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What Is A GMT Watch & Why Should You Get One?

What is a GMT Watch? Originally, GMT watches were designed for pilots and frequent travellers. Nowadays, they can be enjoyed by anyone.

If you would like to know more about the function of a GMT watch and the benefits of owning one, you’re in the right place.

History Of The GMT Watch

Rolex GMT master

Many of the first-ever GMT watches were produced by Rolex. The target audience was pilots as they could make use of the dual time display.

Frequent travellers could also enjoy the ease of adapting to different time zones. In 2021, though the 24-hour display remains impressive, anyone can wear GMT watches thanks to their specific contemporary aesthetic.

What Is A GMT In A Watch?

GMT watches

So, what’s a GMT watch?

The simplest way to define GMT watch is to check if it displays two time zones and a 24 hour scale.

GMT Watch Meaning

Seiko GMT watch

Before we begin to look at the GMT function, let’s explore what GMT really means.

So, what does GMT stand for? GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time. It’s the official time at the Royal Observatory in London, which was the basis for developing every other time zone. In the UK, we still use the GMT time zone.

Parts Of A GMT Watch

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The GMT watch is not dissimilar from other modern timepieces, however, they do possess several unique features.

GMT Case

As you probably know, the case of a timepiece protects the timepiece against shock. GMT cases have to be extra durable as many watch enthusiasts parade them around the world.

GMT Bezel

The bezel attaches to the case to secure the watch crystal in place. It can be stationary or rotating. Our article on bezels will explain their function in more detail.

GMT Dial

Often, GMT dials feature many complications including a chronograph. As you know, they always display two time zones.

GMT Hand

The hands of a watch indicate the time. There are hour hands, minute hands, and second hands. Watch brands choose different types of hands to produce different aesthetics.

Watch Strap

This secures the watch to your wrist. It can be a metal bracelet or a strap of many materials from leather to rubber.

How To Use GMT Watch: How Does A GMT Watch Work?

Rolex GMT watch

How to use GMT bezel: First, you will need to locate the crown and pull it out to position two. Then, turn the crown to adjust the time to your current time zone. Ensure the 24 hour triangle of the bezel is set to 12 o’clock when you do this.

How to set GMT hand: Now you need to set your hands to to the correct position. Again, pull the crown but this time set it to the third position. Keep turning it until the 24 hour home time accurately reflects the GMT hand.

Finally, set the watch to the time zone you will be travelling in. Pull out the crown to the second position and turn it until it displays the current time.

Benefits Of GMT Watches

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With a GMT timepiece, you can quickly adapt to new time zones. If you travel often, this is useful to ensure you are always on time. It is particularly helpful if you have frequent layovers or connecting flights.

GMT bezels are as practical as can be. Not only can you make the most of the dual time zone feature, but they often display chronographs and compasses too. They are perfect for adventurers.

Finally, the aesthetics of a GMT watch are unrivalled. When we think of a traditional GMT bezel, we think of Rolex’s red and blue rotating bezel that brings a sense of power to each timepiece.

Our Final Thoughts On GMT Watches

Christopher Ward GMT Worldtimer

At the moment, GMT watches may seem redundant as most of us are unable to travel. However, your future self will thank you if you get your hands on a GMT watch ready for the day that we can finally travel. With this type of watch, airport journeys go from stressful to seamless.

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