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Unique Watches For Men: 7 Of Our Top Favourites

Men’s watches tend to share similar characteristics: large dials, neutral colours, and understated designs. It’s always good to have these stereotypical men’s watches in your collection. After all, they sell for a reason! They can appear very bold and masculine, as well as not overselling themselves. However, we’re all different – not everyone is satisfied with a ‘plain jane’ watch. Some of us crave the taste of luxury. As a result, more and more watch aficionados are turning to cool unique watches for men.

If you’d love to jump on board the creative train, read on to discover 7 of the most unique mens watches! Whatever your budget, there is something for everyone on our marvellous list.

7. KINYUED, Men’s Mechanical Watch, £45.97

unique watches for men

To start with, we were determined to find some high-quality, yet cheap unique watches for men. We hit the jackpot when we found the affordable brand KINYUED. This established brand is known for its appealing skeleton designs.

This men’s mechanical watch couldn’t be more charming. The exposed automatic movement would make any watch aficionado swoon; it’s reminiscent of some of our favourite vintage timepieces.

Another benefit of this unique watch is that the brown watch strap is made from genuine leather. It marries with the skeleton dial beautifully, engendering an air of elegance.

6. Emporio Armani, AR11326, £179

unique watches for men

Emporio Armani is famed for following the latest trends, and who wouldn’t want a trendy unique watch?

You don’t need eyes like a hawk to see that this Armani design is incredibly distinctive. 

On one hand, it’s representative of the watch trends of last year, with the block colour extending all the way to the bracelet. Yet, on the other hand, Armani has made the bold colour choice of emerald green.

With this individual product, you’ll certainly be dressed to impress!

5. SKMEI, Men’s Sports Watch, £27.58

skmei watch

SKMEI offers the best of both worlds as an affordable brand that sells unique digital watches for men. If you purchase a watch from SKMEI, you’re bound to be the only person in the room wearing it.

Here we have the men’s wooden sports watch. We couldn’t resist choosing this watch as our fifth favourite unique men’s watch.

The dial is at once complex and modest. There are multiple exciting features that contribute to the intricate appearance. These include multiple time zones, a calendar, and a chronograph. 

4. Truwood, Journey, £183


Ecowarriors, don’t panic! This next watch is perfect for you. 

Allow us to present Truwood: a successful eco-friendly brand, selling interesting mens watches in a sustainable manner.

Encased in sapphire coated mineral glass, the ‘Journey’ timepiece boasts excellent quality. What’s more, our list is yet again blessed with an exposed dial. This elegant feature, as well as the wood link band, makes for a great outdoorsy watch.

Great news: this product is made of 100% natural sandalwood! Even better, if you purchase this Truwood watch – or another watch of your choice – the brand states that ten trees will be planted as a result. What a fun way to help the environment!

3. Brelsen, Royal Gold Double Hunter Mechanical Pocket Watch, £59.99

pocket watch brelsen

Perhaps you’re not a fan of modern watches, and you’d prefer something more retro. You’re in luck! Enjoy this blast from the past, courtesy of Brelsen.

While researching unique pocket watches for men, we stumbled across this beauty and didn’t hesitate to incorporate it into our list. First of all, the all-gold colour exudes prestige. Forget mass-produced pieces that can be found on everyone’s wrist– this pocket watch is unrepeatable.

What’s more, we adore the graceful vintage features that Belsen have employed for this men’s pocket watch. The embossed Roman numerals match the old-fashioned skeleton dial well, offering a time machine to the early days of watchmaking.

2. Rolex, Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36, £17,189.83

unique watches for men

Who better than Rolex to provide us with unique male watches? They have never failed to impress over the course of their 116-year history (yes, you heard that right!)

The Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36 is opulent to the golden core. We would certainly describe it as unique owing to its incredible high quality; it boasts an impressive 18k yellow gold case and bracelet! It’s also well-protected by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, meaning you don’t have to worry about damaging it easily.

To top it all off, this perfectly unique men’s watch is water-resistant to 100m! What’s better than a precious timepiece that you don’t have to be precious with?

1. Omega, Seamaster Aqua Terra Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch, £7780

unique watches for men

Choosing our all-time favourite unique men’s watch was a task and a half! After much deliberation, we had to hand it to Omega, the absolute King of craftmanship.

The specification of the Seamaster starts off quite ordinary: a large 43mm dial, a stainless-steel bracelet, and automatic movement. What comes next, however, is superior to all other creative mens watches we have seen.

In the middle of the sun-brushed blue dial lies a 24-hour glass ring, featuring two tones of blue to distinguish between day and night.

Space lovers will adore the image of the Earth at the center of the design, turning this ‘ordinary’ watch into an artist’s dream. How could anyone compete with that?

Our Final Thoughts


As you have seen, men’s watches are more than just minimalistic dials and plain colours; they can be brilliantly creative. 

All the watches in our list boast great quality and innovative design. The perfect recipe for a unique timepiece! With one of these masterpieces on your wrist, heads will be turning everywhere you go. 

However, if you prefer to keep your head down, perhaps a modest watch would be more suitable for you. Here on the Uniform Wares website, we offer Swiss-made minimalist watches for men that serve to impress in a classy, understated way. Why not purchase one today?

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