the skeleton aspect of this mechanical watch is overshadowed by the abundance of other unique features.

For instance, the light blue glass paired with the warped numbers produces a futuristic look that is entirely unique.

However, it has to be said that the skeleton dial serves to enhance this contemporary aesthetic, acting as an open background on which the rest of the dial can stand out.

4. Maurice Lacroix, Masterpiece Skeleton 43mm, £5,097.19

Maurice Lacroix, Masterpiece Skeleton 43mm

If you couldn’t tell by now, we’re a big fan of Swiss skeleton watches here at Uniform Wares.

In the world of watchmaking, Swiss made means well made. Thus, this Maurice Lacroix find is Masterpiece by name, masterpiece by nature.

Premium materials abound in this skeleton dial watch. Not only is the 43mm case made from robust stainless steel, but the dial boasts rhodium plated hands and 19 beautiful jewels.

All in all, it’s evident that the Masterpiece gives Swiss watches an excellent name.

3. Breguet, Tradition Automatic Grey Dial Men’s Watch, £16,414.44

Breguet, Tradition Automatic Grey Dial Men's Watch

As we enter the top 3 section of our article, the price has sky-rocketed, but fear not — so has the desirability.

Many black skeleton watches for men are mere clones of one another. However,

true to its reputation of innovation, Breguet has blessed us with a unique skeleton dial watch.

We don’t know which part of this gorgeous grey dial to admire first — the intricate skeleton display, the distinct blue roman indices, or the polished blue steel Breguet-style hands?

What’s certain is that Breguet knows how to showcase a skeleton dial in the most magical way.

2. Glashutte Original, Senator Moonphase 18CT White Gold 42mm Skeletonized Edition Watch, £35,000

Glashutte Original, Senator Moonphase 18CT White Gold 42mm Skeletonized Edition Watch

We promised desirability in our top 3, and what could be more desirable than a watch that flaunts both skeletonization and a moonphase feature?

The highlight of this skeleton dial watch is undoubtedly the galvanised silver dial, which is packed with hypnotising features.

The moonphase feature is perfect for space fanatics, while the skeleton display appeals to lovers of tradition.

As for the materials, the dial is made from 18ct white gold, while the practical blue watch strap is a Louisiana alligator leather creation.

If you’re too experimental for minimalism, this state of the art watch is calling your name.

1. Piaget, Altiplano Watch, £51,000

Piaget, Altiplano Watch

Finally, allow us to introduce our favourite male skeleton watch on the market: the Piaget Altiplano watch, available for £51,000.

Evidently, our number one skeleton watch had to bring something unique to the table. So, what’s unique about this luxury skeleton watch?

It’s the thinnest mechanical skeleton movement in the world.

The level of craftmanship involved in fashioning this ultra-thin design is unimaginable. It’s edgy, lightweight and chic, making it the perfect watch for those who long to stand out from the crowd.

Some of its premium materials include: 18k white gold, sapphire crystal, and black alligator leather. What’s more, the dial is both sun brushed and sand brushed, creating a unique varied texture.

All in all, the unbeatable creativity of Piaget has landed it first place in our list, of which the brand is well-deserving.

Our Final Thoughts On Skeleton Watches For Men

skeleton watch

From two-toned Roamers to luxury Piagets, it’s clear to see skeleton watches for men are taking over the watchmaking industry.

The question is: are you converted yet?

If not, Uniform Wares is always here to provide you with your next Swiss-made masterpiece, made from only the best materials. Browse our watches for sale today.

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