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Wooden Watches: These Are The Best Wooden Watches

Wooden watches might not have the most glamorous of reputations in the world but we thought we might change that!

We are going to look at the pros and cons of wooden watches, and why so many people prefer their timepieces to be made of natural materials. We will also discover the best wooden watches around, and which manufacturers are the leading brands.

Let’s delve a little deeper into the world of wooden watches.

Wooden Watches: What Are They?

wooden watches

It won’t surprise anyone to discover that wooden watches are, in fact, made of wood. When they were first introduced to the world they might have seemed like a strange idea. However, the more they have been around, the more popular they have become.

Wooden watches have proven to be a practical solution to creating affordable timepieces that look great on your wrist. While they are made of wood, the inner parts and movements are made like other watches, using metal.

However, the case, and often the strap, are made from various types of wood. People choose wooden watches for their price and eco-approach to watchmaking. Like everything, though, there are plus points and negatives when buying wooden watches for men and women.

Wooden Watches: Pros

Jord watch

One of the main reasons people opt for a wooden watch is its affordability. Wooden watches are commonly cheaper than their metal counterparts so you can save some money wearing one.

Wearing a wooden watch can also be friendlier to the environment, but that depends on the type of wood. Some of the major watch manufacturers may also pledge to plant trees to offset the trees used in creating their wooden timepieces.

Although better for the environment, wooden watches can also benefit their wearer. Many wood watches are hypoallergenic and can be worn by people with allergies to metal or leather.

Unlike leather or metal straps, wooden straps make you sweat less and don’t hold any bad odours. Some metal watches can feel heavy on the wrist but their wooden alternatives are much lighter.

Wooden watches are lightweight to wear and come in unique styles compared to metal watches. For instance, wood grain watches can immediately catch someone’s eye thanks to their distinct visuals. Perhaps if you want something natural but you’re not willing to lose your smartwatch then wood Apple watch bands are the answer.

Wooden Watches: Cons


While great, there are some drawbacks to owning and wearing a wooden watch. One of the major cons of a watch made of wood is its durability. Unlike metal watches, wooden ones are only really good for about a decade.

And that is if they are well looked after. Metal watches last considerably longer and some may believe they are a longer investment. Although cheaper than metal watches, there is such a thing as too cheap when it comes to wooden watches.

Some manufacturers resort to faux wood, made of plastic, to lower their production costs. This gives you even less quality and durability than you get from authentic wood.

Finally, many people wear their watch while doing sport but that’s not possible with wooden timepieces. One of the benefits of a cheap silicone or plastic watch is being able to keep them on during sporting activities.

That’s not possible with wooden ones and you’ll have to take it off otherwise it won’t last long. As it’s a natural material, wood can deteriorate over time, no matter how much you look after it.

Wood is also susceptible to pests, sweat and water, and even the sun can do serious damage to it. If those cons are too much for you then you can always consider investing in a wooden watch box instead!

1. Jord Harper 40mm – £230.00

Jord Harper 40mm

Watchmakers have risen to the challenge of innovating within their industry for hundreds of years. Jord started making watches in 2013 and the brand’s goal was to bring a higher level of craftsmanship to wooden timepieces.

Almost ten years on and Jord is a forerunner in the world of wood-based watches. Jord wood watches have several to choose from but we prefer its Harper collection.

These watches feature interchangeable bands and a wooden dial. This wearable wooden watch has quartz movement and comes in a custom display box made in St. Louis.

2. Holzkern Wood Watch The Mindful – £200.00


Wooden watches for women don’t come more stylish than this piece by Holzkern. Made from koa and blue stainless steel, this 36mm watch features a genuine peacock feather on its dial.

This watch makes use of its splashes of colour to really make a statement on your wrist. With a quartz movement and adjustable wristband, this watch is made for all wrist sizes and styles.

3. Svenn Atlas – £100.00

Svenn Atlas

It might not come as a surprise that many of the biggest names in wood watchmaking are newly formed brands. As the world has become more eco-conscious, many new businesses have tried to follow that trend.

Svenn was established in 2017 to provide high-quality and sustainable watches. The result was this stunning Atlas watch, which comes with a 45mm dial in four colour choices including zebrawood and jet black.

For every watch sold, Svenn vows to plant a tree and they can have a personalised engraving if you wish. As far as engraved wooden watches go, there aren’t many better than this affordable timepiece.

4. Holzkern Jemaa – £379.00

Holzkern Jemaa

Holzkern is a young watchmaking company from Austria looking to make a big impression on the world. The company’s goal is to transform natural materials into beautiful watches and that much is clear to see with this Jamaa watch.

Wood is the most important material for Holzkern for its simplicity and versatility. Each model is unique thanks to the natural materials used, just like this 43mm watch.

This watch is dedicated to the Jemaa el-Fnaa, the central marketplace in Marrakech. It features a grey and silver skeleton dial and a walnut strap that will fit every male wrist.

5. WeWood Kappa Nut – £110.00

wood watch

Some wooden watches combine the natural material with some metal as a contrast. Other wooden watch manufacturers double down on the trees. The WeWood Kappa Nut watch is a prime example of just that.

Its bezel, strap, case and dial are all made of wood. This eco-focused chronograph watch is made of walnut and features a military-style display. To ensure you can continue telling the time on this planet-friendly watch there is scratch resistant and hardened glass keeping everything in place.

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