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Best Samsung Watch Apps: 10 Of Our Absolute Favourite Apps

Best Samsung watch apps: what more could you want after reading our expert review of Apple watch apps?

Samsung watches have enjoyed success for the past 8 years. Watch enthusiasts are charmed by their stunning designs, high-tech features, and long battery life.

As a result, it is not hard to make the decision to purchase a Samsung watch. The challenge is how you will personalise your watch. What are the best Samsung galaxy watch apps to download?

Today, we are going to recommend 10 free or inexpensive apps that you need in your life, from fun games to must-have maps.

A Review Of 10 Of The Best Samsung Watch Apps

10. Monster Vampire

Monster Vampire

The years of candy crush have long passed. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t hop on the latest trends for fun games.

Monster Vampire is the perfect addictive game to play during long commutes or while watching TV. You play as a hungry monster who needs to eat pumpkins to stay alive. Using the rotating bezel, you can guide the monster to each pumpkin.

Not every app on your Samsung watch has to be practical; some of the best Samsung smartwatch apps are fun games that you can play to pass the time.

9. Find My Phone

Find My Phone

If you frequently lose your possessions, Find My Phone is the app you need for your Samsung watch. Never again will you leave your watch in a different city and panic about it being stolen.

With Find My Phone, you can track exactly where you left your device. If the device is moved, you will receive live notifications. Using the detailed directions, you will find your way back to your watch in no time.

8. Uber


Leaving a party couldn’t be easier with Samsung watch’s Uber app. Just minutes after ordering a taxi from your wrist, you could be heading home to get some much-needed sleep.

The Uber app is well-organised; before starting your journey, you will see an image of your driver, a note of the number plate, and a price estimate. This helps you to safely locate your driver.

Owing to concerns around the safety of Uber, the company has updated their app with some excellent safety features. You can share your journey with a friend so that they can keep track of you, and you can even contact the emergency services directly from the app if your safety is compromised.

7. Spotify


We live in an era of practicality. Generally, people would much rather listen to music on their phone than wait to see which songs are played on the radio.

Spotify for Samsung watch takes this to a whole new level. You can play songs, listen to podcasts and create playlists for free. If you do happen to love the spontaneity of radio, you can even stream radio stations directly from the app.

6. Watch Viewer For Twitter

Watch Viewer For Twitter

Everyone loves a sneaky Twitter break at lunchtime, and what better way to get your fix than to see tweets from your wrist?

With a Twitter account, you can use this cool Samsung watch app to check trending posts, see what your friends are up to, and share how your day is going. Watch Viewer for Twitter can even be a way to keep up with the news. This is useful as news often breaks out on Twitter before it is reported on television and radio.

5. Golf Shot Golf GPS Scorecard & Shot Tracker

Golf Shot Golf GPS Scorecard & Shot Tracker

Golf-lovers, this one’s for you. Join the 5 million users of Golf Shot and upgrade your games with the best golf app for Samsung galaxy watch.

With this amazing app, you have access to over 45,000 courses around the world, each one fit with real-time distances, hazards, and shot tracking. You can also see your personal statistics to get an idea of how you can improve.

If you are unsure about this app, the good news is that it offers a free one-week trial so you can try before you buy!

4. C25K – 5k Running Trainer

C25K - 5k Running Trainer

Couch to 5k is a firm favourite of fitness-lovers and amateurs alike. Whether you begin the app with some running experience or not, you will be running a distance of 5k after just 8 weeks.

This is the best Samsung watch fitness app as it promotes the idea that less is more. Simply running for half an hour three times a week will massively improve your fitness and prepare you for eventually running a full 5k.

There is nothing worse than carrying around a clunky phone as you run, so downloading C25k on your Samsung watch will work wonders for your motivation.

3. HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation

HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation

With Samsung galaxy watches, the best apps do not have to cost money. HERE WeGo is a free navigation app that takes you from confused tourist to experienced traveller in no time.

When using this app, you will be presented with many options for travel from car sharing to hopping on a train. There are many bonus features that make this the best map app for Samsung galaxy watch, but our favourite has to be the save feature. You can save your most-visited places for easy access, meaning you will never be scrambling to enter your location again.

2. Smart Things

Smart Things

The Samsung Smart Things app is straight from the future. Whether you are out on a run or driving home from work, you can control your home devices from your wrist.

Why not preheat the oven before you get home or alert Alexa to set an alarm for dinner time? There is no end to the practical features that Smart Things could bring to your life.

1. Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Finally, among the many cool galaxy watch apps, there is one that reigns superior as one of Galaxy’s greatest successes: the Google Assistant.

With this life-saving app, you can control your life using your voice. From giving the weather report in the morning to sending a good night text in the evening, your Google Assistant will do it all for you.

If you struggle with forgetfulness, Google Assistant will change your life. You can set constant reminders for anything from meetings to shopping lists, allowing you to sit back and trust that everything is taken care of.

Our Final Thoughts On The Best Apps For Samsung Watch

samsung watch on a wooden table

We hope a review of the 10 of the best Samsung watch apps was just what you needed to find your next download from the Galaxy store. If you are still considering purchasing a Samsung watch, we believe it would be worth it for the apps alone!

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