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Aviator Watches: 7 Of Our Favourite Styles For Men & Women

If the idea of an aviator watch appeals to you, stay on this page! This is the place to absorb crucial information about this classic watch type. Not only that – you can also find some inspiration in our list of the best aviation watches. It features timepieces for both genders from prestigious aviator watch bands.

What Is An Aviator Watch?

man wearing Garmin aviation watch on wrist

Before we start reeling off the best aviator watches on the market, you’ll need to know exactly what this style of watch is.

Aviator watches were originally designed for pilots, making them the perfect flight companions. Consequently, the main benefits of an aviator watch are practicality and readability. This is traditionally accomplished through a large black dial.

How To Use Aviator Watch

Close up of Bulova aviation watch

Aviator watches can seem intimidating owing to their advanced technology.

However, they become much easier to manage as you practise using their features.

You can perform calculations using aviator watches. When you turn the outer ring and middle ring, they both display different numbers.

Yet, not everyone purchases an aviator watch for the same reasons. Some people adore the aesthetics of a vintage aviator watch but aren’t particularly concerned with its workings. It isn’t necessary to master the mathematics of this watch type.

The Best Aviator Watches For Men & Women

7. American Aviator, ASOTV Men’s Quartz Metal & Nylon Casual Watch Green Band, £7.21

American Aviator, ASOTV Men's Quartz Metal & Nylon Casual Watch Green Band

If you are charmed by the history of the aviator watch, this affordable American aviator watch is ideal for you.

Everywhere you look, there are reminders of the past in this casual quartz watch. The simple black dial is typical of aviator watches, showcasing a large case and readable numerals. What’s more, the military grade precision timing of this product renders it a flawless timekeeping device.

The American Aviator is competition for mens aviator watches everywhere.

It even comes with a collector’s case. In this case is a World War II booklet that’s perfect for history buffs.

6. Aviator, Ladies Aviator Watch Interchangeable Black & White Straps, £22.95

Aviator, Ladies Aviator Watch Interchangeable Black & White Straps

Remember when we said some people select aviation watches for visual purposes? Aviator clearly knew this when designing such a luxurious timepiece.

Immediately, a superior level of quality is established in this quartz design. With a stainless-steel case and leather/silicon aviator watch strap, this ladies aviator watch isn’t falling victim to damage anytime soon.

A highlight of this impressive timepiece is the interchangeable straps. You have the excellent choice of either black leather or white silicon. Ultimately, you can make this watch your own.

5. Invicta, Aviator 17203 Men’s Quartz Watch, 47 mm, £70.50

Invicta, Aviator 17203 Men's Quartz Watch, 47 mm
Invicta is known for its expertly designed dials, and this aviator watch takes it to a new level.

First, we have a dark blue tone, creating a sense of unique style. The charming chronograph only adds to this individuality. It transforms what would be a minimalist design into a complex display. Finally, several colours collide to complete this distinct dial. The red, white and rose gold combine to produce a layered work of art.

Forget the latest Banksy artwork—the Invicta aviator watch is all you need to satisfy your creative thirst!

4. Citizen, JY8035-04E Men’s Eco-Drive Navihawk Atomic Timekeeping Watch, £396.65

Citizen, JY8035-04E Men's Eco-Drive Navihawk Atomic Timekeeping Watch

We see no end to the advanced features in this Citizen aviator watch; it really does have it all.

To start with, you’ve never known true comfort until you’ve sported this analogue watch on your daily walk. Citizen made the casual polyurethane band with your wellbeing in mind. With this timepiece, you can enjoy day-long comfort.

So, what makes this a top-quality aviation watch?

It depends who you ask! It could be the oversized 48mm case that promises readability. Perhaps it’s the perpetual calendar that brings excellent practicality. Or maybe the 200m water resistance that guarantees much-needed versatility.

But most of all, it’s Citizen’s world-class reputation as an aviator watch brand.

3. Aviator, Ladies Douglas DC-3 Moonfight Moonphase Watch With Genuine Leather Strap, Black, £449.99

Aviator, Ladies Douglas DC-3 Moonfight Moonphase Watch With Genuine Leather Strap

Everyone loves a modern moonphase, so what better than to combine it with the vintage charm of an aviator watch?

Starting with the premium watch strap, we are immediately immersed into a world of pure grandeur. Calf leather has been selected for the comfortable strap, proof that fashion and functionality can go hand in hand.

As for the centre of this beauty, we have a mother of pearl dial encased in sapphire glass. Beyond that, the 36mm case is made of PVD plated stainless steel, a true mark of premium quality.

Overall, it’s clear to see that the Douglas timepiece is the quintessence of prosperity, without the high-end price tag.

2. Garmin, D2 AIR Aviator Smartwatch, £474

Garmin, D2 AIR Aviator Smartwatch

Garmin doesn’t mess around when it comes to Aviation watches. Its impressive reputation for bold black timepieces has afforded the D2 Air second place on our list of the best aviation watches for men and women.

In terms of aviation-specific technology, this smartwatch is on another level. It’s packed with useful features including airport information, runway orientation and even wind components. They are all intended to improve the experience of pilots and aviation aficionados.

However, aviation isn’t all there is to this stainless-steel beauty. The durable case is made from fibre-reinforced polymer, while the watch strap is a silicone and leather creation, both promising enviable condition.

From pro pilots to amateur aviators, this Garmin aviation watch has something for everyone. Why not get your hands on one of these beauties and experience the Garmin pilot app for yourself?

1. Breitling, Navitimer 35 A17395201K1A1, £3,700

Breitling, Navitimer 35 A17395201K1A1

Unfortunately, there aren’t many ladies aviator watches on the market. However, when we laid our eyes on this Breitling design, we couldn’t imagine wanting anything else.

The Navitimer Automatic 35 is sophisticated to the core. From the classy light brown dial to the sleek silver link bracelet, elegance dominates this automatic timepiece.

This Breitling aviator watch enjoys first position in our list thanks to its custom features. You can your own dial and watch strap, meaning you can tailor this product entirely to your taste. Whether you lean more towards modern or vintage, Breitling has you covered.

Breitling’s incredible range of custom mother-of-pearl dials includes silver, blue, copper, or diamond-set. As for the watch strap, we are spoilt with the following selection: blue, brown, or burgundy (as well as the traditional metal link bracelet).

All in all, Breitling does well to combine vintage and modern taste with this majestic aviation watch for women.

Our Final Thoughts On Aviator Watches

Man wearing suit with aviator watch on wrist

Now that you’ve had the chance to view so many breath-taking timepieces, we expect the appeal of aviator watches comes as no surprise to you.

We recommend joining watch aficionados everywhere in embracing this current trend of aviator watches. How better to embrace fashion and functionality?

On the other hand, perhaps aviation watches aren’t your style. If that’s the case, you may prefer a Swiss-made minimalist timepiece from this very website.

Browse our collection today for guaranteed satisfaction.

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