Smart Watches For Men: Which Brands Are Best?

Smart watches for men is a growing sector of the watchmaking world. With technology becoming ever-present in our lives, many people have switched to smart watches.

These watches are great for keeping your life on track with a few flicks at your wrist. But which are the best smart watches for men, and which brands are the leaders in the industry? Discover everything you need to know about smart watches for men with this guide.

1. Apple Watch Series 7 – £369.00

smart watches for men

If we’re going to look at the top 10 smart watches for men, then we might as well start with the one everyone knows about. The Apple smart watch for men is now in its seventh series, and it packs a lot into such a tiny package.

Apple’s smart watch comes with wireless charging and a brighter, larger screen than before. The screen is 20% larger, which allows Apple to fit plenty more of what its Watch users want to see.

This is especially beneficial when interacting with the Apple Watch, as the smaller screen could lead to incorrect inputs. One of the reasons so many people turn to Apple’s smart watch, besides the brand, is how customisable it is.

Apple has also partnered with various fashion houses, including the French boutique brand Hermes. This adds an element of personalisation when choosing your own strap.

2. Emporio Armani Connected – £369.00


Men’s smartwatches need to have useful tech inside but it doesn’t hurt if they also look great on your wrist. After all, many watch collectors treat their timepieces like a thing of beauty. However, there is a danger with some smart watches that they all begin to look the same.

Emporio Armani has risen to the challenge and created a smart watch many would be proud to put on display. The Connected watch supports BlueTooth connectivity, while also tracking your body’s movements and remaining swim-proof.

3. Hublot Big Bang E Titanium Diamonds – £9,000

Hublot smart watch for men

Making a case for the best smart watch for men is the Hublot Big Bang E. Specifically the Titanium Diamonds model from the Hublot collection. Hublot has teamed up with Google’s OS to bring this luxury entry into the smart watch market.

It is given an extra touch of class when upgraded to the Titanium Diamonds model thanks to the setting of the precious stones into the case.

4. Garmin Forerunner 745 – £450.00

Garmin smartwatch

Garmin smart watches for men are ideal for anyone who likes to work out. The Forerunner collection comes in a variety of options depending on how seriously you take your exercise routine.

We have opted for the Forerunner 745 because it offers plenty of fitness apps and features without getting too technical for the average person. The Forerunner 745 is aimed at triathletes because the three main sports it tracks are running, cycling and swimming.

However, even if you aren’t planning a triathlon the Garmin is a great smart watch. It covers other sports as wide apart as skiing and yoga, so whatever you love doing, the Garmin Forerunner 745 will track it.

5. Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition – £2,100

Tag Heuer smart watch for men

This special golf edition of the Tag Heuer Connected comes with an elegant white and green strap that looks at home on the course. Tag Heuer’s sporting spirit is on full display with this smartwatch as it offers assistance for your golf game.

Golfers can get course updates and accurate GPS data to help them master the course with this watch. There are over 40,000 golf course guides available to download and use to your advantage.

The Golf Edition also comes with special Tag Heuer golf balls and an additional black strap so you can keep wearing your watch when away from the course.

6. Mondaine Helvetica – £700.00


Looks can be deceiving and at first glance, the Mondaine Helvetica looks like a regular analogue watch. However, it is hiding its smart watch powers underneath the hood.

This Mondaine watch is compatible with your smartphone and offers tracking features that other smart watches bring to the table. The beauty of the Helvetica is that it is styled like a regular watch and you can access your smart watch information through your phone.

7. Fossil Gen 6 – £299.00

Fossil smart watch

When it comes to Fossil smart watches for men, the latest, Gen 6, is perfect for anyone with an Android phone. Its operating system is powered by Google but it is also compatible with iOS smartphones.

The Gen 6 is Fossil’s fastest smart watch yet, loading and operating apps 30% faster than the previous generation.

In just 30 minutes you can enjoy almost full charge, which means it won’t be out of commission for too long. Like many modern smart watches, the Gen 6 will calculate your blood oxygen level and track your heartbeat for an update on your health.

8. Casio Pro Trek – £280.00

casio pro trek

Casio has been a leading name in digital watches for decades. It makes sense, then, that Casio smart watches for men are among some of the best in the market. Casio has partnered with outdoor brand Pro Trek to bring a smart watch collection built for rugged adventures.

Our pick of the bunch is the WSD that comes pre-loaded with all the apps an adventurer could ever need. This waterproof smart watch is ready to take on the world, the only question is whether you’re ready to join it.

9. Frederique Constant Vitality – £995.00

Frederique Constant

Another luxury watchmaker bringing some extra class to the smartwatch market is Frederique Constant. The Geneva-based watchmaker brings us the Vitality, which can monitor your heart rate and sleeping patterns.

This watch model also tracks your activities, displays text messages and gives you weather updates. However, it’s not your standard smart watch screen. Instead, the electronic display is just a small part of the otherwise regular-looking watch dial.

10. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 4G – £289.00

Samsung Watch 4

If you are looking for an Android smart watch for men, then it’s hard to get better than the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 4G. As far as Samsung smart watches for men go, this 4G version offers a choice of colours and screen sizes while keeping you on top of your fitness goals.

The Galaxy 4 measures your body’s composition to give you a better understanding of your fat, muscle and water level. You can set community goals through the Galaxy 4, so you and your friends can take your fitness competitions to the next level. No matter what your workout is, this smart watch will track it!

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