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What Is A Dive Watch & Why Should You Get One?

What is a dive watch? We’ve looked at many different watch types from chronographs to GMT watches, but today’s the day for the dive watch to shine.

Keep reading to learn all about the dive watch and why you should consider adding one to your watch collection.

History Of Dive Watches

Omega Marine 1932

The first diver watch was released in 1932 by Omega. Named the Omega Marine, it was a development of the ongoing quest for greater water resistance; it upped the game by introducing a seal to keep water out of the mechanism.

The Omega Marine passed many water resistance tests including surviving being 73m below water in Lake Geneva. The features on this timepiece were very different from the complications on dive watches of today. It featured neither a screw-down crown nor a rotating bezel, two watch parts that are quintessential on diver watches.

Since its first-ever dive watch, Omega has continued to produce wonderful watches of this variety including the 300m dive timepiece, the Omega Seamaster Diver.

What’s A Dive Watch?

Oris dive watch

There are set requirements to be able to call a timepiece a dive watch. If you have read our article on Swiss-made watches, you will be familiar with this idea of categorising watches according to strict rules. So, what are the requirements for a dive watch?

1.  Dive watches must have a minimum water resistance of 100m
2.  Dive watches must function underwater
3. They must be antimagnetic
4. The main watch parts of a dive watch must be visible in the dark from 25cm away
5. Dive watches must be saltwater resistant
6. They must be shock-resistant
7. Every dive watch must feature a measuring scale that is suitable for tracking time underwater

Parts Of A Dive Watch

Seiko dive watch  next to two bezels

What watches do professional divers wear? It goes without saying that they wear dive watches, but what are the specifics of a dive watch that make them so attractive?

Movement: Dive watches possess accurate movements to account for reliable timekeeping underwater. The materials used to make a dive timepiece must be high-quality to promote durability.

Dial: Each diver watch dial possesses luminous features to make it legible in the dark.

Bezel: What is the bezel for on a diver’s watch? The diver watch bezel is usually a unidirectional rotating bezel. The purpose of this bezel is to secure the watch crystal in place and count elapsed time.

Case: A dive watch case has to be extremely durable to withstand high pressure and exposure to water.

Strap: The watch strap of a diver watch must be made of water-resistant materials e.g. stainless steel or rubber.

How To Use A Dive Watch

dive watch on man's wrist

It’s actually super simple!

First, you twist the bezel so that the minute hand and the zero marker are lined up.

This means the minute hand will continue to follow the scale on the bezel and therefore accurately display the time elapsed.

How To Wear Dive Watch

Seiko dive watch underwater

Evidently, you can wear a dive watch to engage in watersports such as surfing and snorkeling. However, they do not have to be reserved for water-based activities.

Dive watches are extremely versatile. They will look just as sophisticated paired with a formal suit as they will with a nice t-shirt and jeans.

Benefits Of A Dive Watch

Oris dive watch

Dive watches are robust thanks to the premium materials that are used to produce them, from the sustainable movement to the durable case. This means that you will not have to send your watch off to be repaired often. Consequently, you get great value for money when you purchase a dive watch.

No other watch type on the market can accompany you in water-based activities as reliably as a dive watch can. It is truly a unique genre of timepiece that boasts an enviable level of water resistance.

The practicality of dive watches is truly something to be admired. The luminous dial and rotating bezel mean that you never have to worry about inaccurate timekeeping underwater.

Finally, we cannot overlook the stunning appearance of dive watches. The black-toned aesthetic is everything vintage lovers could ask for. There is nothing more beautiful than the bold style of a dress diver watch.

Chronograph vs Diver

Seiko chronograph

There are certain features that dive watches possess and chronographs do not. Perhaps the most obvious of these is the rotating bezel which adds practicality and beauty to dive watches. Dive watches are often more durable than chronographs as they have to function underwater. They also have to fit a set of requirements so dive timepieces are arguably more prestigious than chronographs.

On the other hand, chronographs tend to be more precise than dive watches. There is no obvious winner between the two as it depends on your needs. If you do not desire to take your watch underwater but you do prize accuracy, a chronograph is for you. However, it goes without saying that divers and swimmers will prefer the dive watch.

Our Final Thoughts On Dive Watches

Black and orange dive watch in the sea

Now that you know all about the history of the diver watch and its many functions, we hope you can decide if it’s the right kind of watch for you. If not, perhaps you would benefit from a pocket watch or a skeleton watch.

Something we are convinced you would appreciate is a Swiss-made minimalist timepiece. No self-respecting watch aficionado could dismiss the excellence of Swiss-made luxury watches. If you would like to know more, visit our collection of men’s and women’s watches and prepare to be impressed.

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