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Cheap Watches: Our Guide On Why You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap Watches

With good advertising, you can make the shabbiest of cheap watches look appealing. 

Simply throw in a few buzz words like ‘high quality’ and ‘durable’ and you’ll have watch newbies reaching for their wallets.

So, how do we avoid the classic scenario of purchasing a ‘premium’ watch online and receiving a second-rate disappointment?

It’s simple: don’t buy cheap.

Leave behind the days of searching ‘cheap luxury watches’ and drooling at cheap diamond watches. 

We know it’s hard to resist a bargain. But cheap watches simply can’t be trusted. It’s better to save up and spend that little bit more on a reliable timepiece.

Here’s why.

Low Price Often Means Low Quality

cheap watches

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’, and as much as we’d like to deny it, it rings true for watch fanatics.

Now, you don’t have to splurge on a Cartier to know what true quality looks like. However, the general rule is that cheap signifies poor quality in the world of watchmaking.

So, how can you spot a low-quality timepiece?

As premium materials are the foundation for a long-lasting product, a key indicator of a poor-quality timepiece is substandard materials.

Plastic and mineral glass are among the worst materials seen in cheap watches for sale. What’s more, cheap watch bands are commonly made from poor quality leather, as opposed to genuine leather.

Here’s a tip to ensure you only ever receive a high-quality timepiece. Buy from brands that boast a ‘Swiss-made’ status. This means the watch was made entirely or partially in Switzerland, where the regulations are strict and the conditions are excellent.

With a Swiss-made brand such as us at Uniform Wares, there won’t be a cheap watch in sight!

Cheap Watches Usually Lack Interesting Features

cheap watches

When a new high-end watch is released, we don’t know where to focus our attention. They’re packed with advanced features that outdo anything the brand has previously designed.

For instance, a high-end watch might flaunt a stainless-steel case, fixed bezel, moonphase dial and a high-quality watch strap.

This is all thanks to the in-house designers employed by the brand. Whose job involves coming up with innovative ideas for new watches. For example, the staff at Omega has channeled their creativity into creating the 2021 Omega Constellation collection. Which includes a beautiful watch with a mother-of-pearl dial and pink leather strap.

On the other hand, cheap watches tend to do one job and one job only- tell the time. You won’t see an abundance of up-and-coming features on a cheap smart watch. For example – you’ll see a mass-produced clone.

Cheap Watches Aren’t An Investment

cheap watches

If you’re interested in watch investment, cheap watches aren’t for you.

It’s true that not all budget-friendly watches were made equal. Cheap automatic watches differ from quartz varieties, and a cheap digital watch will have different qualities to its analogue counterparts.

Yet, speaking generally, it’s never wise to invest in a cheap watch, regardless of the movement and features.

Investment pieces are characterised by demand, availability, and price. With cheap watches, we’re looking at low demand, high availability, and low price. A recipe for disaster.

It’s much more beneficial to invest in a luxury timepiece that will outlast the current trends and continue to appreciate over the years. 

Let’s take the example of the Rolex Submariner Date. It’s made of premium materials including yellow gold (which appreciates over time), it’s at the upper end of the price range at £29,650, and it’s in high demand as Rolex is such a reputable brand.

Evidently, investing in something like the Submariner Date will reap many more benefits than investing in a cheap watch from an unknown brand.

Buying Cheap Isn’t Environmentally Sustainable


Being kind to the environment isn’t cheap, but it’s essential.

Spending more on a watch often means sparing the environment of even more damage. This is because cheap watches tend to be mass-produced using poor quality materials such as plastic.

In contrast, eco-friendly watch brands, such as Nordgreen, promote ethical manufacturing. 

Nordgreen uses high-quality, non-toxic materials to fabricate its sustainable watches. What’s more, when you purchase a Nordgreen timepiece, the brand donates money to an NGO of your choice. One of which involves the preservation of rainforests.

The evidence is hard to deny: buying a cheap wrist watch is worse for the environment, so why not save up some more and make a guilt-free purchase later down the line?

There Are Much Better Alternatives

Uniform Wares C36 Date Watch

After reading all the things you shouldn’t do, you may be feeling limited in your options.

However, the beauty of the watch industry is that it’s always evolving. There are countless high-quality watches on the market that will be in your budget, and many more are in the process of being made. 

Even on this very website, you will find an abundance of stunning timepieces that will leave you wondering why you ever wanted to buy cheap.

We recommend the Uniform Wares C36 Date Watch in Polished Steel for £375-£525. 

This unisex timepiece flaunts Swiss-made ETA movement along with superior materials including 316L stainless steel, Italian cautchouc, and Milanese nappa.

Its charming features include diamond-cut hands, traditional pad printed dial indexing, and an impressive 50m water resistance.

Never again will you fawn over cheap watch brands that sell disappointing cheap watches for men and women. Why would you when you could acquire Swiss luxury at an affordable price?

Our Final Thoughts On Cheap Watches

cheap watches

Ultimately, it’s advisable to look past the price of a cheap watch and recognise all its disadvantages.

After all, every watch aficionado wants a watch that lasts, and cheap watches don’t provide that guarantee.

For a timepiece that does guarantee durability, you can always count on Uniform Wares. Browse our website to enter a world of Swiss-made luxury.

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