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Solar-Powered Watches: Our Top Favourites For Men & Women

The watch industry is constantly evolving and showcasing different trends. Some are all too familiar, such as smartwatches and diver watches. Others stay under the radar. Solar-powered watches have been around since the 1970s. However, due to their lack of efficiency at the start, many people refuse to put their trust in this type of timepiece.

Today, we want to change that. So, why are solar powered watches good?

To sum it up, they can be charged by natural sunlight and artificial light. Making them incredibly efficient and reliable, as well as environmentally friendly. 

One question remains: what is the best solar-powered watch? We have compiled a list of our 8 favourite solar-powered watches for men and women to help you answer that question yourself.

Let’s get started!

8. Casio, GWM500A-1 Wrist Watch, £124

solar-powered watches casio

If you appreciate durability in a watch, you’ll fall in love with this automatic wristwatch by Casio.

From the outset, Casio G Shock Solar Powered watches make their strength known. With its 58.6mm thick silver case, this model appears particularly bulky. Appealing to lovers of masculine watches.

A key highlight for us is the 200m water resistance, an excellent bonus of solar-powered G Shock watches. With that sort of protection, you could go swimming, diving, or snorkelling risk-free!

7. Seiko, Mens Seiko Solar Solar Powered Watch SNE047P9, £112

seiko watch

We already knew Casio was the King of mens solar powered watches, but this unique timepiece has boosted the brand’s reputation even further.

Typical of Seiko watches, this analogue beauty features a two-tone steel and gold metal bracelet. No more debating which metallic is the trendiest; you get two in one!

To bring some depth to this sleek product, Seiko has selected a bold black dial as the central feature, which exudes power.

6. Casio, MSG-S500G-7AER, £179

casio solar-powered watches

Classically Casio, this quartz timepiece is the epitome of quality over quantity.

The premium materials used to make Casio solar powered watch reflect its high quality. This includes plated stainless steel, lightweight acrylic glass, and resin (for the watch strap).

However, it’s clear that the colour palette has not been neglected in the process. We adore the sophisticated aesthetic that is created by the unique off-white dial, the luxurious bronze case, and the refined white watch strap.

5. Seiko, SUP266P9 Solar Ladies Watch, £199

seiko watch

Our fifth favourite of the solar powered watches (womens) simply oozes luxury.

We don’t know if it’s the stainless-steel material, the rose gold-tone, or the gorgeous mother of pearl dial. But, whatever it is, we’re hooked.

At first glance, this Seiko product appears high maintenance, thanks to the prestigious Swarovski crystals entwined with the metallic bracelet.

However, rest assured that the solar powered movement will do everything for you. Never again will you have to panic when you forget to wear a watch for a while.

4. Citizen, Promaster Professional Diver Blue Rubber, £195

citizen solar-powered watches

When Citizen doesn’t reach the top 3, you know our list means business.

After all, we are infatuated with this Citizen solar powered watch!

Distinct features can be found all over this unique timepiece. The icing on the cake is the dark blue tone. Which starts in the mineral crystal dial and extends to the polyurethane strap.

Some brands think producing solar powered watches is enough to call themselves sustainable, but Citizen takes it even further. This Eco-Drive diver watch lasts 7 whole months without being charged. What a game-changer for the watchmaking industry!

3. Seiko, Ladies, Gold Plated Solar 30m Bracelet, £239

solar-powered watches

Here we have an utterly cosmic gold timepiece, courtesy of Seiko. We couldn’t resist selecting another of their prestigious pieces for our list!

Predictably, the PVD gold charmed us instantly. If you’re a committed reader of our blog, you’ll know that many Uniform Wares watches are made from the same material.

PVD gold has no competition when it comes to durability. If you purchase this watch, you’re making a wise long-term investment. 

In fact, this could be said for all Seiko solar powered watches. Seiko consistently beats their own personal record in its production of resistant watches.

2. Garmin, Instinct Solar – Orchid, 45 mm, £319

garmin watch

We mentioned the smartwatch trend, and we’ve evidently gone into detail about all things solar power watches. But here’s where the two worlds collide. Allow us to present the Instinct Solar, Garmin’s prized solar-powered smartwatch.

The Instinct Solar is packed with everything you’d expect in a smartwatch. Voice recognition software allows you to sit back and relax while the watch does all the work, whereas the fitness tracking feature practically pulls you right back off the sofa and straight to the gym. Ultimately, however you choose to live your life, this smartwatch will make it easier for you.

Now for the solar powered aspect. If you’re using this watch to help you on your fitness journey, you’re likely to be out in the sun for hours at a time. This will result in a constant recharging of the battery, removing any fear of the battery dying at an inconvenient time. 

Overall, Garmin have succeeded in fashioning a product that is at once technologically advanced and environmentally-sound.

1. Garmin, Quatix 6X Solar Power Glass Titanium Bracelet, £999

solar-powered watches

It appears we just can’t get enough of Garmin…  our number one solar-powered watch is the Quatix 6X, another Garmin masterpiece!

Not only did this Garmin solar powered watch make waves in the industry as a whole, but it also revolutionised the Garmin brand as its first solar powered boating watch.

Advanced technology rules this timepiece, providing users with area maps and coastal charts. This allows them to manage the boat through the wristwatch alone.

In terms of the solar charging aspect, this practical product will stay charged for up to 24 days, thanks to the reliable Power Glass lens.

Purchasing this Garmin gem is the ultimate act of self-care, and we fully endorse it.

Our Final Thoughts On Solar-Powered Watches

solar-powered watches

Both men and women are completely spoilt for choice when it comes to solar-powered watches.

It’s the perfect product for low-maintenance watch aficionados, as there are no consequences if you accidentally leave it in your safe for an extra few months (we’ve all been there!)

Given the endless benefits of solar-powered watches, we suggest you channel your inner David Attenborough and go solar today.

If you appreciated the excellent quality of the watches in our list, you’re bound to be impressed by our high standards at Uniform Wares

Have a look at our range of premium watches for sale and discover your preferred style today!

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