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Best Investment Watches: The Best Watches To Collect For Investment

So, you’ve got some money spare from the holiday you didn’t get to take in 2020, and you’d like to invest in a watch without later regretting it. So, how do you find the best investment watches?

A watch is an investment piece if you can trust it to appreciate over time. This is never risk-free. As trends change and therefore popular watches can quickly become undesirable.

However, there are several factors that increase the likelihood of watches retaining their value. 

Firstly, the most important factor is demand. If there is demand for a product, it is likely to continue to gain value over time as it’s sought after by many. Other significant factors include availability, price and limited edition status.

Now that you know the key factors, one question remains. How do we know what watches are the best investment?

For us, investing in a watch such as a Patek Philippe or a Rolex can absolutely be beneficial. Timepieces created by these brands were designed to outlast trends; they are timeless classics. Thus, they hold onto their value much better than cheaper, mass-produced products. As the years go on, people are willing to spend more on watches offered by Patek Philippe and Rolex.

For a more detailed answer to ‘what is the best investment watch?’, check out our list of the top 7 best products below.

7. TAG Heuer, Aquaracer Automatic Men’s Watch, £2,300

 best investment watches

With luxury chronographs and sports watches galore, Tag Heuer are certainly a desirable watchmaking brand. So, what is the best Tag Heuer watch to invest in?

We believe it’s this automatic men’s watch; it’s a picture of unique creativity. The scratch-resistant green dial is not something we see every day and only adds to the investment appeal of the 43mm case.

We are impressed with the excellent durability of this product. If you bought this watch purely for investment purposes and did not use it, it would remain in great condition for many years, with its stainless steel and aluminum parts. 

On the other hand, do not hesitate to purchase this Tag Heuer design if you are hoping to get plenty of use out of it. It’s water resistant to 300m, allowing you to wear it while swimming!

6. Seiko, Grand Seiko Limited Edition Heritage SBGP007, £3,350

 best investment watches seiko

If you’re a regular reader of our Uniform Wares blog, you will know that Seiko almost always makes an appearance in our watch rankings. 

The brand celebrated its 60th anniversary last year. And what better way to honour its success story than to include the best Seiko watch investment in our list.

The 40mm Grand Seiko is one of a kind. Just 2,500 were made available to the public in 2020. There is no better type of watch to invest in. 

What’s more, this timepiece sports new technology with its time difference adjustment function. You are able to change the hours hand without it having an effect on the seconds hand. 

This is bound to boost the appeal of this watch, making investment more than worth it.

5. Tudor, Black Bay GMT, £3,040

tudor watch

Built by Rolex, Tudor watches exhibit the same stunning qualities as their parent brand. Interestingly, this watch is also a product of the company’s anniversary celebration. 

Nothing says celebration more than a multitone bezel and luminescent hands. With this unique, bold design, the Black Bay GMT is evidently the best Tudor watch to invest.

Similarly to the previous Seiko design, this watch is limited edition. So act fast to make an investment you won’t regret.

4. Omega, Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph Men’s Watch, £4,260

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For those of you who are still wary of watch investment, Omega is the label for you. 

Statistics don’t lie, and they show us that vintage Omega watches have been gaining value as the years go by.

Our idea of the best Omega watch for investment is practically a historical artefact. This 42mm black chronograph watch was the first watch on the moon in 1969. 

To invest in this classic timepiece is to make history in your own way.

Though a pricier option, the cost will be worth it if this Speedmaster follows the trend of appreciation seen in other Omega watches of its type. 

3. Patek Philippe, 5320G PERPETUAL CALENDAR, £71,040

 best investment watches

Patek Philippe has it all. It produces luxury Swiss-made watches that turn the heads of watch aficionados everywhere. 

So, with so many options, what makes this product the best Patek Philippe watch for investment?

The high quality of the Perpetual Calendar creation is indisputable. Its stunning features include a lacquered cream dial and gold applied numerals. Creating an outdoorsy colour scheme. 

As Patek Philippe watches are not mass produced in the ordinary manner, there is a marked sense of scarcity amongst their releases. 

As a result, their watches reliably grow in value over time, meaning this self-winding watch is a wise investment.

2. Rolex, Submariner Date, £29,650


Rolex watches are always in high demand; even those who don’t commonly buy watches are aware of the utter power that Rolex possesses in the industry.

If you didn’t know, you can use your Rolex regularly and still watch its value! This is partly down to the excellent materials it is made from. 

This Submariner features scratch-resistant sapphire and a solid-link Oyster bracelet that aren’t deteriorating anytime soon. 

What’s more, the choice of yellow gold is a clever one; this material can be trusted to increase in value over time. 

This is yet another reason why we believe the Submariner Date is the best Rolex watch to invest in.

1. Uniform Wares, M42 PreciDrive Chronograph Watch In PVD Black, £650-800 

uniform wares watch

Finally, our own Uniform Wares creations are undoubtedly some of the best investment watches. We have listened to the high demand for Swiss-made watches and provided you with an abundance of luxury timepieces.

If you don’t have quite as much to spend but still want to invest, this chronograph watch from Uniform Wares is perfect for you. 

At only £650-800, you can boast a high-quality watch made from Italian caoutchouc rubber, Milanese nappa leather or laser fused Titanium mesh.

Rather than buying yet another watch from a famous mainstream brand, why not trust us to provide you with a product that is perfect for investment? 

When the subject of watch investment is approached, a frequently asked question is ‘what are the best investment watches?’ We hope our article has answered this question. As well as giving you a better idea of what to look out for in a great investment watch in general.

To unearth more classy watches like the M42 Precidrive (number one on our list), head to the Uniform Wares website and prepare to be spoilt for choice.

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