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Watch Collection Guide: Top Tips On Starting A Watch Collection

Starting a watch collection can be intimidating. 

It’s a significant milestone in the life of many watch enthusiasts, therefore it’s certainly not something to rush into. Fortunately, we’re here to tell you exactly how to start a beginner watch collection you will treasure for many years.

Equip yourself with the following expert knowledge and prepare to go from watch owner to watch connoisseur!

Choose Watches Of Excellent Condition

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When starting a watch collection, it’s important to establish high standards for the timepieces you acquire.

On that account, you should demand excellent condition out of all your potential purchases.

A watch that is well-kept is more likely to appreciate over time. Hence, if you decide to sell it one day, you will get more for your money.

What’s more, watches of great condition are aesthetically pleasing, and there’s nothing more satisfying than a stunning watch collection.

Finally, you can save money on repairs with a well-maintained watch, as it isn’t likely to break easily.

Don’t Neglect Your Individual Style


Though it can be tempting to purchase as many expensive timepieces as you can, it’s important you keep your individual style in mind throughout the process, and don’t buy high-end simply for the prestige.

A watch collection that truly reflects your style will feel like an expression of your personality. 

Whether you’re a reserved individual with a minimalist collection or an extrovert with extravagant watches, you can make your inner self shine through in your collection and feel like a true watch enthusiast.

Consider Blending Modern & Vintage Products

vintage watches

While it isn’t obligatory to purchase modern and vintage watches, it’s wonderful to bask in the advantages of both options.

Modern timepieces are packed with advanced features, kept in great condition, and are often in high demand.

On the other hand, vintage watches are often affordable, unique, and have a strong historical appeal; there’s nothing more enchanting than a traditional pocket watch collection.

Evidently, both options bring something different to the table, so blending the two creates a unique collection that represents the advantages of both.

What’s more, if you decide to sell some of your watches further down the line, you have a wide range of products to choose from.

Prioritise Uniqueness

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We’ve all been tempted to acquire as many new Rolexes as we can, all in the name of prestige. 

If that’s your thing, we certainly won’t be the ones to stop you. However, it’s possible that your watch collection will look more like a Rolex store than an intimate assembly of your favourite timepieces.

Thus, we recommend searching for unique watches that speak to you personally. This will vary greatly from person to person but try to actively seek out unique features that you admire, for example, a complex moonphase or a large multicoloured dial.

For more inspiration, check out our articles on Unique Watches For Women and Unique Watches For Men.

Consider Purchasing An Investment

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Watch investment is a complicated process, but when done successfully, it can transform your watch collection.

Investment timepieces are products that are more likely to gain value over time, based on factors such as demand, price, and limited-edition status.

Selecting a watch that fulfils some of these requirements will potentially increase the value of your collection.

Why not make a wise long-term choice and invest in high-demand collectible watches? They carry a rich history and a legacy that is unmatched.

To discover the best watches to collect for investment, see our article on The Best Watches To Collect For Investment.

Be Selective With The Brand

patek philippe

Many watches sold online promise high quality and excellent condition, only to provide poor-quality, mass-produced products.

Consequently, we recommend sticking with a brand you trust as you begin your journey of collecting watches.

High-end brands often carry prestige and sophistication, so you can’t go wrong with an Invicta watch collection, or perhaps a Patek Philippe collection.

That being said, if you need to prioritise affordability, there are many budget-friendly brands that are also trustworthy, such as Casio.

Ultimately, only select brands with an excellent reputation. You can do this by reading reviews, or even better, consulting with a fellow watch fanatic.

Store Appropriately

watch storage

Finally, you can possess the most expensive watches in the world, but if you store them in a flimsy watch collection case, their condition simply won’t be maintained.

Equally, you may own extremely affordable timepieces, but if they’re stored well, you can get the most out of their value and end up better off than someone with a horde of Omegas.

There are many options for watch storage, ranging from a watch collection box to a drawer. 

Before you jump into purchasing one of these, it’s important to do your research and take into account your individual needs. That way, you can purchase the best storage for your specific collection, taking into account sizes.

Our article on watch storage will teach you all you need to know.

Our Final Thoughts On Starting A Watch Collection


We hope you now have a better idea of how to start a watch collection successfully.

We’ve covered everything from style to storage, but if you take one thing from this article, let it be that your watch collection should be individual to you. Rather than rushing to collect as many watches as you can, you should only select timepieces you adore.

Finally, why not consider Uniform Wares as a brand to add to your watch collection?

Our Swiss-made watches are affordable, versatile, and in high demand. Thanks to our extensive range of timepieces, we are bound to have a timepiece that suits your wants and needs, whatever your style may be. Browse our watches for sale today.

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