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Watch Lugs: What Is A Watch Lug & How Can You Measure Them?

Watch lugs – what do they add to a watch? If you keep up to date with our blog posts, you will know that we always encourage watch enthusiasts to learn how their watches work. This will help you to spot faulty parts, repair said parts, and just generally connect better with your timepiece. We’ve talked bezels, jewels, and crowns, but today it’s time to discuss watch lugs. What is a watch lug and how can you measure it?

What Is A Watch Lug?

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Watch lugs are the watch parts that connect the metal bracelet or watch strap to the case with a metal springbar. Sometimes, we refer to watch lugs as watch horns.

Types Of Watch Lugs

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Now that we have established what watch lugs are, let’s go through the different types.

Shrouded/Hooded Lugs

These are rectangular lugs that are connected with a horizontal bar.

Speedy/Bombe Lugs

These are straight lugs with a curved edge. The Omega Speedmaster popularised speedy lugs.

Cushion Lugs

This type of lug is cushion-shaped, and they are a common feature of vintage dive watches.

Explorer Lugs

Popularised by the Rolex Explorer, explorer lugs have a squared appearance. They are wider on the top and slimmer towards the bottom.

Crab Claw Lugs

As the name suggests, these are shaped like crab claws, with gaps between the case and bracelet.

Teardrop Lugs

This type of lug is shaped like a teardrop, and it is often found in vintage luxury watches from brands such as Patek Philippe and Rolex.

Straight Lugs

These are the most common type of lug. They are simple and straight, but they can come in different sizes; some are slimmer or wider than others.

Watch Band Measurements

watch band with calliper

If you’re considering changing your watch strap, it’s important that you know how to measure your watch band. Sometimes, your current watch band is the perfect size, and so you can simply check the measurement on the strap and purchase one that’s the same size.

If the measurement isn’t displayed on the strap, you can use a ruler to measure the width of the watchband.

How To Measure Lug Width

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If you’re still wondering ‘what is lug width on a watch?’, allow us to explain. When we talk about ‘lug width’, we’re talking about the distance between the left hand lug and the right hand lug of your timepiece. This measurement is different for every watch, even watches from the same brand.

If you do not currently own a watch strap that is the correct size, you will need to measure the watch lugs directly. To do this, simply place a ruler or a caliper between the lugs and take note of the measurement.

3 Of The Best Watch Straps On The Market

Once you’ve got the correct measurement of your watch lugs, it’s time to purchase a watch strap! Fortunately, we have a large collection of watch straps for you to choose from on this website. Here are a few of our favourites:

3. Men’s Straight Profile Nitrile Rubber Watch Strap In Yellow, £50

Men’s Straight Profile Nitrile Rubber Watch Strap In Yellow

We selected this men’s watch strap for its uniqueness. The bold yellow colour hooks you in instantly. It almost makes you want to purchase a watch just to match this beautiful hue of yellow! Aesthetics aside, this Uniform Wares watch strap is incredibly practical.

It’s made from comfortable premium-grade caoutchouk rubber, and the metal buckles are PVD coated. The romantics among you will appreciate that this gorgeous product was moulded and hot cured in Verona.

2. Women’s Textured Calf Leather Watch Strap In Grey, £75

Women’s Textured Calf Leather Watch Strap In Grey

This one’s for our female readers. It’s a stunning watch strap made from Florentine textured calf leather that’s both comfortable and durable. If you love us for our Swiss-made creations, you’ll be pleased to know that this was manufactured using a traditional Swiss technique with over 70 stages of construction.

We do not shy away from investing time and effort into our watch straps, so if you purchase this calf leather creation, you’ll still be admiring it in years to come.

1. Uniform Wares Women’s Linked Watch Bracelet With Butterfly Clasp In PVD Rose Gold, £200

Women's linked watch bracelet with butterfly clasp in PVD rose gold

Our ultimate favourite bracelet is another one for women. This time we have a sleek metal bracelet which would be the perfect addition to a formal outfit. As always, we have used high-quality materials to produce this watch bracelet; it’s made from 316L stainless steel. The integrated 18mm butterfly clasp is a charming touch to what is already an enchanting product.

If you’re desperate to get your hands on one of these, why not purchase one of our watches to go along with it? This particular bracelet fits both C-line and M-line collection watches, so no measuring is required on your part!

Our Final Thoughts On Watch Lugs

TSOVET black dial watch with brown leather strap

You may think it’s pointless to learn about watch lugs, but the more you know about each and every watch part, the better you can appreciate your growing collection. Why not order one of our top three watch straps today to revive one of your existing products?

Browse our watches for sale today and prepare to fall in love.

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