Suede Watch Strap

Suede Watch Strap: A Guide To 8 Of Our Favourite Styles

If you’re in the market for a new watch, you may be opposed to buying a watch with a heavy metal bracelet as your next purchase, and we wouldn’t blame you. So, what’s the alternative? A suede watch strap. 

It’s the comfiest watch strap material by far. If you’re aiming for comfort as well as style, suede is the perfect band material for you. 

To help you decide which watch strap is best for you, we have compiled a list of the best suede watch straps on the market. 

Let’s get started!

8. SecTime, Suede Genuine Leather Watch Strap Teacher Grey 19mm, £11.95

Suede Watch Strap

SecTime is a UK-based company that provides us with an impressive range of watch straps at an affordable price. What’s more to love?

This 19mm grey suede watch strap is elegance itself. We would pair it with a traditional chronograph and a formal outfit to create a chic look.

If the stainless-steel silver buckle isn’t for you, SecTime kindly allows you to change the colour. Why not tailor this stunning watch strap to your taste? 

7. Sectime, Suede Nato Watch Strap, £13.95


Since SecTime impressed us so much with the previous grey watch strap, we couldn’t help but browse their website for more.

We didn’t hesitate to choose this Suede Nato watch strap for our 7th favourite on the list. The calming blue colour is so this year. It allows you to branch out from ordinary grey suede without being too ostentatious.

Evidently, this 18mm band is as comfortable as can be (thanks to the suede). What’s more, it’s described as “flexible”, suggesting it’s fit for everyday use. What a dream of a watch strap! 

6. Paulin, Suede Strap, £35

Suede Watch Strap

Paulin is a family-owned business based in Glasgow. It strives to achieve “quality, affordability and sustainability”. 

We can see all three of these values represented in this budget-friendly grey suede watch strap. The quality is undeniable; it’s made from suede and nubuck leather.

As for sustainability, the brand is self-described as “eco-conscious”, making this a positively green purchase.

If the grey strap doesn’t take your fancy, you can select other appealing colours including olive and navy. Also, the strap is available in two sizes: 18mm and 20mm.

5. Paul Hewitt, Watch Strap Alcantara Silver Grey 16mm, £34.95

Suede Watch Strap

The nautical-themed brand Paul Hewitt never fails to deliver on its promise of high quality, aesthetically-pleasing watch straps.

We adore the all-grey theme of this 16mm suede watch strap; it’s wonderfully modern. The engraving of the brand name introduces a uniqueness to this strap which cruelly tempts us to splurge.

Much like Paulin, Paul Hewitt’s products are eco-friendly, transforming this strap from a guilty pleasure to simply a pleasure to own. Even better, though suede can cause health issues, this band is antiallergenic!

4. B&R Bands, Camel Vintage Watch Band, £43.95

Suede Watch Strap

B&R Bands is the go-to for vintage classics, and this camel suede watch strap is no exception.

With a beige watch strap, you really can’t go wrong. It will complement any outfit, from casual to formal, monochrome to multicoloured.

The quality of this watch strap cannot be faulted. It’s crafted from Italian suede and is also leather-lined. Ultimately, this band will serve you faithfully for many years.

3. Hestrap, Green Zico, £75


Based in Spain, Hestrap employs traditional artisans to manufacture their products, and we can certainly tell.

This 20mm green suede watch strap caught our attention immediately. The khaki tone has been in fashion for several years now, and it creates a beautiful earthy tone on this watch band.

We love the personal touches on this watch strap, including the modest ‘v’ stitching and the ‘hestrap’ engraving on the classic silver buckle.

2. Meridio, Green Guerilla, £71


With Apple Watches constantly hitting the market, we’re grateful to Meridio for blessing us with an abundance of watch straps to fit them.

This suede apple watch strap is extremely a la mode; the camouflage pattern ensures it stands out against simple block colour bands. 

Another high-quality masterpiece, this band is made from soft Italian leather with a napped finish. Paired with a brand new Apple Watch, this strap would be the picture of sophistication.

1. Uniform Wares, Women’s Milanese Suede Watch Strap In Black, £75

uniform wares Suede Watch Strap

Our number one suede watch strap has to be our Uniform Wares design.

We offer high-quality watch straps of various materials for men and women.

This women’s watch strap has been lovingly handcrafted from Milanese suede leather, using a traditional Swiss technique. It is effortlessly charming.

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible with your watch strap, so we offer the option to change the buckle and make it your own. You can choose from machined natural steel or PVD coated buckles, both of which are incredibly high quality. You deserve to feel like royalty, so why not buy our premium suede watch strap today?

In all probability, you have been charmed by the beauty of suede watch straps. They offer everything we desire in a band, being at once comfortable and chic. 

However, if you’d rather opt for a fancier accessory, we have plenty of choices here on the Uniform Wares site. You will find stunning straps made of Nappa calf leather, rubber, and more! Browse our watch straps and find your perfect match.

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