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Moonphase Watches: The Best Moonphase Watches For Men & Women

Space has permeated the fashion industry for a long time. Whether in galaxy trainers or star-spangled t-shirts, we can all appreciate a good old nod to the Milky Way. Lucky for us, this fixation on space hasn’t passed the watch industry by. The result? Moonphase watches.

We’ve seen them, we’ve admired them, but we’ve been left wondering: just what does a moonphase watch do? Read on to discover the answer to this question, as well as a compilation of our five favourite moonphase watches.

What Is A Moonphase Watch?

A moonphase watch is a style of watch that depicts the moon as it appears in the sky.

This is done either through a physical portrayal (bosom version) or using an indicator hand to track the moon phases (radial version).

The former is more artistic (thanks to the visual representation), whereas the latter is more practical.

How Does A Moonphase Watch Work?

Moonphase watches tend to feature a disc that sits below two identical moons. This disc is moved along by a 59-tooth driving wheel (2 x the length of the 29.5-day lunar cycle).

Despite this handy calculation, moonphase watches aren’t perfectly accurate.

Once every couple of years, a moonphase watch loses its accuracy. As a result, manual adjustment is recommended every three years.

How To Adjust Moonphase Watch

So, now that you know how moonphase watches work, how do you set a moonphase watch?

The process is fairly simple. First, research the current moon phase online to discover if the moon is waxing or waning at the time of adjustment.

Then, set the watch to 6.30 to prevent damage to the inner workings. Finally, using a sharp tool, press the pusher at the side of the watch and adjust the timepiece based on the current moon phase.

Our Favourite Moonphase Watches

We couldn’t resist sharing some of the best moonphase watches to inspire you in your search. Prepare to be spoilt for choice!

5. Swan & Edgar, Complexity Automatic, £190

What better way to engender sophistication than to combine vintage fashion with a trendy moon phase?

The colour scheme of this vintage moonphase watch is classic vintage; the 43mm rose gold case marries with the brown leather strap beautifully to produce a retro look. 

As for the quality, we couldn’t be more impressed. This automatic product boasts scratch-resistant mineral glass and hypoallergenic IP plating. Excellent bonus features for an affordable moonphase watch!

4. Rotary, Moonphase Ladies’ Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch, £279

The gleaming dial at the centre of this timepiece is enough to convert anyone into a moonphase fan!

However, this timepiece is more than its beauty. As always, Rotary has lived up to its reputation of premium products, employing classic stainless steel for both the case material and the watch strap material.

What’s more, this product is water resistant to 50m. Never mind watching the moon from your window, you can admire it from the sea! 

3. Omega, Speedmaster Moonphase Co-Axial Master Chronometer Chronograph 44.25mm, £8,091

The great thing about the moonphase feature is that it complements mens watches and womens watches in equal measure.

Here we have an example of a masculine moonphase watch, demonstrated by the 44.25mm metallic black dial which is secured by a sleek silver watch bracelet.

The moonphase element fits into the dial effortlessly, appearing as just another segment of the charming chronograph.

Thanks to the bosom display in this Omega moonphase watch, we are blessed with a creative portrayal of the moon.

2. Gucci, G-Timeless Slim 36mm Black/Pink Moonphase Dial & Leather Strap Watch, £1,100

This expert list is certainly not lacking in variety- we’ve jumped from a dark masculine piece to a bright feminine beauty all within the top three! 

This Gucci moonphase watch couldn’t be more unique. First we have the pink alligator leather strap, a fantastic feature for women hoping to stand out in the crowd.

Then, there’s the endearing hour markers, consisting of hearts, stars, and Gucci symbols. Finally, the moonphase display is joined by various symbols including stars and planets. 

You can’t ignore the space theme of this enchanting ladies moonphase watch, but why would you want to?

1. IWC Schaffhausen, Da Vinci Automatic Moon Phase 36, £12,500

For your final piece of inspiration, we’ve selected a luxury IWC Schaffhausen timepiece, fitted with a charming moon phase.

This moonphase automatic watch is a medley of materials. First, we have the traditional stainless steel that has featured in previous watches on our list, famed for its excellent durability. 

Next, there’s the textured brown watch strap, an established feature of vintage watches everywhere.

The icing on the cake? A 36mm sapphire glass dial, expertly protecting the breathtaking moon phase. 

As for the moon phase itself, it’s of the bosom kind, meaning we get a lovely depiction of the moon, surrounded by lovely rose gold digits.

From the choice of materials to the selected moon phase, elegance permeates every aspect of this IWC Shaffhausen masterpiece. 

Our Final Thoughts On Moonphase Watches

The beauty of the moonphase feature is undeniable.

Regardless of the watch movement, gender, or style, moonphase watches are characteristically handsome. 

Given their irresistible charm, we expect you’ll be desperate to purchase one for yourself. If so, don’t forget to come back to this list for some inspiration!

However, if you’re loyal to another watch type, we’ve got you covered, too. Check out our alluring range of watches for sale here at Uniform Wares, and prepare to be amazed!

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