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What Is The Crown Of A Watch & How To Replace It

What is the crown of a watch? If you want to quickly identify faults in your watch, it is important to know how all the parts of a watch case should look and how they should function. The crown is particularly susceptible to damage as it protrudes out of the side of the watch case.

To discover exactly what a wrist watch crown is and how you can replace a faulty one, keep reading.

Mechanical Watch Components

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Today’s article is centred around watch crowns. However, it’s important for you to know all watch parts in order to understand how the crown functions within the system of a mechanical watch.

Here are some common analog wristwatch parts that you should know:


This is the structure that holds the dial in place. It is usually round, but it can be square, oval, rectangular, or any other geometric shape. The case serves to protect the timepiece from shock therefore it needs to be robust.


The dial is the part of the watch that displays the time, either digitally or in analog form. It is covered with crystal glass for protection – usually sapphire crystal or mineral crystal.

The dial is also known as the face of a watch and comes in many colours such as black, gold, and silver.


This is the ring that surrounds the watch dial, securing the crystal in place. Sometimes watches feature rotating bezels which makes it easier to track time.

Watch Strap

This secures the watch to your wrist. Watch straps come in many materials such as leather, rubber, mesh, and metal.


The crown is what we’re focusing on today. Briefly, it is the small button that sits on the side of a watch case. It is one of the most important wristwatch functions as it allows you to adjust the time displayed on the watch.

What Is A Watch Crown Used For?

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Firstly, you can use a crown to set the time or change the time on a timepiece. When you turn the crown, the hands move around the clock. To do this, you simply pull out the crown and rotate it until you are happy with the result.

Secondly, you can use watch crowns to wind mechanical watches. This is a necessity as they do not generate power from wrist movement. It is also possible to wind automatic watches using the crown, though it is often not necessary.

Finally, you can adjust the features on the watch dial using the crown. For example, you may want to change the moonphase, the day/date display, or the stopwatch feature.

Types Of Crown

different types of watch crowns

You will notice that watch crowns look different depending on the timepiece. Certain brands will always use a particular style of crown for aesthetic and practical purposes. Here are a few common types of watch crown:

Waterproof Crowns

These are useful on the side of a water-resistant watch. With a waterproof crown, you can take your timepiece in the shower without damaging it.

Straight Crowns

We see straight crowns on most watches as the simple shape is easy to produce. Some prestigious brands such as Rolex use straight crowns.

Inset Crowns

Even simpler than straight crowns, inset crowns are part of the actual case structure so they do not protrude out the side as much as other watch crowns.

Push-Button Crowns

These trigger the chronograph feature.

Screw-Down Crowns

As the name suggests, you can unscrew screw-down crowns if you want to wind the watch or change the time.

Cabochon Crowns

Everyone loves a luxurious watch feature, and cabochon crowns are exactly that. They are domed towards the top and decorated with a gemstone.

Onion-Shaped Crowns

This type of crown is spherical and resembles the texture of an onion thanks to its indentations.

Crown Replacement

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Do you have questions about crown replacements? Well, you’re in luck! We will answer them below,

Why Get A Watch Crown Replacement

If the crown of your watch is broken or damaged, you can easily get it replaced for an affordable price. Even if you simply want to restore the appearance of your timepiece, replacing the crown will bring life back to your watch.

How To Replace The Crown Of A Watch

Watch repair shops will open the back of the case and take the stem and crown out of the mechanism. They will then simply replace the steam and crown with new versions and put them back on the case.

If you would like an in-depth tutorial on how to replace the crown of a watch yourself, have a look at our article on restoring antique watches.

Where To Get Your Crown Replaced

Watch Repair UK in Lancashire offers watch crown replacements at a reasonable cost. If you submit a quote on their website, they will be in touch to arrange the repair.

Alternatively, you could consult Watch Surgery London, which offers crown replacements among other popular watch repair services.

Watch Crown Replacement Cost

Generally, you can have a crown replacement done for under £30.

Our Final Thoughts On The Watch Crown

close up of silver watch crown

As you can see, the crown is a significant part of a timepiece as it allows you to alter the time, adjust the features, and wind the watch. We’d be lost without it!

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