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Womens Fashion Watches: 7 Of Our Favourite Trendy Styles

Whilst it may be thrilling to boast the latest technology on your wrist, sometimes all we want is a good-looking watch. Over the past decade, we have seen an impressive rise in womens fashion watches. 

Brands such as Kate Spade, Daniel Wellington, and Abbot Lyon have proved to us that the best watches in the room aren’t always the most complex. Sometimes, they’re the most aesthetically pleasing.

If you’re a jewellery girl, a fashion watch is a must. It can transform outfits like a statement necklace, whilst also being a practical, year-round staple in your wardrobe.

Read on to discover our top 7 womens fashion watches and find your perfect match.

7. IBSO, Women Fashion Simple Watch Ultra-Thin Retro Quartz Analog Leather Strap Ladies Wristwatch, £23.32

womens fashion watches

IBSO boasts a range of affordable watches on Amazon, all available at the click of a button. 

Its products are very much fashion-focused, making them the perfect choice for our seventh favourite ladies fashion watch.

This women’s fashion vintage narrow band quartz wrist watch is a beauty. 

The rose gold dial marries with the grey band exquisitely, producing a modest, understated timepiece. It would be the perfect addition to a bold ensemble.

6. Daniel Wellington, Classic Petite Dover 32mm White Quartz Ladies Watch, £115

womens fashion watches

The beloved brand Daniel Wellington has only reached sixth place on our list, which tells us one thing: the competition is fierce. After all, its minimalist watches are to die for.

This Classic Petite Dover with a white and gold design is oh so graceful. We don’t see white bands enough as they are high maintenance. However, Daniel Wellington proves that things need to change with this stunning 32mm product.

If you aren’t sold yet, you will be now: this watch is wearable in all conditions thanks to the 30m water resistance allowance. Prepare for a summer of non-stop watch wearing!

5. Larsson & Jennings, WeWoreWhat 22mm Gold, £159 

womens fashion watches

It comes as no surprise that Larsson & Jennings has made its way onto our favourites list. The Scandinavian brand strives to manufacture timepieces that are at once contemporary and classic.

The ‘weworewhat’ certainly lives up to this reputation. We adore the use of classic gold; it gives an incredible first impression of prestige. 

Having said that, the dial brings an element of modernity, especially as we see the brand’s name etched in modest writing. 

If you were also struck by this sleek 22m timepiece, don’t forget Larsson & Jennings offers a variety of women’s gold watches on its modern website.

4. Abbott Lyon, Blush Chain Taupe Nueva 40, £139

Led by the younger generation, Abbott Lyon is always on top of the latest trends. Even better, its products are consistently budget friendly. Given this, we simply had to include them in our list of best womens fashion watches. 

The dial on this 40mm watch is something else. We adore the modern metallic look, which provides a beautiful backdrop on which the traditional chronograph can shine.

Abbott Lyon promises luxury despite its low prices, so why not treat yourself with a personalised engraving on this gorgeous product?

3. Kate Spade, Green Silicone Scallop Sport Smartwatch, £269

For our third favourite female fashion watch, we have selected an item from none other than Kate Spade, the all-American design house.

This is no normal fashion watch; it’s a high-tech masterpiece. With this on your wrist, you can monitor your heart rate during your daily exercise, control music on relaxed Sundays, and even pay for your weekly shop! 

Yet, Kate Spade’s reputation for beauty hasn’t been spoiled by this watch. It’s ultra-feminine, sporting a scalloped rose gold case and a green silicone watch strap. Fashion and function have combined successfully to produce this must-have watch!

2. Apple Watch Series 6 GPS, 40mm Gold Aluminium Case With Pink Sand Sport Band – Regular, £379.00

We expect that no one is surprised to see the iconic Apple so high on our list of preferred ladies fashion watches. They graft, they innovate, and they inevitably deliver.

Without a doubt, they have delivered with this series 6 smartwatch. It appears incredibly sporty, with the large 40mm aluminium case and interchangeable black-and-pink dial. 

All of this is secured in a lovely pink sand bracelet. If pink isn’t your colour, you can search ‘apple watch bands women’s fashion’ and choose between an abundance of fancy bands.

Not one to do things by halves, Apple has also plugged a wealth of technology into this women’s watch, including sleep-tracking and heart-rate monitoring. 

1. Uniform Wares, C36 Women’s Date Watch In PVD Satin Gold, £375.00 – £525.00

For our top ladies fashion watch, we have selected a product from this very website, where we showcase our minimalist Swiss-designed watches of many styles.

We have chosen none other than our best-selling women’s watch to top this list. The material of PVD satin gold contributes to an overall look of luxury, whilst the beige face maintains the minimalism of this timepiece. Ultimately, you can have it all with this watch: grandeur and modesty.

As always, this watch was made in Switzerland using materials of excellent quality, including Italian caoutchouc, Milanese Nappa and stainless steel. How could you possibly say no?

Evidently, there are countless stunning womens fashion watches on the market at the moment. Whether your top priority is aesthetics, or you’re after a high-tech fashion watch, there is something out there for you.

If our favourite ladies fashion watch has left you enchanted, we have plenty more where that came from, right here at Uniform Wares. Why not head to the ‘womens watches’ section and treat yourself?

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