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Minimalist Watches – Best Watches For Men in 2020

Looking for the best watches for men in 2020? We’ve got you covered! There’s nothing smarter than a classic men’s watch – from minimalist watches for men, to mechanical watches, our guide will help you pick the perfect timepiece. 

We believe that classic watches for men never go out of fashion: a timeless accompaniment to any outfit, it’s an easy way to look smarter and more presentable. According to one UK study, wearing a watch elevates levels of conscientiousness, which is linked to higher earning power and achievements. 

So, we’ve taken all the hard work out of searching for the timepiece of your dreams – just read on to discover the perfect men’s watch for you. As Ian Fleming once said: “A gentleman’s choice of timepiece says as much about him as his Savile Row suit.” 

Best Watches for Men 

Digital, or mechanical watches for men? It’s a tricky choice, so let’s look at some of the positive and negative attributes of each type. Mechanical watches: from simple watches for men to the cooler versions, an analogue watch is a thing of beauty and simplicity. Some of our favourite minimalist watches for men are mechanical watches in brushed or polished steel, for that sleek finish. 

Mechanical watches don’t have to be boring either. Looking for a cool men’s watch? Want to follow in the footsteps of stars like Daniel Wellington or Jakob Wagner?

Choose a chronograph! For the uninitiated, it’s a specific type of watch that can be used as a stopwatch, as well as an analog display watch. One of the first uses of chronograph watches was timing horse races, and they’re also known as ‘tool watches’. Despite this impressive function, they still have that minimalist look and feel: you should always look at watches with a swiss quartz movement, stainless steel casing, perfect if you need a watch that goes with everything. 

If you’re purchasing an automatic movement or Japanese quartz movement, mechanical men’s watch, just bear in mind they require servicing every five to seven years and should be wiped with a soft cloth before being put away. Just like a sports car, watches need love and care to be in their best shape: treat a mechanical watch right, and it will reward you with a lifetime of use. 

What about digital? Digital watches in 2020 certainly offer a lot of accoutrements, from thermometers and digital compasses to LED lighting and storm alarms. There are undoubtedly some very nice watches for men that are digital, but do you really need all that technology? Especially when it’s packaged in an inelegant, chunky design that stands out like a sore thumb. 

Also, much like other pieces of technology (we all remember Ipods, right?), digital watch technology is evolving and changing at a rapid rate. 2020’s latest model could be out of date by as soon as next year! Unless you want to keep purchasing those cool watches for men every couple of years (and take a subsequent hit to the wallet), we recommend sticking with a classic men’s watch that never goes out of style.

Digital smartwatches and fitness tracker watches are great at what they do, but the look and feel just doesn’t match mechanical watches for men. Looking almost like a bracelet, they don’t elevate an outfit in the same way minimalist watches for men do, and they require charging nearly every day. In a society where we’re always ‘on’, sometimes it’s nice to switch off once the workday is done. Carrying around a miniature computer on your wrist doesn’t allow you to do that. 

Watches for men come in all shapes and sizes, some with elaborate sapphire crystal watch faces, white dials, rose gold and various black and brown leather straps, so plenty to choose from.

In our view, an elegant timepiece on your wrist is the perfect conversation starter that won’t ever be outdated. 

How To Pick The Right Men’s Watch For You 

How to pick the perfect men’s watch for you? There’s a lot of criteria to think about when purchasing a timepiece, so let’s break it down: 

1. How often will you wear your men’s watch? 

A classic timepiece is an investment, and unless you’re Charlie Sheen (whose extensive classic watch collection is valued at over four million pounds), you’ll probably end up wearing your watch often. So, that timepiece needs to be versatile and go with everything, from a relaxed open shirt and shorts on holiday, to when you’re suited and booted for that important work dinner. 

2. Outfits & Men’s Watches – How To Match Them 

Going for a casual watch look and feel? Lucky you – all classic watch types except dress watches can be worn with a casual outfit.

Heading to a black-tie event? A minimalist dress watch and or a minimalistic design black watch is perfect because you want your timepiece to be smart yet unobtrusive. Some of the best watches for men are the most simple; flashy and garish just doesn’t cut it in 2020. 

3. Which style should you go for? 

Minimalist watches for men always seem to be in style; we love the unobtrusive, classic look of a minimalist watch. They can act as a family heirloom to pass on from father to son, and even to your grandson: we can’t guess what the future holds, but we can pretty much guarantee your minimalist watch will still look cool with the fashions of the future. 

4. Minimalist watches for men – What features do they have? 

Anything you like – from watches that show the date and day of the week to a laid back chronograph watch, minimalist doesn’t have to be boring. Sometimes simple watches for men are the best bet. For a timepiece that will last all your life, nothing beats a classic men’s watch that’s regularly serviced and well looked after. 

We recommend keeping your watch in a watch box, as whilst some are water resistant and scratch resistant, it’s best to avoid scratches and always store each watch you own separately.

Are Minimalist Watches For Men The Best Watches For Men

Minimalist and mechanical or a digital watch with all the bells and whistles? We’re putting our stake firmly in the former camp. A minimalist watch compliments any outfit and never goes out of style and won’t be superseded by new technology – it’s the winner for us. A classic mechanical timepiece can be passed down through generations from father to son, becoming a family heirloom and telling a story, as well as being a lovely metaphor for the passage of time itself. 

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