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Boyfriend Watch: What Is A Boyfriend Watch & 5 Styles We Adore

Boyfriend watch, boyfriend jeans, boyfriend cardigans. They were born out of a transformation of female style. The moment Marilyn Monroe famously sported a pair of boyfriend jeans in the 1950s, the trend of masculinised womenswear was born.

Since then, the boyfriend trend has dominated the fashion industry, extending to jeans, jackets, and cardigans. It has even made its way into the watch industry, with many luxury watches striking the perfect balance between feminine and masculine style.

Read on to discover the exact meaning of a boyfriend watch, as well as a list of 5 of our favourite boyfriend watches for ladies.

What Is A Boyfriend Watch?

black Fossil boyfriend watch on wrist

A boyfriend watch is a female timepiece that has masculine features. They are often typically feminine in some ways, flaunting pastel colours and diamonds, and typically masculine in others, with large case sizes and chunky bracelets.

So, why should you consider purchasing a boyfriend watch?

Firstly, some people are not a fan of overly feminine or overly masculine timepieces. It can be hard to find a watch that embraces the beauty of both, but boyfriend watches are made for that exact purpose.

Secondly, some female fashion watches are made for purely aesthetic reasons, which means they are lacking in quality and functionality. However, boyfriend watches incorporate features such as large dials and chronographs which provide you with the practicality that you deserve.

Finally, if you like to follow trends, you should be sporting a boyfriend watch. Luxury brands everywhere are selling gorgeous boyfriend watches for affordable prices, so now is the perfect time to update your watch collection with a Chanel or BOSS creation.

5 Of The Best Boyfriend Watches 

5. FOSSIL, Original Boyfriend Chronograph Navy Leather Watch, £139

FOSSIL, Original Boyfriend Chronograph Navy Leather Watch

This Fossil boyfriend watch boasts a beautifully contrasting colour palette. On one hand, the blue leather strap is decidedly masculine, yet on the other hand,  the delicate rose gold case adds a touch of femininity that cannot be overlooked.

As for practicality, Fossil has blessed us with a traditional chronograph that is perfect for all our time-keeping needs. What’s more, the 18mm strap is made from genuine leather, so durability is guaranteed.

4. COACH, Preston Sport Watch, 36mm, £157.50 

 COACH, Preston Sport Watch, 36mm

At first glance, this Coach boyfriend watch is nothing but feminine. The rose gold tone case is a typical feature of women’s watches as it adds a sense of elegance to the product.

However, we can find masculinity in the large 36mm case as well as the 30m water resistance, which is sought-after in men’s watches. While you cannot go swimming with this watch, you can walk in the rain without fearing it will be damaged.

There is no better time to purchase this charming COACH design; it has been reduced from £225 to £157.50.

3. BOSS, Victoria Ladies Watch, £199

BOSS, Victoria Ladies Watch

If you’re after a durable timepiece, this BOSS boyfriend watch is the one for you. Plenty of thought has gone into each and every material that we see in this product, from the stainless-steel case to the sapphire crystal glass.

As always, BOSS has succeeded in creating a unique timepiece, which is evident in the blue mother of pearl dial. Paired with the silver watch bracelet, the cool-toned blue produces an irresistible air of sophistication.

2. Larsson & Jennings, Boyfriend Mixed Rose Gold 40mm, £169

 Larsson & Jennings, Boyfriend Mixed Rose Gold 40mm

Women’s boyfriend watches come in all shapes and sizes, but not many are as unique as this Larsson & Jennings design. From the rose gold rectangular dial to the dual toned metal bracelet, every part of this timepiece is distinct.

We adore the large 40mm dial for its powerful energy, but also its sustainability; it is encased in high-quality mineral glass. A beautiful gold tone features on the dial as proof that gold will never lose its prestige.

1. Chanel, Boy-Friend 27x35mm H04884, £3,525

Chanel, Boy-Friend 27x35mm H04884

Our final favourite women’s boyfriend watch is an absolute powerhouse. From the Swiss-made label to the stainless-steel material, this timepiece screams luxury.

The colour palette of this Chanel boyfriend watch proves that less is indeed more. Using just black for the 35mm case and the alligator strap, Chanel has managed to produce a watch that is unrivalled in power. Yet, it does not lack subtle beauty; this product charms us with its traditional date window and black spinel cabochon detailing.

Our Final Thoughts On The Boyfriend Watch

lady pouring drink and wearing boyfriend watch

We hope you now understand why the boyfriend watch is so popular. They cling onto the beauty of watches for women whilst adding a touch of powerful masculinity.

If you are unsure whether you prefer a large or small dial, bold or subtle colours, a boyfriend watch could be the middle ground you need.

On the other hand, if you would rather keep men’s and women’s watches separate, we have an amazing collection of both on this very website. When you purchase a Uniform Wares watch, you are purchasing high-quality materials, gorgeous features, and of course the prestigious Swiss-made label. Why not add to your collection today? Browse our watches for sale.

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