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Vintage Watches: How To Find The Best Vintage Watch For You

In the watch industry, people have been admiring the past long before the current day. The older a watch, the more prestige it sometimes has. Thus, vintage watches are extremely popular among watch aficionados.

Why would you purchase an old watch when there are so many new products being released? Well, vintage watches are regarded as high quality, affordable, and unique. More often than not, if you buy a vintage watch, you won’t see anyone else wearing it. It’s the ultimate personal timepiece.

If you’re sold on the excellence of vintage watches, allow us to give you a guide on all-things retro. We will show you some great websites that sell vintage Hamilton watches, vintage Bulova watches, and many other reputable brands. Even better, we will reveal the three best vintage watches according to Uniform Wares.

Let’s get started!

How Vintage Is Vintage?

Owning a Kate Spade watch for 5 years doesn’t make you a vintage collector. However, are there rules to help us decide what is and isn’t vintage? 

On one hand, the requirements for a vintage watch are debatable. Some people argue it’s a watch of over 25 years, while others believe the minimum age is 50 years.

Yet, we can all agree that a watch cannot be called vintage if it’s been around for less than 25 years. 

Furthermore, it’s important to add that age is not the sole factor in determining whether a watch is or isn’t vintage. There are several key traits that tend to be shared by vintage watches, including unique character and high quality.

Why Buy A Vintage Watch?

So, why should you buy vintage watch?

Firstly, it makes time travel feel possible. Your timepiece will have so much history that is visible in its aged appearance. Many people appreciate this as it can feel as though you possess a piece of the past, including features and colours that were popular at the time of manufacture.

Secondly, you cannot beat the quality of an antique product such as a vintage Cartier watch. If you go with a reputable brand, you will receive a watch that was constructed in a premium way (read on to discover our favourite brands for high quality vintage timepieces).

Finally, to go vintage is to say no to our consumerist society. Buying brand-new, mass-produced watches only adds to environmental issues and leaves you with a watch that is a clone of everyone else’s. If you buy vintage, you receive a unique watch that has been appreciated and loved over many years.

Drawbacks Of Vintage Watches

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While we adore the vintage trend, it’s important to acknowledge that it may not be for you for the following reasons.

Firstly, vintage watches can be unreliable. They may be incredibly high maintenance due to the build-up of damage over the years.

Secondly, if you’re a tech guru, it may be better to stick to smartwatches with their high-tech features such as heart monitoring and sleep tracking.

Evidently, a Casio vintage watch will sport vintage features, so only consider buying one if that appeals to you. 

Where To Buy Vintage Watches

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If you haven’t let the disadvantages deter you, you’ll be desperate to know where to buy vintage watches.

The Watch Club

This London-based vintage watch shop was founded in 1996 and has continued to provide us with high quality vintage watches since, including the likes of Rolex and Patek Philippe. 

Watches Of Knightsbridge

We recommend this 50-year-old auction house for its frequent online auctions. Why not bid for a vintage Breitling or Cartier product?

Our Top 3 Favourite Vintage Watches 

Finally, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: allow us to introduce our top three vintage watches that are available online.

3. Seiko, Men’s Seiko Sports Chronograph Watch SNDC31P1, £175


In third place, we have this charming Seiko timepiece. Vintage Seiko watches always boast the best traditional features, and this sports watch is no exception. 

The 40mm chronograph dial is a window to the past. It reminds us of the understated beauty of vintage watches.

Luckily for you, this watch is an extremely affordable £175! Head to The Watch Shop to purchase it today.

2. Omega, 1930s Omega 18ct Gold Pocket Watch, £2,950


For some variation in our top three, we couldn’t resist selecting this gorgeous vintage pocket watch.

Made in the 1930s, it’s as vintage as they come. The blue detailing on the dial is something we don’t see much anymore, a prime example of how vintage watches allow us to treasure old trends in the industry.

If you’re more of a wristwatch wearer, there are plenty of vintage omega watches on the market that are calling your name.  

If you would like to read more about pocket watches, check out our guide on How To Wear A Pocket Watch With Style.

1. Rolex, 5513 Submariner “Biccherini”, £15,975


For our ultimate vintage watch, of course we selected a Rolex! 

Vintage Rolex watches are famous for their impressive level of appreciation over time. If you purchase this product, you’ll be making a wise investment that will certainly pay off in years to come.

The money is in the quality. This Submariner watch boasts stainless steel parts, water-resistance up to 200m, and a self-winding calibre 1520 movement. What more could you want out of a vintage watch?

Our Final Thoughts

vintage watches

In summary, vintage watches are the perfect blast from the past. They are timeless and valuable, yet they can also be refreshingly affordable.

If you follow our guide for the best vintage watch brands and shops, you will have a lovely retro timepiece to call your own in no time.

However, we listed disadvantages for a reason; not everyone wants to buy vintage. If this applies to you, we have a beautiful selection of modern watches on our website here at Uniform Wares. Why not check them out while you’re here and find your perfect match?

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