The Best Silicone Watch Straps for Women

Are you for the best silicone watch straps for women? Rubber and silicone watch straps became popular in the 1960s, particularly among divers, who appreciated their high water resistance, durability, and comfort. However, users were not fully satisfied. Some watch straps were uncomfortable, while others lacked durability and aesthetic appeal.

Rubber straps, however, found a way to survive. Sports watch makers realized that rubber and silicone straps were perfect for many of the problems their customers encountered with leather and metal straps.

Rubber watch straps may have had a bad rap in the past, but they’ve come a long way since then. Thanks to major advancements in manufacturing technology and new materials, today there are dozens of varieties of high-quality and highly comfortable rubber watch straps available. Rubber straps have made inroads into the mainstream market, and rubber watch bands are now considered stylish, practical alternatives to metal or leather bands. Here, we will look at some of the best silicone watch straps for women, and which ones you should consider buying.

silicone watch straps for women

Wristology Quick Release Silicone Watch Band

This high quality silicone watch band is made to last from high-quality materials. It’s breathable and sweat-resistant – making the band great to wear whilst working out. The band is available in five colours and three widths – making it easy to find your perfect size! It’s compatible wit any traditional or smart watch that uses 18mm spring bars.

Make sure your watch’s lug wide matches perfectly. Measure where the band meets the watch casing or find the exact specifications online to determine the size you need.

Barton Elite Silicone Quick Release Strap

silicone watch straps for women

The Elite Silicone Quick Release from Barton features a modern design and a range of colors and buckle options. 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm lug widths are available, with quick-release bars for easy strap changing without the need for tools. The silicone is comfortable, with a premium textured top and smooth bottom, available in a matching or contrasting color. The company includes two lengths with each strap, so no matter your wrist size, there’s a strap that should fit. Each strap has a 2mm taper from watch head to buckle, and two rubber keepers securely hold the strap in place.

For $20, you can get a lot of bang for your buck. Each strap is available in five different buckle colors: stainless steel, black, rose gold, gold and gunmetal. There are also twenty different colorways to choose from. So no matter what kind of watch you own, you should be able to find a Barton to go with it.

Tropic Strap

silicone watch straps for women

The Swiss-made Tropic strap, with its thin size and diamond-patterned rubber, is instantly recognizable. Unfortunately, many vintage models from the 1960s have not stood the test of time, making them expensive and hard to find.

In response to their growing popularity, various companies have begun producing a variety of new vintage-inspired models. Recently, Tropic returned as a brand produced by the Synchron Watch Group, which also makes Isofrane straps and Aquadive watches. Available in black, brown, navy and olive, these straps are made from vulcanized rubber that is hypoallergenic and resistant to temperature changes.

While not as supple as some newer bracelets, the Tropic is a classic design and will fit well on a smaller watch. Several companies make straps similar to Tropic’s originals, but these new versions don’t have the same quality or wearability.

ISOfrane Rubber Strap

isofrane watch strap

Isofrane straps from the 1960s were designed for professional divers, who had very specific needs for a comfortable and reliable strap. The company made straps for Omega, Aquastar, Squale and other brands of watches. Professional divers trusted Isofrane because they knew the straps were reliable. 

However, sometime in the 1980s Isofrane went out of business, and many models are now fetching high prices on auction sites. Few Isofranes survived in good condition because many were cleaned using chemicals that ruined the synthetic rubber.

Good news! Isofrane is back. The classic ladder strap—updated and called the 1968—is ready to ship. The new strap comes in a range of colors and is crafted from hypoallergenic synthetic rubber, which is engineered in Switzerland and manufactured in Europe. 

The Isofrane 1968 is a strap made for serious divers, and the price reflects this. However, if you’re not a scuba diver, there are other reasons to appreciate this comfortable strap. If you engage in water sports or even just like to swim with your watch on, you’ll find it more than worth the price tag.

Everest Curved End Rubber Strap

everest curved band

Everest makes some of the most creative, custom-made rubber watch straps available. The straps are designed to fit many different watch models.

Curved End is the exclusive rubber strap designed to fit one of the most iconic Swiss watches—Rolex. No other rubber strap option for Rolex matches its quality and attention to detail.

The strap comes in a wide variety of color options, including green, orange, blue, white and red. But the best thing about it is its vulcanized rubber. It’s water-, dust-, U.V., and chemical resistant, making it perfect for intense workouts or simply casual wear. And the strap fits comfortably around your wrist so you’ll never have to take it off.

Uncle Seiko Standard 20mm Waffle Strap

uncle seiko 20mm waffle strap

The “waffle strap” (technically the ZLM01) was the first in-house, dedicated diver strap developed by Seiko, way back in 1967. Like the Tropic, vintage examples of waffle straps are prone to cracking and breakage, which makes them hard to find in good condition at a reasonable price.

Uncle Seiko’s black waffle straps are available in several sizes and variants, including 19mm and 20mm models that measure 126mm long by 75mm wide, and 22mm versions that come in two sizes. The 22mm version, as well as all versions, includes single or double keepers. Brushed stainless steel buckles are used on all models. 

If you’re looking for a vintage watch strap, you can’t go wrong with the Uncle Seiko. In addition, the Uncle Seiko model has been improved based on customer feedback, making it more comfortable to wear.


To summarize, a silicone or rubber watch strap may not be the most stylish choice, but with this selection you can be the belle of the ball all summer – in and out of the water! If you’re still browsing, make sure to check out our blog post on the best waterproof watches for women.

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