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Best Custom Watch Straps For 2021: Our Top Favourites

‘New year, new me’: the phrase that spreads like wildfire every January. But what about ‘new me, new custom watch straps’? 

Each year, we all want to better ourselves. We may create New Year’s Resolutions, planning ways in which we can become a better person that year. Ultimately, we strive to be healthier than the health freaks, fitter than the gym bunnies, and yet remain individual.

So, how does this relate to custom watch straps? Well, when you buy a watch with an unadjustable band, you’re committed to the design… along with every other consumer who bought the same item. 

However, with custom watch straps, you are confessing to being a unique individual. No more pretending you like the same colours and sizes as everyone else. No more putting up with one-size-fits-all bands.

While you’re spending so much time in your own home, you deserve to be comfortable. And when we’re free to head back into the real world, you deserve to be different.

If comfort and individuality appeal to you, you will enjoy our list of the best custom watch straps for 2021. Let’s dive in!

CWC, Vintage Style Canvas Nato Strap, £22.99

Founded in 1972, Cabot Watch Company (CWC) provides custom Nato watch straps to British troops. 

At just £22.99, you can acquire a custom made watch strap (UK) that will withstand some serious wear and tear. Furthermore, this Nato strap is as comfortable as it is durable. Canvas is an excellent material for a casual watch.

You are spoilt for choice with the colour options for this product. It comes in tan, green, black, blue, and grey. There are also two choices for the width of the band: 18mm or 20mm.

Artem, Sailcloth Watch Strap- Grey Stitching, £62.20

artem watch strap

Artem is a reliable provider of sailcloth watch straps for popular watch companies. Sailcloth was initially invented for boating sails and therefore is a reliable choice of material for watch straps.

Not straying far from its nautical origins, we chose this custom sailcloth watch strap for its versatility. On one hand, it is perfect for ocean adventures owing to its great water resistance. On the other hand, it is fitting for formal wear. The professional white stitching adds a touch of elegance to the simple black band. 

As for the custom features, you are free to select black or grey stitching. As well as the white shown in the image above. Additionally, the width can range from 20mm to 23mm.

Two Stitch Straps, Full-Stitch Denim Blue Leather Watch Strap, £66.63

two stitch straps

Two Stitch Straps is all about providing us with reliable watch straps that don’t break the bank. If their other designs are as impressive as this one, we want to know more.

Custom leather watch straps are the epitome of business casual. If your wardrobe is dominated by monochrome colours, a blue watch strap would make a bold statement without clashing with your outfits.

Regarding the sizing of this watch, it caters to everyone. It’s available in a width of 18mm-22mm, as well as regular or short length.

Equus Leather, The Ostrich Leg Watch Strap, £180

Custom Watch Straps

Although ‘custom-made’ is sometimes a vague term, Equus do not leave us doubting. Their bespoke British watch straps are entirely personalisable.

Whilst we adore this hydrangea blue band, do not fret if it isn’t to your taste. You can choose from an extensive list of colours. Perhaps you’d prefer the neutral ‘slate grey’, or the unorthodox yet lively ‘tangerine’. What’s more, you can choose the colour of both the thread and the lining leather.

Surprisingly, the personalisation doesn’t end there. Equus offers you a strap width of 18mm-26mm and a wide range of strap sizes. 

Finally, you can opt in to individualise your purchase even more by adding the embossed text of your choice (£30). Prepare to impress your loved ones with your post-lockdown unique purchase!

Breitling, Blue Mesh Rubber Strap – 22 MM, From £54.86 

Custom Watch Straps

If you’re after some Swiss luxury, look no further than custom Breitling watch straps. 

Breitling successfully balances high quality with durability. Producing straps of various materials.

This 22mm mesh rubber band would be a dream to wear; it’s smooth and breathable. 

If you’re willing to splurge, you can add a deluxe clasp from £450 to £935. These high-quality fasteners are made of titanium and stainless steel, respectively.

Hirsch, Genuine Croco Shiny Crocodile Leather Watch Strap In Red, £149 

red Custom Watch Straps

With Hirsch watch straps comes great variety. You can choose from leather, embossed leather, rubber and more.

We selected this red strap as custom crocodile watch straps promise to be long-lasting. Made from South American crocodile flank and silk glove leather lining, it’s a reliable strap for long-term use.

If red is too extravagant for you, you can choose from the other 15 available colours, including black, brown and beige. 

Additionally, the gold buckle can be swapped out for silver or rose gold.

Bell & Ross, BR-X1 – BR 01 – BR 03 Black Perforated Rubber Strap, £90

bell and ross strap

Bell and Ross custom watch straps are perfect for professionals, and this one is no exception.

We chose this mid-range rubber strap for its unique qualities. The special touch of the ‘BM’ engraving as well as the neat perforations make for an unusual yet professional-looking design. 

This custom notched watch strap is undoubtedly worth it for the price.

Finally, Bell & Ross allow you to choose between a small, medium or large wrist size. Ensuring accurate sizing on arrival.

Panerai, Caoutchouc – 24/22.0 MM Standard MXE09CSQ, £120

Custom Watch Straps

Combining Italian design and Swiss technology, they never fail to produce the most luxurious of products.

Made of Caoutchouc (natural rubber), this watch band is one of the most comfortable out there, making it perfect for cosy days in lockdown. 

Even better, Panerai successfully balances this comfort with stunning aesthetics. The engraved khaki green strap radiates style in a casual way. 

Although the khaki green is a phenomenal choice, you may prefer another colour such as dark blue or dark brown. As is the running theme in this list, the choice is yours.

Uniform Wares, Men’s Tapered Nappa Calf Leather Watch Strap In Brown, £75 

uniform wares Custom Watch Straps

We may be biased, but for us, this Tapered Nappa Calf Leather watch is deserving of first place in our list of best custom watch straps for 2021. 

Here at Uniform Wares, we promise handmade, personalisable products made using a traditional Swiss technique.

This dark brown watch strap oozes luxury. With light brown stitching and a rose gold buckle, the earth-toned strap watch makes us feel at one with nature.

Of course, you can tailor this watch strap to your liking by changing the PVD rose gold buckle to a modest PVD black buckle or a classic brushed steel buckle. 

As is the running theme in this list, the choice is yours.

We hope you’ve been inspired by our favourite custom watch straps for 2021.  With these bands, you will never be following the crowd again. 

After all, when you buy custom made watch straps, you stay true to your style.

Browse our website for some more stunning pieces and find your perfect match.

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