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Black Watches For Women: 10 Of Our Favourite Styles

When it comes to watch colours, white is a clear favourite for women, with men routinely flocking to black watches. It’s time we recognised the power of black watches for women. 

Black is at once powerful and practical. Its bold, no-nonsense tone gives off a sophisticated look, while its ability to match everything in your wardrobe is unrivalled.

If you still aren’t convinced that black is the way to go, allow us to convert you with our exciting compilation of black watches for women.

10. Nixon, Timeteller Milanese Watch, £120

Nixon, Timeteller Milanese Watch

If you’re new to black watches, an all black womens watch is just what you need to ease you in gently.

Though the appearance of this product is understated, its features certainly aren’t. Nixon has blessed us with a lovely dark dial boasting applied indices and even custom-molded hands. To complete the modest look, we have a gorgeous Milanese stainless steel bracelet.

We recommend that you pair full black watches for ladies with black tie attire, as they bring just the right amount of power to formalwear.

9. Accurist, Ladies’ Black Ceramic Bracelet Watch, £125

Accurist black watches for women

We’ve enthused about the practicality of black bracelet watches for women, but this Accurist find is in a league of its own.

This quartz beauty is slimline, meaning it’s refreshingly lightweight for long days at the office. What’s more, the 30mm rectangular face is the perfect size and shape for a petite wrist.

Overall, Accurist has outdone itself with this functional ceramic watch, and it’s all thanks to the many practical features.

8. Apple, Graphite Stainless Steel Case With Milanese Loop, £699

apple black watches for women

This black Apple watch for women is the gift that keeps on giving. You can do it all with this smartwatch, from tracking your workouts to measuring your blood oxygen.

In line with the glorious aesthetics of previous black apple watch bands for women, Apple has embraced our natural inclination toward beauty with this stunning Milanese loop bracelet. It’s entirely magnetic, meaning this watch can be altered to fit your wrist like a glove.

The question isn’t do you like this smartwatch, but rather: what’s your favourite feature?

7. Swarovski, Crystal Lake Watch, Leather Strap, Black, Rose-Gold Tone PVD, £129.50

Swarovski watch

Here we have an example of the unmatched elegance that can be engendered by a black timepiece.

By pairing a unique dial with a simple black watch strap, Swarovski has achieved the perfect balance between minimalism and grandeur.

The dark grey dial is made of sapphire crystal, guaranteeing premium quality. As for the black strap, it’s made of genuine leather, making it both comfortable and durable.

All watch aficionados know that the ‘Swiss-made’ label is a sign of excellent craftsmanship, and this Swarovski timepiece is a testament to that.

6. Thomas Sabo, Women’s Watch Sun, Two-Tone, £298

thomas sabo watch

Black and silver watches for women are beloved classics, but that doesn’t mean they have to be minimalist.

This complex dial is anything but understated. It cosmic theme is portrayed by a large sun display, surrounded by charming stars and zodiac sign symbols.

As for the watch strap, we have two wonderful options—either a silver-toned Milanese bracelet, or a black velvet strap.

Whichever version you choose, you’re getting a unique quartz timepiece from a luxury watch brand for under £300. It’s a win win!

5. Versace, Palazzo Empire Greca Watch, £990


When there’s black dial women’s watches as mesmerising as these, it’s hard to believe that women shy away from this bold colour.

It’s well-known that black and gold blend together beautifully, and Versace has taken advantage of that with this two-tone masterpiece.

The modest matte black dial lulls us into a false sense of security, before the gold Medusa emblem plunges us back into the luxurious world of Versace.

The Palazzo Empire Greca isn’t a want; it’s a need.

4. Fendi, Forever Fendi, £1,890

fendi black watches for women

If you’re looking for a watch that prioritises quality over everything else, your search is over.

The Forever Fendi takes luxury to a new level with its premium materials. 100% stainless steel makes up the polished and brushed case, while the black dial is a 100% mother of pearl design.

What’s more, innovation permeates this timepiece. The enchanting satin-brushed bracelet flaunts a Forever Fendi logo pattern on its black and gold central links.

This is proof that black watches for girls can be at once radiant and robust.

3. Gucci, YA1264034 G-Timeless Signature Yellow Gold-Plated Stainless Steel And Leather Watch, £780

gucci black watches for women

For our top 3 black watches for women, we couldn’t resist delving into Gucci’s G-timeless collection, and we certainly weren’t disappointed.

In a word, this solid black wrist watch (ladies) is versatile. 

Firstly, it’s aesthetically-pleasing thanks to the sleek gold-plated case and the black embossed leather strap. Yet, it’s also incredibly practical thanks to the classic date function, as well as the impressive 30m water resistance.

What’s more, it’s typical of black ladies watches, yet it’s also quintessentially Gucci. Let us explain: the choice of a black dial and gold case is nothing out of the ordinary, yet this timepiece is embossed with the beloved Gucci logo, from the dial all the way to the watch strap.

Despite possessing classic characteristics, there’s no mistaking this is a Gucci creation!

2. Tag Heuer, Monaco, £1,795

tag heuer

We’ve already subverted the norms by encouraging women to pursue black watches, but now we’re taking it even further by deeming this unisex Tag Heuer watch our second favourite black watch for women.

Who says women are restricted to purchasing petite ladies watches? The Monaco is a welcomed amalgamation of masculine and feminine trends.

The steel case measures at 37mm, right in the middle of an oversized men’s watch and a compact women’s watch. Its quality is unbeatable owing to the domed and beveled sapphire crystal, as well as the aforementioned fine brushed steel.

We adore this unique rectangular watch for its unexpected bonuses, such as the incredible 100m water resistance.

Ultimately, the Monaco goes beyond gender norms, allowing men and women to equally appreciate its unisex beauty.

1. Uniform Wares, C36 Women’s Date Watch In Polished Steel, £375-£525

uniform wares c36

We’ve seen some breathtaking timepieces throughout this list, but none of them could beat the quality of the Uniform Wares C36 watch.

True to its Swiss-made name, Uniform Wares is famed for employing high-quality materials. In this women’s date watch, these include Italian caoutchouc, Milanese nappa, and stainless steel. Evidently, this cocktail of premium materials means your product is here to stay.

As for the aesthetics, we’d call this timepiece a minimalist show of sophistication. The gentle silver-toned case provides a subtle backdrop to the strong black dial, producing a traditional look. 

All in all, it’s hard to compete with Uniform Wares’ promise of Swiss-made sophistication.

Our Final Thoughts On Black Watches For Women

black watches for women

Evidently, the power and poise of black watches is not reserved for men, and it’s time we move away from that unhelpful stereotype.

After viewing 10 of the best black female watches on the market, we hope you’re as ready as we are to get on board with this up-and-coming trend.

To embrace the black dial watch in all its glory, why not explore the rest of our website and see what else we have to offer? Browse our watches for sale today, you won’t be disappointed!

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