Top 7 Rose Gold Watches For Women

When Apple introduced the rose gold iPhone 6s in 2015, who’d have thought it would kickstart a five-year (and counting) trend for rose gold watches for women? 

When browsing the internet for accessories, you’ve no doubt noticed that rose gold lurks in every corner of the web. Whether it’s a black and rose gold watch or a white and rose gold necklace, this colour dominates the fashion industry. 

Forget Orange is the New Black, rose gold reigns supreme for us. So, what makes rose gold so fashionable? 

The answer is simple.  It’s aesthetically pleasing in photographs. 

From Millennials on TikTok to fifty-somethings on Facebook, rose gold is the go-to colour to compliment any social media feed.

With Christmas quickly creeping upon us, I imagine we’re all in desperate need of gift ideas (and perhaps a sneaky treat for ourselves). If you’ve been drowning in a sea of women’s watches, we’re here to save you with our list of the Top 7 Rose Gold Watches For Women. 

These products are all tasteful, practical, and unique. As well as reflecting the trends of 2020 in their own way.

7. Radley, Ladies’ Rose Gold Plated Mesh Bracelet Watch, £45

Radley is a quintessentially British brand, known for its charming handbags and accessories. 

Ultimately, the concept of Radley is to provide ‘The perfect combination of style… and functionality’. Which is clearly demonstrated in this gorgeous rose gold watch.

This classic Radley watch is unquestionably practical. If you long for a watch that can endure serious wear and tear, this stainless-steel case material is perfect for you. 

What’s more, the 35mm case diameter is the perfect size for the average woman’s wrist. Appearing neither too clunky nor too petite.

Undeniably, this women’s watch is more affordable than the likes of Ted Baker and Michael Kors. However, affordability and style are not mutually exclusive. 

Radley has succeeded in creating a chic watch with a luxury white face and a vintage-feel mesh bracelet.

6. Votch, Rose Gold & Rose Gold With Black, £84

We love this cruelty-free black and rose gold watch from Votch. 

This brand has paved the way for sustainable watches. Using cruelty-free materials as well as donating 10% of their profits to charity every three months. 

Flaunting a practical black dial, this watch radiates power. 

If you’re a night owl, it will be your holy grail. The stark contrast between the dark dial and the rose gold hands makes for easy viewing when the sun goes down. 

The case diameter is 33mm and the strap width 16mm. With the latter being interchangeable. Making it easy to switch things up when the feeling strikes.

5. Michael Kors, MK5896 Parker Ladies Rose Gold Watch, £124.99

How could we leave award-winning Michael Kors off a list of the best rose gold female watches?

This designer brand is notorious for its high-quality, aesthetically pleasing watches. And this Parker watch is no exception.

With a 39mm case size, this watch is hypnotizingly beautiful. It’s brimming with 2020 trends, including the chronograph feature. This allows you to dress the accessory up or down, making it a versatile addition to your collection. 

Overall, using rose gold as a block colour creates an air of sophistication. Something which is closely tied to the reputation of Michael Kors.

If you agree that this watch is a must-have, you may want to have a look at the ‘Rose Gold-Tone’ section of the Michael Kors website. Where you can browse similarly classy watches ranging from £107 to £389. 

4. Ted Baker, Swarovski Hexagonal Crystal Mesh Strap Watch, £180

For a unique Christmas gift, this Ted Baker watch ticks all the boxes. Adorned with Swarovski crystals, it’s arguably one of the prettiest watches on our list.

The unique hexagonal shape is very avant-garde and will boldly showcase your tasteful style. The chic features do not end there, however. We are big fans of the elegant mesh strap that secures the 36mm face.

If you’re planning on travelling further than your back garden in 2021 (thanks lockdown!), you can thank Ted Baker for the impressive 50m water resistance in this product. 

With this versatile Swarovski watch, there’s no need to leave luxury at home.

3. Olivia Burton, Shoreditch Classic, £99

When we think Olivia Burton, we think vintage. And the Shoreditch Classic watch certainly lives up to this reputation. 

The rose gold stainless steel against the ebony dial produces an utterly timeless look, and would no doubt mesmerise the women in your life.

Whilst this watch is indeed graceful and delicate, its energy is not altogether feminine. With a case diameter of 40mm, it is a unisex creation. 

If you haven’t taken a shine to the ultra-effeminate watches made entirely of rose gold, this product may be for you.

As luck would have it, this item is also vegan. With this Olivia Burton find, you can have it all: affordability, style, and sustainability.

2. Filippo Loreti, Marble Rose Gold Black Mesh, £69

Reduced from £99 to £69, Filippo Loreti has impressed us once again with its budget-friendly yet high-quality products. 

The brand has stated that its watches are strictly limited edition. So head over to the website as soon as possible if you like the look of this item.

Durable even in overuse, this product stands the test of time. Its hardened mineral glass and anti-reflective coating make it an attractive product for active individuals.

If Filippo Loreti intended to create the perfect balance between elegance and robustness, it has succeeded. The feminine rose gold mesh straps attached to a masculine 40mm case size fosters a contemporary appearance. 

Ultimately, this watch oozes 2020, with its trendy mesh straps, eye-catching frame, and beloved black and rose gold colour.

1. Uniform Wares, M35 Women, £225

Theres no better way to end this list than include one of our stunning pieces. 

Uniform Wares is a London designed, Swiss made watchmaker registered in England with an excellent reputation for simple elegance, high-quality parts and finishes, and artful application. This M35 Womens Rose Gold watch epitomises effortless sophistication.

Designed with elegance in mind, this chic Women’s Watch combines a stunning rose gold tone with scratch resistant sapphire. 

It features diamond cut hands with traditional pad printed dial indexing, along with M-line lunette case architecture in 316L stainless steel. It is definitely a must have.

We hope that our list of rose gold watches for women has left you with an abundance of choices for Christmas presents. Classy yet practical, gentle yet robust, these watches really do have it all. 

Why not surrender to the trends of 2020 and buy rose gold this year? 

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