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Unique Watches For Women: 8 Of Our Top Favourites

The constant stream of trends in the watchmaking industry is thrilling for watch aficionados. One year the chronograph is the epitome of style, and the next unique watches for women with petite feminine dials are all the rage.

However, with these developing trends comes plenty of pressure to conform. As a result, watch collections end up looking very similar, all featuring watches from the same high-end brands. When did we lose our individuality?

Thankfully, all is not lost. If you take the steps to acquire a unique watch, your collection can stand out against the others. Forget trends for a second, and focus on the ultimate quest: finding a one-of-a-kind design.

To help you, we’ve selected 8 unique watches for women. Any one of these watches would refresh your current stock of watches, transforming it into an enviable collection.

8. Bertha, Isabella Ladies Leather Watch Strap, £140

unique watches for women

First up is an excellent find from Not On The High Street.

We were spoilt for choice on this site when it came to selecting unique, fun watches for ladies by Bertha.

The Isabella exudes femininity, featuring a lovely white watch strap and rose gold case. However, it’s not a typical watch dial by any means. The complexity of the dial is what makes this watch unique.

It features two blue and green butterflies on a sky-blue background, making it stand out against minimalist dials.

7. Accurist, Ladies Contemporary Rose Gold Plated Blue Mother Of Pearl Dial Mesh Strap Watch 8305, £89.99

unique watches for women

The English brand Accurist has been blessing us with distinct designs since 1946, and they continue to thrive.

This mesh watch strap is the perfect representation of cool watches for women that go against the grain.

On a simplistic level, it doesn’t portray the time in a typical way. Stunning crystal hour markers replace traditional numbers, making for a sophisticated look.

What’s more, the mesh watch strap is practical as can be. As we edge closer towards the summer, a breathable strap is just what you need.

 6. Burberry, 25mm Stainless Steel Case Leather Women’s Watch, £189


Just because Burberry products are always chic, doesn’t mean they can’t also be unique.

When it comes to brand-name watches for ladies, aesthetics are sometimes the sole focus, which results in poor quality.

However, this Burberry watch is anything but second-rate.

The case is made of stainless steel and the watch strap is leather, ensuring this timepiece really is here to stay. As for its quirky features, we can’t ignore the sophisticated rectangle case shape.

Overall, this makes the watch appear less bulky and more feminine.

5. Paul Valentine, Multifunctional Mesh, £145

unique watches for women

Self-described “brand with a difference”, Paul Valentine is a pro at producing unique female watches at an affordable price.

This stylish ladies wrist watch sports a refreshingly unique colour that we don’t see often.

Aside from the rose gold details, this timepiece is all-blue, making for a professional-looking product.

As well as its beauty, this Paul Valentine design boasts incredible quality; it’s made from stainless steel 316L.

4. Fossil, Unisex Mechanicals Automatic Watch, £109


Fossil has garnered an incredible reputation in the fashion watch industry. It consistently nails the aesthetics of its products without neglecting practicality.

This automatic watch is certainly one of a kind. For a start, it’s unisex, therefore it encompasses the desires of both men and women.

Conforming to the oversized dial trend, this watch features a bold 38mm dial. Here comes the unique selling point: Fossil have designed a skeleton dial, allowing us a sneak peek into the inner movements of this watch.

This feature is adored by many watch aficionados, as it encourages a deep appreciation of the workings of your watch, fostering a great connection with ease.

3. Dorsya, Neptune, £115


Dorsya’s website features an abundance of unique watches for women, all united by the theme of travel.

We couldn’t resist choosing the Neptune as our third favourite unique women’s watch.

The ebony dial is anything but ordinary, boasting an intricate rose gold world map. For the adventurers among you, this watch would serve as the perfect reminder of your passion for travel.

The icing on the cake is the beautiful rose gold mesh strap, which ties this look together brilliantly.

2. Nixon, Time Teller Acetate Watch, £125


Nixon is the King of providing unique watches for her, so we didn’t hesitate to honour it in our list of cool female watches.

There’s no question that this Nixon timepiece is a work of art. We can’t take our eyes off the multicoloured case, with its deep blues and outdoorsy browns.

The Time Teller has been made using acetate, resulting in the aforementioned combination of colours. It has to be said, the colours of this piece remind us of a relaxing day at the seaside. What’s not to love?

1. Gucci, Ladies G-Timeless Gold Plated Bees & Stars Black Leather Strap Watch, £573.99

unique watches for women

While Gucci is certainly a successful mainstream brand, they sell a multitude of unique brand-name womens watches. This means you can show off a high-end timepiece, whilst preserving your individuality.

This 38mm ladies watch is like none other we’ve seen, which is why it’s the number one unique ladies watch on our list.

It’s gold-plated with a black dial and black leather strap, two colours that emanate prestige. Never one to downplay innovation, Gucci has incorporated its signature bee, as well as three stars, into this unique dial.

This transforms what would have been a minimalist dial into a distinct creation. Buy this watch if you want to be the woman who stands out in a crowded room for all the right reasons.

Our Final Thoughts

unique watches for women

Ultimately, trends are trends for a reason, and they will always be followed by many watch aficionados. However, sometimes blindly following trends results in sporting the same watch as several people in the room. 

So, if you no longer want to blend in with the crowd, you can stand out by purchasing one of the unique watches for women featured in our list. Whether you go for a distinct colour, style, or watch strap, you’re bound to make heads turn wherever you go.

Having said that, we acknowledge that some people love chasing the latest trends, and simply aren’t interested in acquiring a unique timepiece. If that sounds like you, you may like some of our timepieces here on this website. Browse our watches for sale.

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