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Ring Watch Guide: What Are Ring Watches & Why Are They Fashionable?

We’ve discussed the evolution from pocket watches to wristwatches, but today is all about the movement towards the ring watch.

While ring watches may seem like a brand-new trend, they’ve been around for many years.

This article will explain the past and future of ring watches, as well as revealing our 5 favourite ring watches for men and women.

The History

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We predict that ring watches have been around since the 1750s, though there was nothing noteworthy about them until the 1900s. At this time, a Swiss gentleman created a ring watch that ran for 46 hours straight before it required winding.

Further down the line, in 2008, a ring watch was discovered by archaeologists in a 400-year-old sealed tomb in China. Bizarrely, the ring was engraved with a Swiss-made label that could only come from modern times.

As you can see from our brief overview, the mysterious history of the ring watch certainly begins way before 2021.

The Future

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Ring watches may be fashionable this year, but will they outlast ever changing trends?

It’s definitely possible.

This is the year that everything goes. These days we are being encouraged to express ourselves more. Ring watches are the perfect way to do this, thanks to their unique aesthetics.

Modern living also revolves around practicality; we carry around one single device that runs most of our life, and we have a passionate desire for all things lightweight. That’s when these pieces come in – rather than wearing a clunky watch all day, you can tell the time in the form of a petite finger watch.

Overall, the future looks positive for ring watches, though you can never predict the rollercoaster that is the watchmaking industry.

The 5 Best Ring Watches For Men & Women

5. Wendell W, Ring Watch, £19.34

Wendell W

First up, we have a digital finger ring watch from a successful Etsy shop.

This ladies watch is the perfect example of how ring watches combine fashion and functionality. 

On one hand, we have a classic black and silver alloy timepiece that evokes sophistication, and on the other hand, it’s simply a low-maintenance, lightweight time-telling tool.

Overall, this modest finger watch would make a great introduction to ring watches for those of you who are hesitant to dive in to the deep end.

4. Pikoo, Unisex Digital Ring Watch, £45.53


In fourth place is an enchanting ring watch that is truly accessible to everyone.

Gender, size and budget are not limitations for Pikoo, as we can tell from this unisex, one size fits all timepiece.

We adore the digital aspect of this finger watch as it only adds to the strong sense of modernity.

3. Davis Watches, Ring Watch 2015, £92.97

davis watches

If you’re after a more luxurious piece, Davis Watches have provided us with a stunning option.

This quartz ring watch for ladies is made from top quality materials, including yellow gold polished stainless steel and domed sapphire glass.

Our favourite feature is the ebony dial, which flaunts 12 Swarovski crystal markers.

Overall, this watch was made for formal attire; it would be the picture of sophistication alongside a monochrome dress or suit.

2. Omega, Vintage Omega Ring Watch, £950

omega ring watch

Another option for a ring watch (mens or womens) is to purchase a pre-owned vintage watch from a reputable brand.

This vintage Omega ring watch is the result of wonderful innovation; the 19mm case was originally made for a bracelet watch and has been reused in this unisex design.

Evidently, this retro find has lasted through endless trends and is finally being treasured again. The question is: will you be the one to treasure it?

3. Rolex, 18K Gold Ring Watch, £9,909.91

rolex ring watch

Finally, what better brand than Rolex to showcase the elegance of ring watches?

An unbelievable amount of quality is packed into this tiny accessory, evidenced by the 18k gold case.

As for the matte honeycomb dial, it allures us with its feminine appeal, specifically the applied yellow gold dart and dot numerals.

Ultimately, this Rolex piece is deserving of first place for its unrivalled aesthetics and impressive quality.

Our Final Thoughts

ring watches

Whether you lean more towards vintage or contemporary fashion, there is a ring watch for you out there.

Vintage lovers, high-end brands will be your best friend as you browse through old ring watches with fascinating pasts.

As for modern enthusiasts, you’re spoilt for choice with the rising number of ring watches online at the moment.

While we adore them, it has to be said that they are unique and therefore controversial. 

If you’re against this growing trend, there are plenty of traditional timepieces for you on our website.

From silver to rose gold, chronograph to minimalist, we explore all the favourites of watch aficionados.

What are you waiting for? Browse our watches for sale today.

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