Men’s Leather Strap Watches: 9 Of The Best Men’s Leather Watch Straps

When it comes to choosing your next watch,  there’s a world of information out there to help you decide. Would you prefer a large or small watch face? A modern dial or a traditional chronograph? However, a feature that isn’t touched upon quite as much is the watch strap. We hope to change that in this article about mens leather strap watches.

We simply cannot neglect the importance of a watch strap for the overall appearance and style of a watch. 

Straps are incredibly versatile. They come in a variety of colours and textures, all contributing to the aesthetics of the design. They can also introduce a degree of formality to a watch.

We’ve all heard the expression ‘beauty is pain’. But, before you seek to purchase an uncomfortable watch, there is something you need to remember.

Leather watch straps make the most striking of watches a dream to wear. They are soft, lightweight, and incredibly chic.

If you’re sold on buying a watch with a leather strap, read on to discover our Top 9 Mens Leather Strap Watches. 

9. Timex, Men’s Timex Watch With Leather Strap Black T2N947JT, £27

 mens leather strap watches

Formed in 1854. Timex saw the creation of the first chronograph, the first wristwatch, and the first quartz watch.  

However, the brand did not merely sit back and observe. According to its website, Timex introduced the first sports watch in 1984. Bringing a new level of versatility to watches.

We have selected this mens leather watch strap as the inoffensive black leather strap truly reflects the simplicity of Timex. The dark hues of this watch create an effortlessly masculine aesthetic.

True to Timex’s promise of high quality, this watch features an 18mm genuine leather strap. 

What’s more, the strap is very versatile. Fitting up to a 7.5 inch wrist circumference as well as being adjustable.

8. Diesel, Diesel Watch Men’s Chronograph Brown Leather Cuff Strap 51mm DZ4273, £109.99

 mens leather strap watches

Diesel exudes innovation. Its watches portray no shortage of imagination. 

This mens watch with a brown leather strap certainly upholds Diesel’s reputation for great design. 

The unique contrast of the brown band and blue dial results in a watch that subverts normality.

To pair this colour combination with a chronograph feature is innovative. We love to see the old intertwined with the new. People of all ages could wear this watch.

7.  Hugo Boss, Boss Men’s Quartz Watch 1513085 With Leather Strap, £139

boss watch strap

The luxury of owning this brand comes with a price. Yet we believe this watch is great value.

The all-black Hugo Boss mens watch leather strap is the epitome of understated fashion. It is quintessentially masculine and proves that sometimes, you just have to stick with tradition.

However, Hugo Boss isn’t bound to the past as we can see from the quartz movement of this product. 

Finally, Quartz tends to appeal to the younger generation as it is low maintenance.

6.  Seiko, Seiko Strap L0H7024J9 Presage, £238.66

 mens leather strap watches

Founded in 1881 and making waves in the watchmaking industry since. No one is more deserving to be on our list than Seiko. 

We know this brand for its invention of the first quartz watch. 

This mens Seiko watch leather strap is sold exclusively. Unfortunately, you’d have to purchase the charming dial separately. 

However, even on its own, the 20mm blue leather strap impressed us beyond measure.

The crocodile-style texture is remarkably modern. Moreover, the deep blue tone of the strap is impressively arresting.

5. Citizen, Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Black Leather Strap Watch, £139.99

citizen watch

When you buy Citizen, you’re buying eco-friendly. Its watches use natural and artificial light to gain energy. Rendering them battery-free.

This men’s analogue watch leather strap is utterly versatile. According to the specification, its aesthetics are “smart yet sporty”.

With a basic black leather strap and black dial, Citizen are presenting a product that is perfect for complementing formal wear.

4. Tommy Hilfiger, Mens Kane Blue & Brown Leather Strap Tommy Hilfiger Watch 1791399, £156

 mens leather strap watches

For watch aficionados, Tommy Hilfiger needs no introduction. 

This designer brand has blessed us with yet another captivating watch. All tied together with the gorgeous brown leather strap.

Tommy Hilfiger has upped the game by adding a blue dial and rose gold detail. And ultimately, this mens leather watch strap provides practicality whilst also adding to the aesthetics of the watch. 

Here, the croc-embossed leather strap has established a sophisticated, contemporary finishing touch.

3. Armani, Men’s Black Leather Strap Emporio Armani Watch AR2461, £125

armani watch

Consumers flock to Armani for first-rate products. And this mens Armani watch leather strap is a prime example of that.

According to Armani, this high-end watch in particular “will easily match your style”. Thanks to the simple yet striking design. 

The Armani website showcases 35 stunning men’s leather strap watches for you to browse.

2. Swan & Edgar, Swan & Edgar Complexity Automatic, £142.50

 mens leather strap watches

In our list of mens leather strap watches, we have also selected an automatic movement watch from the quintessentially British brand, Swan & Edgar. 

The complex watch face invites us to dwell on the inner workings of this design. 

Including the “sweeping second hand cutting through the broken roman numeral mid-points”. 

The brown leather strap confidently secures the intricate dial despite its comparative simplicity.

1. Uniform Wares, Men’s Tapered Nappa Calf Leather Watch Strap In Tan, £75

uniform wares watch strap

Of course we had to save the best till last.

Our website is brimming with classy men’s leather watch straps. Currently, we have 9 men’s bands and 7 women’s. All of these straps are made with the finest materials, ensuring durability.

A watch strap from Uniform Wares is guaranteed to be long lasting. This specific watch band is fashioned from Milanese Nappa calf leather using a Swiss technique.

We selected this tan watch strap for our list as it’s incredibly charming. Thanks to the tapered band and earthy tone.  

Although we’re biased, our stunning collection of swiss made watches are objectively captivating. 

We create watches that embody character and distinction through intelligent design. And believe that we truly cannot be beaten. Especially with our mens leather watch straps.

Observing such diverse watch straps reminds us that the band of a watch can make or break its aesthetic.

In our list, each and every watch strap provided an impressive finishing touch to the product as a whole. This is why we recommend that you refer back to our list when deciding between men’s leather strap watches.

Most importantly though, don’t forget to browse our website for some stunning leather watch straps for men.

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