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Timeless Timepieces: 5 Tips for Choosing Minimalist Watches for Women

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” – Coco Chanel

“Simplicity is the glory of expression.” — Walt Whitman

Introduction: Stylish Watches for Women in 2020

For a long time, the watch-world has been a bit of a boys club. As women ascend the ranks of watchmakers and designers, however, women’s watches are increasingly being made by and for modern women. In the smartphone age, the enduring popularity of classic women’s watches has demonstrated to us exactly where their value lies: a subtle extension of personal style through master craftsmanship. 

We all know watches are never simply functional. The best classic watches for women convey aspiration, heritage, status and belonging. They blend jewellery with technology, aesthetic with practical. 

Minimalist women’s watches are iconic: understated and professional. It’s no coincidence that all luxury watch brands include minimalist styles in their lines.

But how do you know good watches for women when you see them? How do they differ from male styles? What are the latest trendy watches for women? 

Read on to discover the five tips that will help you find the best watches for women whether you’re treating yourself or gifting to someone special…

Best Watches for WomenThe Basics: Size Matters!

Wrist Size: Although it is often assumed women’s wrist sizes are smaller than men, wrists vary greatly by the build. Petite, slim women are likely to require a very different strap length to tall, curvy women. 

A fair strap estimate of a wrist watch for women is between 6.75-8.00 inches. For some women, a looser fit is preferable to a tightly fitting strap. Be sure to find your fit.   

Strap Width: Although these can vary greatly most stylists recommend the bandwidth to be roughly half the width of the watch face’s diameter (at the point where the band meets the face). Proportions matter when you’re seeking a sleek, attractive look. While some women prefer big face watches for women or for their boyfriend watches (with thicker, wider straps and larger faces) a narrower strap width is usually what indicates a more feminine design. Narrower straps also tend to be more comfortable for day to day wear.

Case Size: The diameter of the trendy women’s watch faces varies. However, it is broadly accepted that oversized women’s watches, with big faces, although popular in 2012, are less desirable in 2020. The mantra today is less is more.

The shift has been to classic women’s watches with dimensions appropriate to individual wrist size. It’s worth remembering that case diameter (in mm) should be roughly 6 times the wrist size (in inches). So, an average 7-inch wrist would be compatible with a 44mm case size.

Luxury Women’s Watches: Which Bells and Whistles?

I’ll confess I’m not an accessory addict; when it comes to clutch bags and chokers, I steer well clear. Nice watches for women, however, are a different ballpark. With even Cardi B rapping about her Patek Philippe collection, trendy watches are undoubtedly fast becoming a girls’ world. 

Women’s dress watches for all those ever so vague ‘smart casual’ events can lend simple outfits effortless elegance. Women’s luxury watches can dazzle with sophistication. 

Top watches for women in 2020 can have every feature under the sun. From inbuilt stopwatches (chronographs) to those that tell you the date of Easter or the position of the moon (Moon Phase). These added features can be overwhelming. 

It’s worth asking why this watch is important to you. Frequently, cool watches for women with these flashy features come with a coolly elevated price tag.

Other important factors are watch types. Are you looking for a more vintage mechanical structure, the classic reliable Swiss quartz battery or an automatic watch powered by kinetic movement? The choice is yours and the options are limitless. The best value women’s watches tend to be the Swiss quartz variety while automatic/movement watches for women can be considerably more expensive.

Express Yourself with Stylish Women’s Watches

Watch faces can come in varied shapes but the most common are round, oval and square, with curved shapes usually more coveted for women’s watches. In terms of watch crystal (the transparent case cover), sapphire crystal is most desirable as being least likely to scratch or shatter in extreme conditions.

Most watch straps come in either metal, rubber or leather. Digital watches for women tend to be sports watches with functionalities which also make the face chunkier and require rubber straps.

For those preferring simple elegance, minimalist watches with leather or metal straps (gold or silver) are classic women’s watch choices. Metal watches can have bracelet style straps textured with stones for added bling. *Consider any allergies to metals when choosing your watch bracelet!* 

The classic women’s minimalist strap is leather, which can come in various colours (navy, black, tan, etc.). Leather watches for women also give a closer fit more comfortably than metal straps. 

Dials and hands come in many coloured metals, including fashionable satin or rose gold for a flattering palette against the skin. Popular women’s watch embellishments include a jewelled bezel; a simple but striking feature.

Right Time, Right Place: Choose the Perfect Women’s Watch for Your Lifestyle

As a piece of jewellery, the best women’s watches are adaptable to all occasions. But it’s worth considering what environments you tend to find yourself moving between in and choose a watch tailored to your style that compliments any existing jewellery. 

Simple or ornate? Bauhaus or Baroque? Whatever your style, a watch can bring that outfit together.

Thinner watch straps leave space for additional bracelets. The option to interchange different straps, particularly with leather straps, allow you to customise your watch to your outfit. Switching to a tan leather strap, for example, will set off a slim gold bracelet beautifully. 

Women’s Minimalist Watches Match Quality with Value

A watch is a timeless accessory with a value which retains and appreciates over time, making them a great investment piece for yourself or a loved one. While watch prices can easily be sky-high, as any specialist will tell you, brand and price are no guarantee of value.   

Can you have both durability and style at a reasonable price? Absolutely!

Minimalist watches for women are not only bang on trend but are also usually the best value around. Women’s minimalist watches can be classy and elegant, eye-catching and fun; your new, versatile best friend. 

If you’re looking for affordable, reliable popular watches for women, check out the great selection of hand-selected minimalist watches for women on Uniform Wares shop which all come with a two-year warranty, so you know they’ve got you covered!

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