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Your guide to Unisex Watches

In today’s gender fluid world your watch is no longer about what you are but about who you are. A unisex leather watch won’t function any differently from a ‘normal’ watch but as a statement of who you are and how comfortable you are in the world it’s right there taking centre stage, a signpost to everyone saying ‘This is ME!’

Best Unisex Watches

But before we get to the best watches for men and women, you need to know a little about how unisex wrist watches actually tell the time. 

The way a watch tells the time is through its movement ie how it makes its tick, tock. There are two types of movement:

  • Automatic 

Using quartz (a mineral found in the ground) and a battery these watches are highly accurate and can be made in large quantities hence they tend to be less expensive

  • Mechanical

Made with incredibly precise engineering using gears, wheels and springs, these watches are to horology (the art of making timepieces) what haute couture is to fashion. They tend to be handmade and as such can be more expensive. Confusingly, watches that are wound automatically using the movement of your wrist or arm are also known as ‘automatics’.

Regardless, both are stylish and it just depends on your preference.

Types of Unisex Digital Watches & Unisex Watch Brands

The following list of watches for men and women isn’t exhaustive. These are just some of the types that you can buy, all depending on what activity you want to use them for.

Dive watches

Dive watches tend to be bigger and chunkier because, funnily enough, they’re intended to be taken underwater to quite large depths. How deep a waterproof watch can go is measured via its water resistance rating, usually in metres. The bigger the number, the deeper it can go. 

They also have a unidirectional bezel around the outside, which is used to measure the dive time. Additionally, your unisex waterproof watch should conform to the ISO 6425, an international standard that measures testing for water resistance. 

Chronograph watches

If you’re into recording the events of your day or, even, an event then what you need is a chronograph watch. Basically, these include a stopwatch either digital, in digital watches or as a separate face within the main one of an analogue watch.

Military or Field watches

Derived from military use, these watches have simple uncluttered faces making them easy to read. They usually have unpolished surfaces and rubber cases making them ideal for outdoor activities.

GMT watches

Moving between time zones? Then the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is the watch for you. Mechanical watches either have an additional hand or a dedicated subdial so you can keep track of the time in your zone.

Dress watches

For formal occasions, this is the one to wear. Only a mechanical watch will do as its timeless design and elegance is the perfect statement for your red carpet event.

Aviator watches

For aspiring pilots everywhere the aviator watch has a slightly chunkier design to accommodate a bigger watch face. Invented by Louis Cartier, yes, that Cartier, for his friend Alberto Antos-Dupont, it was introduced in 1907 with a distinct square bezel. They are also usually accompanied by a chronograph and tachymeter allowing you to calculate speed and distance.

Atomic Radio Controlled watches

Humanity has always striven to measure time accurately. Mechanical watches can lose up to six seconds a day while quartz ones can lose up to 10 seconds a month. In ordinary use, this doesn’t matter but once computers entered our world that required precise calculations then it became a problem.

Enter the atomic clock

The first accurate clock was introduced in 1955 using Caesium 133 measuring the time taken for an atom to change its energy level. Today, there are atomic clocks all around the world and Atomic Radio Controlled watches connect to these via a radio signal.

GPS watches

The even more accurate sibling to Atomic Radio Controlled watches! Using satellites to set the time in Automatic Watches they are also used by fitness trackers, smartphone apps and handheld GPSs (Global Positioning System) to measure fitness activities as well as time.

Smart watches

Using GPS, the Smartwatch is not only a watch but the phone on your wrist with all the functionality that you’d expect from your smartphone. 

How to pick the best Unisex styles & buy Unisex watches

Once you’ve picked your type of watch what else do you need to think about?

Well, a watch isn’t just about telling the time! It can be about conveying your status or show off your sense of fashion or it can be just a beautiful design you like to wear. It can be for work or play. Or it can be used for a specialist purpose like the ones we’ve discussed on this page.

Minimalist watches for men and women are popular, as is a watch featuring stainless steel, royal oak colour, sports watches, gold cases, brown leather and minimalistic designs. 

Then, of course, there’s the price. How much do you want to pay? Is it comfortable? Is accuracy important? Is a ‘Swiss Made’ watch something that is essential? Is it easy to read? And what about ‘complications’ (extra dials and add ons)? 

Do you want a stopwatch, tachymeter, the date? And then there are the strap options like the rubber strap. Leather ones tend to look best on unisex dress watches, metal ones are favoured on bigger heavier watches while fashion watches can use plastic, textiles or rubber. All of these are considerations when thinking about the kind of watch you want.

So what is the best Unisex Watch?

Hopefully, from the information on this page, you’ve got a better understanding of what you want from your watch.

So, for formal or business events, a unisex dress watch could be the answer. Here a thin case is best so it can fit under the sleeve of your shirt/blouse or jacket. But for everyday use, you could go with the designs of unisex minimalist watches. 

Then again, if you’re a diver or enjoy water sports or just plain scared your watch will get wet then a unisex waterproof watch is the one for you. Nevertheless, for a wide range of unisex watches, Uniformwares is the place to visit to start your horological journey.

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