Gold Watches For Women: Our Top 7

We all have a bit of Midas in us. A penchant for the finer things in life. A desire to be surrounded by gold. Most importantly, gold watches for women.

Gold is the epitome of luxury and elegance. Since ancient times, it has been associated with good luck. It has even featured heavily in the outfits of 90s Hip Hop stars such as Jay Z. 

Granted, there was a sort of ‘gold fatigue’ at the beginning of the 21st century. It gained a reputation as tacky and tasteless. However, we’d like to think we’re past that now. 

Evidently, gold is a classic jewellery colour that will never go out of style. Currently, its reputation is only improving as its value grows. 

We have created a list of our top 7 gold watches for women to showcase the high-quality products that are on the market (right in time for Christmas). Our list is solid proof that gold female watches embody quality and style. Brands including of course, us here at Uniform Wares.

If you’re desperate to look at something other than your four walls in 2020, why not consider a gold watch to brighten up your life?

7. Rosefield, The Octagon Black Sunray Steel Gold, £109

Gold Watches For Women

Rosefield combines the minimalism of the Dutch and the luxury of the Americans to produce stunning products. Just like this brand-new Octagon watch. 

With a case size of 23x29mm, it’s reasonably petite. It is one of the most stunning gold watches for women, emanating femininity. The stainless-steel strap is interchangeable. Allowing you to adapt the look to suit your style.

It is clear that Rosefield has not compromised quality to make this 1920s-style watch. It’s made of 14K gold-plated stainless steel, providing ultimate security against wear and tear.

The unique octagonal face shape gives this watch great character. It would be the perfect present for a quirky trend-setter.

If you love this distinctive watch as much as we do, you may want to browse the ‘trending now’ section of the Rosefield website. Which features the Octagon.

6. Abbott Lyon, Gold Chain Black Kensington 40, £49

gold watch

Founded by a young team in 2015, Abbott Lyon does not shy away from modern trends.

This captivating ladies’ gold watch is fully adaptable. As well as having an interchangeable stainless-steel strap, there is the option to personalise your purchase with an engraving.

The 40mm black dial presents a slightly more androgynous look. Appealing to both men and women. Moreover, it’s extremely practical for the visually impaired, as cited in one of the many positive reviews on the website.

Reduced from £109 to £49, this watch is the least expensive by far in our list. True to the brand’s promise of affordable luxury.

5. Olivia Burton, Sunray Gold Mesh Watch, £99

Gold Watches For Women

All that glitters is not gold, but this Sunray watch certainly is.

Olivia Burton’s fixation on nature is highlighted in this unicolour design. It is said to shimmer in the light, making it perfect for outdoor adventures.

With this attention to detail, it’s no surprise we’ve included Olivia Burton in our list.

The mesh strap compliments the 30mm gold face well. It’s a chic addition to the product and is in line with the trends of 2020.


womens gold watch

This Gucci watch needs no introduction. As always, the beloved designer brand has fabricated a product that oozes prosperity.

The contrast of the sleek stainless-steel bracelet and intricate 27mm silver-tone dial epitomises Gucci’s astonishing attention to detail. Additionally, the symbols around the dial present a unique feminine feel to the watch.

Practical as well as pretty, the G-Timeless model is water-resistant to 50M. In other words, it comes as holiday-ready as you and I after months of lockdown.

3. Michael Kors, Gen 5 Lexington Gold-Tone Smartwatch, £339

gold watch ladies

If a gold Michael Kors watch doesn’t say prestige, a gold Michael Kors smartwatch certainly does. 

This brand aims to help women feel “confident, at ease, indulged and in control”. This indulgent model certainly reflects that.

This product is the perfect gift to give in 2020. It’s brimming with up-and-coming features including an updated speaker, heart-rate tracking, and payment methods

The 44m case brings a sense of practicality. As well as conforming to the current trend of large dials.

We are impressed by the ability to personalise this smartwatch. Not only can you change the strap, but you can also change the display faces as you please (although we cannot imagine wanting to get rid of the neon blue!).

2. Uniform Wares, C39 Women’s Chronograph Watch In PVD Satin Gold, £525-675

Gold Watches For Women

This striking satin gold watch will give you a desirable high-end look this winter.

At Uniform Wares, we produce high-quality Swiss-made watches, and this C39 Women’s Chronograph Watch is a charming example.

Made with scratch-resistant sapphire, it is equipped for everyday use over a long period of time. A C-line lunette case in 316L stainless steel encircles the dial with stunning diamond cut hands. 

We have maintained Uniform Wares tradition in keeping this watch minimalistic. It will complement any outfit. 

However, the modern chronograph feature brings a sense of complexity to the design. Ensuring your watch stands out against other ladies’ gold watches.

1. Uniform Wares, C33 Women’s Two-Hand Watch In PVD Satin Gold, £275-475

Our number one ladies’ gold watch has to be another Uniform Wares creation. Although we’re biased, this C33 Women’s Two-Hand Watch in PVD satin gold is objectively captivating.

We adore the light brown dial as it gives the watch an earthly feel, making it the perfect accessory for winter. The chocolate-toned dial combined with the yellow gold case produces a classy, understated design. That stands out against the typical black and white dials.

Ultimately, this watch possesses a unique charm thanks to its natural colours. However, the quality has not been compromised. It truly is one of the most stunning gold watches for women.

As always, this Uniform Wares product has been made with the finest materials, Italian caoutchouk and Milanese nappa. This satin gold watch is elegant, minimalistic, and distinctive. It’s a quintessential Uniform Wares design.

Hopefully, our list of top 7 gold female watches has reassured you that gold is an eternally classy choice for a watch. Mostly upmarket purchases, the watches in our list impress us with their elegance and versatility. 

Amid this gloomy winter, perhaps a glorious yellow gold watch could be the light at the end of the snowy tunnel for you. Whilst you’re here though, why not check out some of our other watches for women and find your perfect match!

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